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The Five Best Louis Vuitton Bracelets Money Can Buy

The Louis Vuitton LV Volt Mesh Bracelet in Yellow Gold

If you are at all familiar with designer labels, you have very likely heard of Louis Vuitton. Formerly called Louis Vuitton Malletier, the company began doing business in 1854 in Paris by the infamous Louis Vuitton himself. The company designs and manufactures everything from books, sunglasses, and accessories to jewelry, shoes, watches, trunks, and other leather goods, all bearing the infamous ‘LV’ trademark that is so familiar to most all of us. One of the top fashion houses in the world, their products can be found online, in boutiques, and in some departments stores, as well as on the company website.

Aside from their luggage, jewelry by Louis Vuitton is some of their most cherished merchandise. Just about any type of jewelry can be found…rings and earrings, as well as necklaces and bracelets. Most can be found available as a matching set. But it seems that the bracelets really seem to catch the eye of those who are looking for only a single item to purchase. Expensive? Absolutely. Worth it? Well, according to those who know, most definitely.

So, for those of you who are looking to buy yourself or the woman in your life a bracelet by Louis Vuitton, we thought we throw a bit of information out to you regarding these glimmering wrist bangles. We are providing you with a short list of five expensive, and beautiful, Louis Vuitton bracelets. We are going to list them according to price, with five being the least expensive best to one being the most. But make no mistake…the five bracelets you are going to read about are definitely the best of all time, put out by a company who really knows what they are doing and have a reputation that says so.

5. The Louis Vuitton Color Blossom Multi-Motif Bracelet in Pink Gold with Diamonds…$14,400

Louis Vuitton Color Blossom Multi-Motif Bracelet in Pink Gold with Diamonds

This particular bracelet is done in 18K pink gold, with a Monogram Flower Motif design, the motifs bearing alternating star and sun shapes. Each of the motifs happens to be set with pave diamonds. The diamond accents on this bracelet are quite breathtaking, and their addition helps the piece to pull off the appearance of being both feminine and enduring in nature. It is chain adjusted, which lends to the bracelet, and it actually gives the bracelet the appearance of soft fragility. It has a whopping total of 107 diamonds totaling .6 carats and comes in a base length of 7.09 inches (18cm), with additional links available to add length. As mentioned above, the base price for this piece is $14,400, earning it the number five spot on our list.

4. Louis Vuitton LV Volt Upside-Down Bracelet in Yellow and White Gold with Diamonds…$15,300

Louis Vuitton LV Volt Upside-Down Bracelet in Yellow and White Gold with Diamonds

This simple, yet elegant, beauty seems to exude a message of power and self-reliance while reminding the world that you are woman through and through. Done in 18K white and yellow gold, it is encrusted with 84 diamonds totaling a half-carat all along the bolt pattern. The bolt itself measures 2.2 centimeters in length, so its not overwhelming, and it comes in three sizes (it is a bangle bracelet): 15cm (Small), 16cm (medium), and 17cm (large). LV reminds customers that each of these is unique to the other, so some factors may be off slightly; discuss this when you make your purchase. This classy little number slides into our list at number four.

3. The Louis Vuitton Diamond Blossom Bracelet in White Gold and Diamonds…$23,700

Louis Vuitton Diamond Blossom Bracelet in White Gold and Diamonds

This particular pleasure is a variation of the bracelet at number one, but this one is in white gold and it is encrusted with pave diamonds all around. Again, it is a star and sun blossom variation chain-style bracelet that comes in three individual sizes (differing from the size availability on number one). Interestingly enough, the Monogram Flowers were first created in 1896 by Georges-Louis Vuitton himself, and the piece sparkles with youth and femininity. It is made with 18K white gold, and the small size comes with 151 diamonds (1.41 carats). However, the bracelet also comes in medium (17cm) and large (18cm). The small measures sixteen centimeters. The two larger sizes have more metal and diamonds, of course. This is our pick as far as favorites go, for both the feminine feel of the piece and the mix of diamonds and white gold. Starting at $23,700, this LV takes number three by storm.

2. The Louis Vuitton LV Volt One Cuff in Yellow Gold and Diamonds…$26,800

The Louis Vuitton LV Volt One Cuff in Yellow Gold and Diamonds

Yes, you read that right…the price is high. But you need to understand what you are getting for the money: A simply gorgeous solid gold cuff bracelet (18K, by the way) encrusted with 84 diamonds (3/4 carat), all designed into a gorgeous full-body volt pattern that is great for both men and women. Polished to a dazzling shine, this particular piece would almost be at number one, regardless of price. Except when you see the bracelet that made the number one spot on our list you will understand why the Volt Once Cuff came in at number two.

1. The Louis Vuitton LV Volt Mesh Bracelet in Yellow Gold…$39,500

The Louis Vuitton LV Volt Mesh Bracelet in Yellow Gold

In at number one, the LV Volt Mesh bracelet is a one-of-a-kind wonder that will definitely catch the eye and compliment pretty much anything you want to wear it with. It is done in 18K yellow gold, and though it is not diamond-accented, it is one gorgeous piece of metal, polished to perfection and designed with one name in mind: Louis Vuitton. It measures 2.8cm wide, it comes in two sizes: Small (15cm) and medium (16cm). Once again, it will have a unique metal weight, as each is a piece all its own. It comes in at number one for its stand-alone design and versatile class…not to mention its $39,500 price tag.

All There Is to the Name

So, there you have them, our picks for the five best LV bracelets money can buy, chosen for design, listed by price. Love them all but discouraged by those prices? Don’t be discouraged. The fact is that Louis Vuitton has a bracelet for every budget, so you can find just about anything you could possibly want or need. Remember to choose carefully…it can be easy to purchase a knock-off or counterfeit. It’s always best to buy directly from the maker, if at all possible, but if not, be sure to check out some of the authentication tips from The Chic Selection, and make sure to have fun when buying. May you find exactly what you are looking for.

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