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The Most Expensive Cartier Diamond Necklaces Ever

Cartier Patiala Necklace

Cartier is a French luxury jewelry company that has served its clients for more than a century. Cartier doesn't make inexpensive jewelry. It's not possible to do so. The artisan's craft premium precious metals and gemstones into spectacular designs. Pure quality in 18k gold and premium platinum are the base metals procured for each piece. Cartier is one of the most highly desired brands, having served many royal families, dignitaries, and celebrity personalities throughout the decades. Cartier has designed some of the most exquisite necklaces on the face of the earth. Here are the most expensive Cartier diamond necklaces ever for your consideration.

5. Cartier Paris circa 1945 Gold and Diamond Necklace Convertible to Bracelets Value: $225,000

This is a diamond Cartier necklace that was released for sale in 1945. The vintage piece featured yellow gold and diamonds and was converted into two bracelets and three necklace lengths then offered for sale. This necklace stands as a good example of how Cartier jewels hold their value over time. Even though it was converted from a single necklace, the value of the pieces is estimated at $225,000. The necklace in its original form was comprised of 18k yellow gold links twisted together and accented with diamonds. French assay marks are engraved in the links. The total weight of the 720 round diamonds is 12 carats. The pieces are signed Cartier. The necklace was originally made in Paris, France by Cartier with brilliant-cut premium diamonds. This vintage piece has a total weight of 222.1 grams in its original state. The value is just short of a quarter of a million, but if you think this necklace is expensive, wait until you see the next four.

Cartier Diamond Emerald Onyx Platinum Panther Necklace

4. Cartier Diamond Emerald Onyx Platinum Panther Necklace Value: $395,000

The Cartier Diamond Emerald Onyx Platinum necklace is an exquisite piece that was manufactured by Cartier in the 1980s era. Although the piece is currently listed in "good" condition, the value is assessed at just under $400,000. It's a testament to how well Cartier pieces hold their value and increase in worth over a few decades. The precious metal is pure high-quality platinum. This is an original unaltered piece that features the panther motif in a platinum setting with a massive amount of 682 round-cut brilliant diamonds. The total carat weight is 17.80 carats. Other precious stones in the necklace include emeralds for the sculptured platinum panther pendant's eyes and onyx for his spots. The necklace is an authentic signed Cartier.

Cartier 1980s Colored Diamond Necklace

3. Cartier 1980s Colored Diamond Necklace Value: $875,000

This genuine Cartier diamond necklace was released for sale to the public in the 1980s era. It is an exquisite piece that is crafted of 18k yellow gold material. The design displays a graduated line of fifty diamonds in various colors that range from browns to yellow and orange hues. The diamonds are of premium quality in an oval cut. The total weight of these diamonds is 4.10 carats. A pear-shaped brilliant-cut fancy brown-orange diamond weighing 9.64 carats in an 18k gold setting is the hanging pendant. This example is a signed Cartier in excellent condition, offered for sale by the current owner who resides in the state of New York, USA. The unique coloring of the diamonds in this necklace makes it a one of a kind collectible that is valued at not too far from a million dollars. In time, the value may increase past that mark.

Hutton-MDivani Jadeite Cartier Diamond Necklace

2. Hutton-MDivani Jadeite Cartier Diamond Necklace Value: $27.4 million

This is one of Cartier's most extravagant necklaces of all-time. There is only one that has a higher valuation in the world. The Hutton-MDivani Jadeite Cartier Diamond Neckless has a value of a whopping $27.4 million at last check-in. While there are plenty of diamonds in this necklace, there are even more Jadeite stones. We've included it in the list of diamond necklaces. The last selling price at auction was over $27 million for this historical example of fine jewelry. Previous owners of these regal jewels have been Princess Nina Mdivani, which was kept hidden under her deathbed to hide it from debt collectors. While the necklace is made of 27 verdant grade jadeite beads, the clasp is comprised of gold, platinum, ruby, and diamond. This makes it one of the most expensive diamond necklaces in Cartier Jeweler's history. Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton was also an owner of the necklace for a period of time. The combination of the history of the necklace, the high-quality jadeite, diamond, and other precious metals and stones have made its value in the tens of millions.

Cartier Patiala Necklace

1. Cartier Patiala Necklace Value: $30 million

The Patiala Necklace was commissioned by the Maharaja of Patiala to an employee of Cartier. The royal handed over the royal jewels which included the De Beers diamond, which is the largest diamond in the world. The Patiala necklace was held in India for twenty years, but it went missing from the royal treasury in 1948. The necklace had disappeared and its whereabouts were not discovered for more than thirty years. The De Beers diamond was the size of a golf ball that reappeared. The necklace was not found in its entirety. The stone was auctioned with a value of $3 million at a 1982 Sotheby's auction. Portions of the famed De Beers bearing necklace began to reappear in a London antique shop minus the De Beers stone. The remaining diamonds in the piece were also large. Cartier purchased the parts, replaced the missing stones, and estimated the original jewelry at a value of $30 million at a minimum. The original version of this diamond necklace has been disassembled. Cartier gathered the remnants that he could find.

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