The Most Expensive Cartier Cufflinks Money Can Buy

Cartier Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Cufflinks

Cartier is a French luxury Jeweler that has been in business since the late 1800s. During its long and storied time in business, the company has earned a stellar reputation for producing jewelry and accessories that are crafted of only the finest and most valuable materials including precious metals and stones. Cartier productions are known to hold their value and to even increase in value over time. They’ve made a habit of producing pieces that feature a variety of precious metals with a purity of 75 percent solid metal. The pieces feature in-house designs and many are customizable for clients who have special requests. Some of the most famous pieces in the world have been produced for royal families and the very wealthy. Today we look at the most expensive cufflinks made by Cartier. We begin with the fifth highest-valued pieces and end with the most expensive money can buy for your enjoyment and consideration.

Iconic Cartier Panthere Full Pave Diamond Emerald 18k White Gold Cufflinks

5. Iconic Cartier Panthere Full Pave Diamond Emerald 18k White Gold Cufflinks Price: $18,000

This example was found for sale on an eBay auction by M&G Signed Jewelry. The authentic and iconic set of cufflinks are from Cartier’s Panthere de Cartier collection circa the 2000s, handmade in France, and imported to the United States. The exquisite accessories are crafted of the finest 18k white gold with a motif of diamond-paved panther heads, featuring brilliant-cut shimmering diamonds. The eyes are encrusted with genuine emerald stones and the noses are set with onyx stones. The set is in excellent condition with a measurement of 15 mm x 13 mm. The estimated clarity of the diamonds is VVS1-VVS2 with a total weight of 15.50 grams. The Panthere collection is one of Cartier’s most prolific family of high-end jewelry, watches, pens, and other accessories and if you own one piece from the collection, you’ll probably want to own more.

Cartier Panthere Diamond Onyx White Gold Cufflinks

4. Cartier Panthere Diamond Onyx White Gold Cufflinks Price: $27,500

The Cartier Panthere Diamond Onyx White Gold Cufflinks for men were manufactured in the 2000s era. This custom design features the finest in craftsmanship with precious materials. This is an iconic model that places the finest Cartier brilliant-cut round diamonds. The precious stones shimmer in a setting of 18k solid white gold, accompanied by contrasting genuine onyx stones. This example is in excellent condition and offered by a private seller in Feasterville, Pennsylvania, USA.

Cartier Diamond Dragon Cufflinks

3. Cartier Diamond Dragon Cufflinks Price: $29,000

This set of diamond Dragon Cufflinks for men is an exquisite set that was initially released for sale in the 1960s era. These vintage men’s cufflinks are exquisitely crafted of the finest precious stones and pure precious metals. The piece is signed and numbered for authentication. Cartier artisans handcrafted the dragon cufflinks in France for export to the United States. They’re made of 18k yellow gold. The eyes are encrusted with genuine high-quality emerald stones. The remainder of the head, body, legs, and tail of the dragons are fully encrusted with brilliant-cut diamonds. These vintage cufflinks are in excellent condition and offered for sale by a private owner in New York, New York as rare collectible pieces. The gold used in the construction of the cufflinks is 75 percent pure, as it’s the habit of Cartiere, to preserve the inherent value of each piece that is sold. The value of this rare collectible is likely to maintain its current status or increase in value over time. Such examples are considered highly collectible pieces for their rarity and the value of the materials.

Cartier Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Cufflinks

2. Cartier Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Cufflinks Price: $42,979.

We discovered a lot of four Cartier Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Cufflinks up for bids on the prestigious Christie’s auction site. The bidding started at about half of the actually realized price. A collector was willing to bay a few dollars under $43,000 for the privilege of owning these exquisite Cartier vintage cufflinks. The estimated time of manufacture is placed at 1930 or thereabouts. The cufflinks are signed Cartier London. The Art Deco styling is remarkably rare and the condition of these vintage pieces is rated as excellent. The accessories are made of Cartier’s signature 18k gold and platinum. The cufflinks are enhanced with the finest quality tapered baguette-cut diamonds that still shimmer brightly, and Cabochon emeralds. The panels measure 1.50 cm in diameter. This is a rare find for its exceptional condition and the cufflinks are now in the possession of the private collector who placed the winning bid at Christie’s.

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1. Hold Tight Cartier Cufflink of King Edward VIII Value: $400,000

The most expensive men’s cufflinks Cartier has ever designed and handcrafted are a set that was made to enhance the attire of King Edward VIII. The royal ruler wore these when the romantic love story unfolded between him and Wallis Simpson. The exquisite accessory was designed by the famed French jeweler Cartier. This may be one of the most important pieces that Cartier jewelers ever constructed. It is certainly the most expensive piece they made. The cufflink is studded with the highest quality sapphires and brilliant-cut shimmering diamonds. The Cufflinks have been the center of a long and storied history and they are now reported to be held in the possession of Wafic Sai a Syrian billionaire. Until another member of the royal house or exceedingly wealthy client steps forward to commission a customized piece, this remains the most expensive Cartier cufflinks money can buy. In this case, they may not be for sale, however.

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