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Five Chopard Bracelets We Would Recommend

Chopard Gold Rubellite Tourmaline Casmir Bracelet

If you're looking for a sophisticated gift of exceptional quality and value, Chopard offers an excellent selection of ladies bracelets. The Swiss brand has been in operation since its founding in 1860. Since that time it has built a strong reputation for producing unique designs using precious metals and gemstones. We reviewed the dozens of bracelet models available through the brand, and have selected our picks for the five best Chopard bracelets we would recommend, for your consideration.

5. Chopard La Strada 12 Carat Pave-Set Diamond 18 Karat White Gold Link Bracelet

Chopard's La Strada is a model that was released in the1990 to 1999 period. The bracelet is an extravagant design that features a base material of 18k white gold that makes up the stylish links of the bracelet, The links are offset with a suspended pattern that creates a chunky meshlike effect. Each link is fully set over the surface with white genuine diamonds of F-G color with a VVS clarity in a Pave link styling. A total of 720 icy white diamonds are featured for a total of 12.00 carats. The bracelet is secured to the wrist via a folding clasp. The total weight of the bracelet is 54.3 grams with a length of 7.25 inches and a width of 13 mm. This design is a part of the Dreams Bracelet Happy Collection at Chopard, made in Switzerland.

Happy Diamonds Icons Bangle Rose Gold Bracelet Reference number 85A6185200

4. Happy Diamonds Icons Bangle Rose Gold Bracelet Reference number: @85A618-5200

This exquisite piece is available for sale directly through the Chopard website and authorized Chopard vendors. It is a bangle style bracelet from the Happy Diamonds collection. The bangle is crafted of 18k rose gold material with a purity of 75 percent. At each end of the bracelet is a circle with the larger of the two featuring an 18k rose gold setting with a ring of brilliant round-cut white diamonds encrusting the circle. Three floating/dancing diamonds are encased between two scratch-resistant sapphire crystals. The smaller circle at the other end of the bangle is made of the same materials with a single floating diamond that dances happily with every movement, sparkling brilliantly at the slightest hint of light reflection. The total carat weight of diamonds is 0.54. This is an original in-house Chopard design.

3. Chopard 18 Karat White Gold Cultured Pearl and Diamond Bracelet

This extravagant Chopard bracelet was released in the 2000s era. It is one of the most elegant and sophisticated bracelets produced by the brand. It is an in-house Chopard design with a delicate filigree pattern for the base of the bracelet in 18k white gold. The teardrop-shaped links are fastened with tiny 18k white gold screws to hold them firmly in place. Each link is encrusted with brilliant-round-cut white diamonds and one cultured pearl at the tip of the drop. The design of this bracelet is simply breathtaking. There are a total of 352 round brilliant cut diamonds in the bracelet with a color G rating and clarity of VS with a total carat weight of 3.50. The width of the bracelet is 0.63 inches or 16 mm, with a length of 6.7 inches or 170 mm. The weight of the bracelet is 46.22 grams. there are 22 cultured pears total. The bracelet affixes to the wrist via a push-button clasp of 18k white gold that is concealed.

Chopard Happy Hearts twist Rose Gold Diamond Bangle

2. Chopard Happy Hearts twist Rose Gold Diamond Bangle

Here we have a unique design in a twist style bangle. This genuine Chopard bracelet is a part of the Happy Hearts collection of fine jewelry. The bangle forms three rings that are both modern and stylish. The bracelet is crafted of fine 18k rose gold with a bright and shiny polished finish that glows with radiance. The top of the bracelet is capped with a large heart shape made of 18k rose gold. The background of the heart is a wonderfully textured rose gold setting that is fully encrusted with brilliant round cut white diamonds. At the base of the bangle, a smaller and petite heart creates the see-through enclosure for one happy dancing diamond with a weight of 0.05 carats. In total, the heart is set with 22 diamonds at the top with a carat weight of 0.40. This is a popular bracelet model that is suitable for wear with a variety of outfits ranging from casual to formal wear, thanks to the versatile design.

Chopard Gold Rubellite Tourmaline Casmir Bracelet

1. Chopard Gold Rubellite Tourmaline Casmir Bracelet

Our top pick for the best Chopard bracelet that money can buy is the Chopard Gold Rubellite Tourmaline Casmir model. The bracelet was designed by Swiss jewelry Maison Chopard as a part of the Casmir collection. it is one of a kind bracelet that is dripping with precious metals and stones. The bracelet was released for sale in 1992. The design inspiration has its roots in ancient history with a paisley motif in existence in the Sasanian Empire, first used in the Kingdom of Kashmir from the 224 to 651 AD period. This is a modern iteration of the paisley design that has evolved through the ages. The Casmir bracelet is crafted of 18k yellow gold and is set with 26 cabochon triangles for a total weight of 4.5 carats of precious Rubellite Tourmaline gemstones. The cabochon drop has a total weight of 14 carats. This contemporary design was produced in the country of France. The most outstanding feature of this exquisite piece is the bright mirrored polish of the yellow gold. When combined with the amazing clarity of the precious red gemstones that make them glow and radiate warmth. This is by far, one of the most spectacular bracelet creations we've seen.

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