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A Buyer's Guide to Getting a Pre-Owned Cartier Watch


Congratulations on your decision to buy a pre-owned Cartier watch. Before you proceed with a purchase, there are a few things that you need to know. Cartier is a French designer brand known for producing valuable timepieces. When they are well cared for, they retain their value. Some even increase in price. Some models will be less expensive than new ones. However, this isn't always the case. Our buyer's guide to getting a pre-owned Cartier watch will give you the information you need to get the best possible deal. It will also help you avoid getting taken by either paying too much or ending up with a fake.

What is your motive?

Are you buying a Cartier watch for the pleasure of ownership, or are you investing in a fine collectible? The reason for purchasing the Cartier watch makes a difference. It can give you some idea of where you should be looking to make the purchase. You'll find several pre-owned Cartier watches for sale, but some of them have greater significance as collectible pieces. While most are valuable, some, more so than others. Become familiar with the various collections and models. Know their current assessed value.

Establish your budget

Real Style recommends having an idea of how much you're willing to spend and looking for specific models within that price range. For budgets under $1,000, consider the Must de Cartier 21, which retails for more than $2,000. It can be found in excellent pre-owned condition for around $995 from some retailers. For a budget is between $1,000 and $5,000, the Cartier Tank Francaise wristwatch or Ballon Blue are elegant options within this price range. If you have an unlimited budget for investment, you are in Candyland. There are plenty of high-value Cartier collectibles out there.

Know the history of the various models

Xupes offers a brief history of the more prolific editions of Cartier watches with a short easy to read history of the brand. It's good to know the significance of a Cartier watch, especially if it will be an investment piece. It's useful to know when an item was released for sale and its age. Become familiar with the details of a specific model. This makes it easier to tell a fake from a genuine Cartier. Find out about any previous owners. If the Cartier wristwatch was owned by a dignitary, royal, or celebrity, it could increase the value.

Tips for buying pre-owned for authenticity

Ermitage Chronicles offers a few useful tips on determining the authenticity of the piece before you buy. You can save a lot of money on some models due to depreciation unless the item has gone up in value. However, some Cartier watches that are advertised for low prices are most likely counterfeits. There are quite a few scammers out there. Some of the pieces they produce are close but not exact replicas. Here are a few tips to confirm that the item you're considering is genuine.

Verify the reputation of the seller

The first thing to do is verify that the seller or dealer is reputable and deals in genuine Cartier pieces. This becomes more difficult when dealing with a private seller or collector, but it's worth the effort. The seller should be willing to answer all of your questions about the watch and address any concerns you might have before proceeding with the sale.

Insist on paperwork

Every Cartier timepiece is sold with paperwork that verifies the authenticity. The serial number and reference number will be imprinted on the watch. It should coincide with the numbers listed on the paperwork. Also, verify that the registration paperwork and the maintenance records are in order. Valuable timepieces should be taken in for maintenance to retain their value.

Compare prices

Genuine Cartier watches that are in excellent condition will reflect their inherent value in the price. Cheap doesn't mean good. In fact, if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Cartier watches are made of precious metals, or at least high-quality stainless steel and valuable gemstones. Even in poor condition, the materials retain their value. If the price is low, you should start looking for signs of a counterfeit.

How to spot a replica watch

Recent replicas have been produced that look almost identical to genuine Cartiers. There are a few things you can do, in addition to insisting on authentication paperwork, which isn't always a guarantee of authenticity. Look for any misspelled words on the watch or bad grammar. It happens. Cartier watches are heavier because of the precious metals used. If the wristwatch feels light, it's likely a knockoff. The majority of Cartier watches are capped with lab-produced sapphire crystal. If there are any uneven or jagged edges or a hint of color in the crystal, the odds are that it is a fake. The crown of a Cartier is set with a natural cabochon sapphire. If there is no stone or it is not this precise stone, or if it has been glued in, it's likely a fake. Verify that the Cartier logo appears on the dial, on the buckle, and the bracelet. If it's absent from any of these places, you're dealing with a counterfeit.

Assess the condition of the watch

The value of a pre-owned Cartier watch is tied in with its overall condition. Ideally, the watch's condition will be mint or excellent. There should be few signs of wear, scratches, or other flaws. Make sure that the wristwatch has been maintained. If repaired, the shop should have used genuine Cartier parts and verified this.

Final thoughts

When purchasing a pre-owned Cartier, it pays to know what you're looking for before you begin your search. Know the history of Cartier watches and the approximate value of the models before you deal with sellers. Watch out for counterfeiters and verify authenticity before you buy. If you follow the tips in our guide, you can find the perfect Cartier watch at the best possible price.

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