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How to Spot a Real Cartier Just Un Clou Bracelet

Wearing a Cartier piece puts you in a class of your own, above the rest. It is no wonder that only the A-list celebrities can be spotted donning the beautiful pieces. Anne Hathaway has had the pleasure of not only wearing it during the Academy Awards but also when acting "Ocean's 8."

The film shows how eight women collude to exchange the real Cartier necklace with a fake. Such movies get you wondering if what you bought is a knock-off or the real deal. Among the many Cartier jewelry pieces available is the Cartier Juste Un Clou bracelet so let's enlighten you on how to spot a real one.

What to Check

According to WP Diamonds, you can quickly tell if you are buying a fake Cartier, regardless of the collection by observing these few things:


As published on the website, real Cartier jewelry has a clean stamp with even spacing and correct spelling. The signature script should give you the peace of mind that you have an original while misspellings and font that departs from the usual cursive should put you on alert mode.

Besides the stamping having the respective metal type, and unique serial number, its location is also essential. Real Cartier jewelry has the stamp on the back of the bracelets. Also, note the measurement used; Cartier sizes its collection or rings and bracelets in millimeters. Remember that these stampings have to be impressed on the bracelets; otherwise you are buying a forgery.


Even the packaging of a Cartier bracelet will help you identify a real one. The outer boxes have the logo imprinted on top of the box while the inner boxes have the logo imprinted on the lid's inside. The fabric is also an indication with the interior being made of white cloth or black satin.


Cartier Juste Un Clou collection of bracelets and rings price ranges from $2,175 to $34,650 depending on their size and composition. Usually, counterfeit products come at lower prices than original products; therefore if you feel like you are getting a heavy discount in your bracelet, it is most likely a fake. You should not shy away from buying the real bracelets despite the high price tag because they hold at least 106% of their value hence making them an excellent investment.

Metal Weight and Quality

Cartier does not spare any expense when making the jewelry pieces; it uses high-quality metals that only comprise gold and platinum. These are quite heavy metals, and if a bracelet has the 750 material hallmark marking, it means that it is made up of 75% gold.

Usually, Cartier Juste Un Clou bracelets weigh at least 33.4 grams, but if it has diamonds, it should weigh more. For instance, the small model 18K white gold with 0.54 carats diamonds weighs 34.4 grams.

Any bracelet that is lighter than this is most likely a fake. Additionally, any signs of discoloration or chipping metal should be a warning using. Besides, if you can see another color beneath the surface, that bracelet is a fake. Furthermore, Cartier is very attentive to detail, so if alignments, closures or other details seem to have a problem, you are buying a fake.

Diamond Quality

The RealReal also advises on what to check when authenticating. If the bracelet has diamonds, they go for one with a high clarity range because it indicates it does not have inclusions that are visible to the naked eye. You can still use a loupe magnifier to inspect for included diamonds. The stones should be colorless, nicely set, evenly-spaced and same size.


Sometimes even if you feel that the bracelet you are buying is the real deal because you are buying from a reputable dealer, if it does not have the right paperwork that should send a chill down your spine.

According to Price Scope, one prospective buyer asked other Juste Un Clou owners of their opinion regarding a bracelet that she wanted to buy, but it did not have any paperwork. She mentioned that it was also going for a reasonable price which was still a bit too much for a pre-owned bracelet.

Even if a bracelet meets all the other criteria for authenticating, without the original paperwork, it still leaves room for suspicion. Luckily, one person responded that Cartier offers authentication services, and they could do a valuation for insurance purposes which would then act as proof of authenticity.

Dealer's reputation

You cannot expect to buy a genuine Cartier Juste Un Clou from a seller who has been dealing with fake products. TrueFacet advises if the seller does not say where he is operating from or where the goods are shipped from, you are most likely buying a fake bracelet. Customer reviews come in handy and in this age of everything being posted online, with just a few internet searches, you can tell who has been disappointing customers with fake bracelets.

Why Would You Want to Get A Juste Un Clou Bracelet?

Now that you know how to spot a real Cartier Juste Un Clou bracelet, you should consider getting yourself one because of its durability. Unlike some bracelets which need to be taken off when going swimming or in the shower, these Cartier bracelets will not get damaged by water.

Besides, for those nights you feel too lazy to take off the jewelry, the bracelet will not cause you discomfort if you decide to wear it while you sleep. Best of all, it is so thick, making it practically impossible to break, a feature that is very useful when you cannot seem to go a day without dropping it.

Additionally, with the bracelet, you already are making a fashion statement and do not need to accompany it with other pieces. It is perfect on its own whether you are dressing casually or attending a formal event.

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