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The Five Most Expensive Hermes Bracelets Money Can Buy

Hermes Horse Head Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelet

Hermes is a brand name that represents high-end quality. The designer house of fashion produces some of the most unique pieces of jewelry in the world. They're expensive to purchase, but they're also an investment. All Hermes products have the potential to not only retain their original value with proper care. Some become more valuable over time. Hermes is committed to using the finest premium materials and handcrafting each item to give the pieces a deeper inherent worth and merit. For those with discriminating tastes in fine jewelry and accessories, here are the five most expensive Hermes bracelets that money can buy.

5. Hermes Chaine D'Ancre GM Bracelet Price: $3,959

Hermes Chaine D'Ancre GM Bracelet

This Hermes Chaine D'Ancre GM Bracelet is an iconic piece from the Hermes collection. The example is pre-owned and in excellent condition. It shows how Hermes' fine jewelry retains value through time. This model is no longer produced and has stood the test of time emerging in exceptional condition with a few minor signs of wear. The bracelet is made of a core of brass with sterling silver plating. Unique features that distinguish the model include an attractive anchor link chain and T-bar fastening for security, keeping it firmly affixed to the wrist until you take it off at the end of the evening. The Chaine D' Ancre GM bracelet from Hermes makes a positive first impression as a symbol of status and style. It is handmade at the Hermes workstations in Paris, France.

4. Hermes 18k White Gold Diamond PM Collier De Chien Bracelet SH Price: $7,025

Hermes 18k White Gold Diamond PM Collier De Chien Bracelet SH

The Collier de Chien Bracelet is a Hermes design that features a main body of 18k white gold material. The exquisite piece features a Collier de Chien style clasp with a loop at the center of the bracelet with dual purposes of styling and additional security that keeps the bracelet firmly affixed to the wrist. The studs at each end of the bracelet are mounted with genuine diamonds for accent. The total estimated carat weight of the stones is .24 ct. This is a lovely bangle-style bracelet that is sure to provide an exceptional first impression. Fashionphile offers the Hermes Collier De Chien Bracelet with an estimated retail value of $11,100. This authenticated and verified example is offered from Carlsbad, California. The width of the bracelet is 5.8 mm with a circumference of 6.25 inches for a delicate and feminine aesthetic. It also comes with the original storage case when it's not in use.

3. Hermes Casual Party Style Elegant Bridal Bracelet Price: $14,206 USD

This is an exceptional example of the Hermes bracelets for brides. With spring on its way, there will be more weddings held in lovely outdoor venues and this bracelet is the perfect compliment for any bridal event, even the main event. The elegant bridal bracelet is handcrafted by professional artisans at the Hermes work stations in Paris, France. It is made of 18k pink gold material in a link styling. Each link is beautifully polished to a radiant glow with bevelling on the edges of each link as a lovely and stylish fashion detail that gives the bracelet a unique aesthetic and personality. When laid out flat it has the appearance of a trouser-style belt, but on the wrist, the belt-style closure system offers a safe and secure means of firmly securing it to the wrist to guard against loss. A stylish loop chain is also included with this valuable accessory.

2. Hermes Rare Enamel Equestrian Charm Yellow Gold Link Bracelet Price: $18,500.00

Hermes Rare Enamel Equestrian Charm Yellow Gold Link Bracelet

This example is an exceptionally rare Hermes Enamel Equestrian Charm bracelet. This model is becoming increasingly rare and hard to find. The value will only go up over time. It was handmade at Hermes workstations in Paris, France. The bracelet is crafted by professional artisans of 18k yellow gold material. It measures 7.25 inches in length and 5.5 mm in width. It weighs 45.2 grams with all charms included. The bracelet is enhanced with four lovely charms that represent the equestrian theme for horse lovers. A rabbit foot for good luck measures 31 mm x 6 mm, a horn of 26 mm x 8 mm, a boot at 24 mm x 14 mm, and a hat that is 20 mm x 16 mm.

1. Hermes Horse Head Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelet Price: $24,500

Hermes Horse Head Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelet

The most expensive Hermes bracelet that is offered for sale on the market is the Hermes Horse Head in a bangle style in yellow gold. This magnificent piece has an estimated retail sale value of $35,500. This is a showpiece accessory that is suitable for display in a collector's case, but it's also meant to be worn to display its radiant beauty to the world. It's a stunning horse head bracelet that is handcrafted by professional artisans at the Hermes Paris, France workshops. Notable features of the piece include the detailed woven main of the horse, which evolves into the bracelet that is made of 18k solid gold. The precious metal enhances the value of this piece that continues to rise over time. This is a pre-owned piece that has been gently preserved in its original mint condition. The closure for this horsehead bracelet is tastefully hidden to reveal the beauty of the accessory. It is a hinged styling that adds additional security for keeping the piece firmly attached to the wrist until it is removed by the wearer. The bracelet is engraved with a unique serial number to verify its authenticity. The length of the bracelet is 7 inches and it weighs 117.3 grams. While it's a bit heavy on the wrist, this is a good thing because pure gold is a heavy metal.

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