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Is There Such a Thing as a Cheap Cartier Bracelet?


Cartier is a brand that has received a great deal of attention for the 2020 holiday giving season. The high-end French designer brand is known for producing timeless pieces that only increase in value over time. Because of the valuable materials used in each creation, it's tough to find a genuine Cartier bracelet that is priced low. Is there any such thing as a cheap Cartier bracelet?

Cartier bracelets are in high demand

Cartier bracelets are made of expensive materials that hold their value. This is the reason why it's hard to find one that is inexpensively priced. According to Business Insider, the younger generation has established Cartier as an iconic brand that everyone wants to own. Kylie Jenner has a large collection that she wears frequently. The least expensive version on her wrist is valued at $1,630, which is about as low as you're going to find a genuine Cartier. They're easily identified because they come with a simple clasp that can be operated by the person wearing the bracelet for putting them on and taking them off. The others require assistance.

Iconic Cartier bracelets

The style that is currently in vogue with Cartier fans is the classic Love bracelet. The piece is sold with a miniature screwdriver that is required to put the bracelet on and to take it off. The bracelet is designed in two halves and it does require some assembly and the help of a second person. If you're looking for the cheapest Love bracelet, you can find one in a choice of yellow or pink gold for a price tag of $4,500 for new and unused. This is the plain gold version. If you want to add a diamond, the cost rises to about $5,300. The Love bracelet has been offered by Cartier since 1960 when designer Aldo Cipullo created it for the luxury brand. Some of the more elaborate versions of the Love bracelet are valued as high as $40,400.

How to find the cheapest Cartier bracelets?

We must preface this section with the caveat that you're not going to find a genuine Cartier bracelet that is cheaply priced. You can occasionally save a few dollars by purchasing pre-owned. Some online vendors offer them at discounted rates that might save you a couple of hundred dollars at most. The reason for this is because Cartier bracelets hold their value. Even if the bracelet becomes damaged, the precious metals and gemstones are still worth a small fortune. If you're a bargain hunter, you've got your work cut out for you unless you're fortunate enough to find one at an estate sale or if you're the lucky bidder at an auction.

Be careful about where you shop

It's always great to save money, especially if you're on a budget, but you're not likely to have much luck getting a big discount on a Cartier bracelet. If you do find a deal that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Like many other designer brands that are in high-demand, Cartier has been the object of counterfeiters' wiles. Some of the fake producers have become quite adept at manufacturing cheap knock-off versions that come close in appearance, but lack the overall value of a genuine Cartier. They may even show a picture of a genuine Cartier in online advertisements, but that may not be what you receive in the shipment.

How to spot a fake Cartier bracelet

Gray and Sons provide some useful information about discerning a genuine Cartier bracelet from a fake. You don't have to be an expert to know what to look for in a knock-off. There are almost always telltale signs that will let you know you're dealing with a counterfeit. Here is everything you need to know about evaluating a Cartier Love bracelet for authenticity.

The date of manufacture

It's important to know your history. Cartier didn't start making the Love bracelet until 1969. If you see an example offered for sale as a vintage piece that was made before that date, either the seller is misled or it's a phony. The latter is likely to be the case because most Cartier owners are familiar with the history. The sloppier counterfeiters overlook this detail.

Think about the pricing

Cartier Love bracelets are valuable and expensive. Most owners or dealers are not going to let a piece go for a cheap price when this is a style that is in high demand. They're going to price them per the current going rate. If a Love bracelet without diamonds is less than $4,300, there is reason to be suspicious. If it features the Love cuff design, it is valued at $4,500 with a strong resale value. If the price is much lower it's likely a forgery. Compare the model advertised with similar models from known licensed Cartier vendors.

Become familiar with the details of the bracelet

If you're looking for a particular version of the Love bracelet, then study the pictures on the official site. This can help you to spot a fake right away. Count the decorative screws and study their design and placement. Look for variations in the appearance or shape of the screws, in the width of the bracelet, and other features that are off the mark. Also, watch for the precise placement of the logo. Knock-off versions because they're likely to be slightly offset. Study photos of models that have been discontinued as well as current models to know their production dates.

Examine the materials

Cartier uses only premium materials. If the bracelet is set with diamonds, they should show on the inside and the outside of the bracelet. If they don't it's a fake. All Cartier bracelets are made of precious materials which could be yellow, white, or pink gold in 18k. Platinum versions are made of 950 platinum. They are heavy because of the purity of the metals. If a Cartier bracelet feels light it's likely a phony. All gemstones are genuine. Cartier doesn't use fakes or man-made stones.


Each Love bracelet is sold with a box, paper, and a screwdriver. You take a chance if you buy one that does not come with the authentication papers that match the bracelet with the same serial number. You'll find the number stamped on the inside of the bracelet, not engraved.

Final thoughts

Is there any such thing as a cheap Cartier bracelet? In our opinion, no there is not. At least not if you want to buy a genuine Cartier. There are plenty of counterfeits out there, but you're going to spend at least $4,300 for the cheapest Cartier Love bracelet.

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