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The Five Most Expensive Pairs of Earrings Ever Made

Harry Winston

Earrings have been a fashion accessory for centuries. Both men and women use them to accentuate their features and add a touch of bling to their wardrobes. They're accessories that are trending in most cultures throughout the world and the styles range from small and sophisticated to large, dangly, and sometimes gaudy. People have spent fortunes crafting and purchasing the most decadent earrings, made of expensive and precious metals and stones. Have you ever wondered what the most expensive pair of earrings cost? We've researched the history to discover the five most expensive pairs of earrings ever made, their selling price, and the history that made them valuable. We thought the Superb Emerald, diamond, and pearl earrings that sold for $4.4 million had to be the most expensive, but we were way off. We learned that some earrings were worth nearly ten times that amount. Here are the most expensive and luxurious earrings you can find today, for your enjoyment.

5. Colombian Emerald Diamond Earrings - Value: $4.8 million

A pair of Colombian Emerald and Diamond earrings which sold for $5 million were re-appraised by fashion experts who raised the price of these flawless stones. The estimated value of the pair of exotic gemstone earrings is $4.8 million. Each earring is made with 11.75 carats of diamonds and emeralds. They're exquisitely designed but are likely quite heavy on the earlobes. They're made for women with discriminating tastes and nearly $5 million to burn on a fashion accessory item. Angelina Jolie was seen and photographed wearing a pair of them. They come in a few select shapes but the carat weight is consistent with the price you'll have to pay for ownership. Every once in a while a pair is offered for sale at auction, when an estate is liquidated, or when the lucky lady who owns them grows tired of the baubles. It's a rare treat when a pair comes up for sale at the auction. If you're in the market you may find yourself in the middle of a bidding war. It's been known to happen.

4. Harry Winston's Diamond Earrings - Value: $8.3 million

If you thought the Colombian Emerald and Diamond earrings a luxury, Harry Winston's Diamond Earrings with a 60-carat weight are nearly twice as valuable. Winston established his luxury jewelry business in 1920. The first New York store opened offering some of the most beautiful designs in the world. The American jeweler found tremendous success with his creations reaching levels of high demand. The most expensive earrings Winston ever created are the Harry Winston pear-shaped earrings that have a heavy carat weight of 60. The high-quality diamonds, coupled with the notable design are valued at $8.3 million, according to Top Ten NY. If you think that Harry Winston's diamond earrings are expensive, wait till you see what comes next.

3. Golconda Diamond Earrings - Value: $9.3 million

A pair of Golconda diamond earrings are among the most expensive ever created. The cost of ownership is $9.3 million for a pair that contain 23.11 carats of the finest diamonds in the world. Golconda diamonds come from the Golconda mines located in the country of India. The stones for these earrings are cushion-cut to give them a unique aesthetic. The total carat weight of both stones is over 46 carats. They are among the rarest diamonds in the world. This set of earrings was sold for $9.3 million at a Christie's auction in Hong Kong in May of 2011. We assume the value held firm since 2011, but who knows, the earrings could be worth even more if they appear at another auction.

2. Miroir de l'Amour Diamond Earrings - Value: $26 million

The Miroir de l'Amour Diamond Earrings are marquise-cut exquisite diamonds with a total carat weight of 52.44 carats for one earring and 50.47 carats for the other. They're among the most extravagant and expensive earrings ever created. The earrings sport Type 2 diamonds. They are among the most perfect in the world. The rare quality of the diamonds is what makes the earrings so valuable. They come in second to only one collection of exquisite stones.

1. The Artemis Pink and the Apollo Blue Diamond Earrings Earrings - Total auction price: $57.4 million

The Artemis Pink earrings are a pair that sold in 2017, won at the auction by an anonymous buyer who also purchased the Apollo Blue Diamond Earrings at the same time. The Artemis Pink diamond earrings sold for $15 million. The pink diamond is a 16-carat pink diamond earning the classification of an 11a diamond. it is the most chemically pure diamond in the world today. The lucky buyer purchased the pear-shaped earrings at a Sotheby's auction. The reason for the high price is that the designer chose type 2 diamonds for the setting. They are one of the rarest and highest quality diamonds in the world today. The pair was sold at a Geneva auction but the winner didn't have an easy time securing the treasures. The bidding war that ensued was one of the most intense that auction attendees have ever witnessed. The value of the earrings is inherent in their rarity and quality, but it is also influenced by the price that a collector is willing to pay for the privilege of ownership, according to The Market Herald. The collective weight of the earrings is over 31 carats. The Apollo Blue diamond earrings were offered at the same Sotheby's auction and sold to the same buyer as the Artemis Pink earrings. They went for more than $42 million. The earrings are named after the Greek gods Apollo and Artemis. The Apollo Blue earrings feature the largest vivid blue diamond that is internally flawless and of fancy quality with a 14.43-carat gem weight. It received a rare grading of 11b, joining the one percent of the diamonds on the planet to achieve the feat.

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