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What is a 4PF Chain?


Have you ever seen a chain with a “4PF” insignia on it? If you have, you probably wondered what it was all about. Oddly enough, these chains have started cropping up all over the place. As such, it would only make sense that you would be wondering why. As it turns out, it all comes from rap artist Lil Baby. This is a chain that he has been wearing for some time.

Eventually, he started selling them. The next thing you know, they were practically everywhere you looked. As it turns out, there's a bit more to the story. In reality, things actually get a little bit interesting. If you're a fan of the rap artist or you just like the idea of wearing big, heavy chains with a mysterious insignia on them, then you might be interested in reading this article all the way through. Even if you're not interested in those things, you might want to keep reading anyway. There are some very interesting circumstances surrounding this particular design and some of it might surprise you.

What Does It Mean?

As it turns out, the insignia means “4 Pockets Full” for life. In other words, the rapper likes to have a lot of money and he intends on making sure that his bank account is always full. It just so happens that he designed the insignia himself. Most rappers have something about them that makes them stand out and in many cases, it's something related to a piece of jewelry.

It seems to be part of the culture. In his particular case, he decided to go with this design because he's all about making as much money as he possibly can. He likes to have a lot of cash and he also likes diamonds, a lot. During 2018, he did a story for GQ magazine and he was featured wearing this chain with the aforementioned insignia.

That particular chain, along with other jewelry that he wore for that particular photoshoot, totaled more than $500,000 worth of diamonds. For him, it's not just about wearing jewelry, but more so about sending a signal. It didn't take long for this particular insignia to catch on, as a lot of people were interested in knowing more about it. This is where the rap artist saw an opportunity. He decided that he would start selling these chains through a website that he owned and operated himself. That was the first step to creating yet another business venture that he could be involved in, but that certainly isn't where things ended.

Selling Chains and Making Money

Eventually, he started selling the chains on his own website, and they weren't exactly cheap. In fact, he was selling some of them for as much as $40,000 each. Obviously, he's not the least bit afraid to ask for a premium selling price for the items that he sells. The really interesting thing is that people were paying the asking price in order to get their hands on these chains.

He had yet another avenue for income, as business was booming. Eventually, he started to notice that sales were slowing down, something that sometimes happens after the initial honeymoon phase where a business is getting all the attention. He actually assumed that it might be because the majority of individuals who were willing to pay the asking price for one of his signature chains had already purchased one. He had anticipated that sales would decline at some point, although he hadn't figured that they would decline so rapidly. As they continued to do so, he started to wonder exactly what was going on.

This is where things get really interesting. He eventually figured out one of the main reasons that sales on his own website were slowing was because a major corporation was selling something that looked very much like his signature design for a fraction of the price. It turned out to be one of the biggest scams involving Corporate America that has come along in quite some time.

The Center of Controversy

It might not surprise you to learn that the corporation at the center of all this controversy was none other than Wal-Mart. That said, it certainly isn't the first time that this particular corporation has been involved in some questionable business practices. While the chains that they were selling weren't exactly the same design, they were so similar that it was virtually impossible to tell the difference by looking at the design alone. The big difference is that the chains sold on the rapper's website are indeed made from genuine diamonds.

As you probably already guessed, that's not exactly the case with the ones sold at Walmart. In fact, these involved nothing more than loads of cubic zirconia being sold for a fraction of the price. They're cheap and anyone who bothers to really look at them can tell straight away that they aren’t real. Nevertheless, some people were more than happy to get their hands on them, especially those who were not willing to pay the asking price for a chain with real diamonds.

As you might have imagined by now, the rapper wasn't exactly happy that Wal-Mart had taken it upon themselves to copy his design and start undercutting him by selling some cheap imitation for just a few dollars a piece. He wasn't happy because sales were declining on his website, but it's actually about much more than that.

The corporation had never spoken with him about asking him if they could copy his design. They just did it. That was something that he simply could not and would not tolerate. As a result, he asked that they stop selling the chains. To date, it isn't clear how things will eventually play out. It’s something that could potentially continue on for a number of years before there is any real solution. At the moment, if you want a chain that's actually endorsed by the rapper, you'll have to buy it directly from his site. Perhaps that's how it should have been all along.

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