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A Closer Look at The Cartier Tank SolarBeat

Cartier Tank SolarBeat

The mention of the name Cartier conjures images of premium quality metals, stones, and other materials. It's a brand name that is synonymous with high-end premium quality. Watch enthusiasts anxiously await new models to see what new treasures the luxury jeweler and watchmaker will offer next. They've done it again with the Cartier Tank SolarBeat, which is a remarkable timepiece that remarkably offers the DNA of previous Tank versions at a lower price tag. It's been a bit of a surprise for those accustomed to more expensive pieces, as the differences between the more affordable version and its more expensive siblings are difficult to discern. It's a piece that may open up ownership to a larger segment of the population. What are the differences? It takes a trained eye to detect.

A closer look at the Cartier Tank SolarBeat

Troisanneaux confirms that aesthetically, the Cartier Tank SolarBeat is a newcomer to the century fleet of the model with a new variant that at a glance is remarkably similar in most respects except for the price. The SolarBeat offers comfort and stylishness. The timepiece features an additional characteristic that many who are concerned about the planet can appreciate. The strap is new and constructed of forty percent plant materials, chiefly apple matter produced in regions in Italy and Switzerland. The process cuts down on waste and contributes to the improvement of the environment in this way. The innovative new textile looks feel and have the texture of cowhide leather. It's a remarkable feat we applaud.

A century of tradition at an evolutionary point

Hodinkee draws attention to the fact that the Cartier Tank line has been available for over a hundred years. The collection has become a cultural institution for many. Cartier's development of a new model within the line that is so different in materials and technology is a newsworthy event requiring at least some discussion. It marks a pivotal point in the history of the watchmaker. As audiences awaited the release of a new model or variant of the Tank, this version is a bit surprising for some, but others realize it's a natural progression that infuses the DNA of the originals with a modernization that is timely and perhaps necessary. A solar-powered watch seems a bit out of step for Cartier, but there are enough premium features included in the architecture that the SolarBeat, although seemingly branching out into a different watch family, is still a member of the group.

Specifications of the Cartier Tank SolarBeat

Cartier takes the time to point out the differences with a marketing campaign that does a good job of easing the transitional posturing of this timepiece on its official website. They grant the assurance that the brand is remaining faithful to the Tank model with its roots in the history of the company while allowing evolution to take place. The post reiterates that the Tank is "ever-evolving" to lessen the shock and it then points out that it is "doubly innovative," and pays homage to the monochrome of the 1980s. With that tied neatly together, we now look at the finer points of the new Cartier Tank SolarBeat.

Innovative new solar technology

The Cartier Tank SolarBeat features a new technology that builds perforations into the Roman numerals placed on the dial. Although it's not visible at a glance, small openings allow light through to photovoltaic cells placed beneath the dial. This is how the piece absorbs sunlight to power the SolarBeat movement. It took the engineers two years to perfect this solar-based technology without altering the appearance of the hour markers. Uncrate points out that the solar power unit will last for sixteen years before it needs to go into the authorized dealer for service. Let's take a look at more details of the model that made its official debut at the Watches & Wonders 2021 digital show.

The 2021 SolarBeat edition of the Tank Must

The very first solar-powered watch in the Tank Must collection features a case that measures 33mm x 25.5mm or a smaller version that is 29.5 mm x 22 mm. The rectangular case is made of premium stainless steel with a depth of 6.60 mm. The ultra-slim profile combined with the leathery feeling strap ensures its ultimate comfort on the wrist. Following the Cartier tradition, the crown, also made of stainless steel, is set with a blue synthetic spinel cabochon. The plant-based strap that contains no materials obtained from animals is available in a choice of three colors including black, blue, or green. The straps are also interchangeable, and you may opt to have a metal bracelet installed.

Pricing and availability

The Cartier Tank Must SolarBeat will be released in September of 2021, with a starting price of $2,495 for the smaller version and a few hundred dollars more for the larger size. Cartier enthusiasts who have been waiting for this year's new version of the Tank have a surprise awaiting them, in a more affordable wristwatch with an alternative power source.

Final thoughts

We were a bit surprised that Cartier released a solar-powered version of the Tank Must collection, but after careful consideration, we're all pleased about it. Bear in mind that the solar-powered movement took two years to perfect and it's not your average cheap mechanism. It's state-of-the-art technology that shows Cartier's commitment to leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the earth. The brand is practicing social responsibility while striving to maintain high standards of tradition and quality. Although the starting price assigned to the new variant is far lower, there are few detectable differences to distinguish the Tank SolarBeat from other members of the Tank Must family. This may be one of Cartier's most brilliant achievements. Additionally, there's nothing wrong with saving money so long as there is no effect on the quality. Cartier just placed their iconic Tank within the reach of more adoring fans, and we like that effort very much.

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