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The Patek Philippe Twenty 4: A Buyer's Guide

Patek Philippe

Even in a time when cell phones are the norm instead of clocks and watches, there are those of us who still get turned on by the finer things in life…wristwatches being one of them. Sure, you can still get the cheap kind at your local Wal-Mart or Fred Meyer; not to say they aren’t quality timepieces in their own right, but they certainly can’t hold a candle to the beauty and old-school reliability that comes with wearing a Bulova, Cartier, or Rolex, not to mention the beauty or elegance. Times have indeed changed; pun intended. The fact of the matter is that people pay much less attention to keeping a personal timepiece than they once did; one simply didn’t go without some sort of way to be prompt, and that was usually found right on the wrist. There are the cheap ones, and then there are the…legends. Legends still, even after their own, ahem…time (I could not resist). Along with those listed above, Patek Philippe is a Swiss watchmaker who has gained a reputation of being one of the best, and most coveted, watch brands available on the market today.

A Brief History

While the name Patek Philippe may be something that is tossed around regularly in your circle, there are many who have no familiarity, but deserve to. Founded in 1839, the company specializes in making watches and clocks of the highest quality and the finest appearance for the need. It is located at the Vallee de Joux in Canton of Geneva, and is considered the oldest watchmaking company on the planet. They have created some of the most beautiful timepieces known to man. In 1932 the Stern family of Switzerland purchase Patek Philippe SA, and the tradition has continued at their hands. Also known for making some of the most complicated mechanical watches on the market, the company has gained the reputation as being one of the premier makers of timepieces in business. Over the years they have succeeded in creating a variety of beautiful watches, both practical and elegant, for those who appreciate the finest quality. But in 1999 the company released on of their most popular and successful lines to date: The ‘Twenty 4’ ladies luxury watch line.

The Twenty 4: Some Must-Know Facts for Buyers

If you have had your eye on one of these beauties, you know that the price can be steep; this is not a purchase that should be made lightly, nor should it be made without the proper amount of knowledge. As with anything you buy, you want to know as much as you can about it before any money trades hands so you can be assured of a satisfying experience, both with the process and the product. In an effort to educate you a bit about the Patek Philippe Twenty 4, we have provided some information about the watch line that you can arm yourself with before shopping.

The Twenty 4 line of watches is designed for ladies…

While they have a long history creating personal timepieces for women; in fact, they actually created a watch in 1839 exclusively for Madame Goscinska, and Queen Victoria personally chose a powder-blue watch set encrusted with diamonds in 1841 at London’s Great Exhibition. They also have other things to boast in this arena, but that’s for another time. Needless to say, the Twenty 4 line is much more recent, and the decades of experience behind it makes it all the more appealing. Released in 1999, the Twenty 4 was (and is) exclusively made with women in mind, and in more ways than one. So your consideration is duly understood, and indeed, it is fully supported.

The Twenty 4 actually serves more than one purpose…

Yes, it’s a wristwatch, and it’s for women, but that’s not what we mean. Maybe it would be better to simply say that it’s designed to suit a broad range of people. First of all, the overall aesthetic has been suited to the times since its creation. It also has an easy-to-maintain quartz movement, and Patek Philippe creates them in a steel version, which makes them more affordable to those with a budget. The Twenty 4 is meant to be an all-purpose ladies watch, just as appropriate in the office as at a formal event or casual gathering.

They aren’t all stainless steel…

For those with more expensive taste, the Twenty 4 is also available in rose gold, but the price is higher, of course. The stainless-steel versions, which are the most popular, come with a variety of dial colors, including gray, black, blue, or white. The cases are rectangular in shape, and diamonds line the right and left sides of the face. This feminine choice is a gorgeous option, so its important to know what is available to you.

It’s in the details…

Here’s a few more fine points: The dial features an applied 12 and 6 in Roman numerals; on the rose gold versions, the trapezoidal markers (other numerals markers) are in white gold. The bracelet features a fold-over clasp which snaps securely into place as well. There is also the Twenty 4 Automatic, a watch which has caught up to the times a bit by featuring a self-winding mechanism and a round case is available. This particular model features the dial numerals in gold, and they are also in Arabic. The rose gold Automatic features diamonds around the crown, in the lugs, and in the bracelet’s outer links. All of these come in a variety of prices. The above is the most pertinent merchandise information, short of price ranges, for the Patek Philippe Twenty 4. However, it is especially important, when making an actual purchase, to do so with great care. Read on for more information on how to shop for your new ladies’ watch without regret…you’ll be glad you did.

How Can I Be Sure I’m Getting the Very Best?

When you buy a watch, one of the most important things you want to be aware of is the fact that you CAN be taken advantage of. Knowing the facts, plus some of the ‘intimate’ details about the brand and model you want to buy is essential. Thus, the information we provided above regarding the Patek Philippe Twenty 4. With this in mind, as well as the information above, here are some more things to take into consideration when you prepare to actually make a purchase:

Know Exactly What You Are Looking For-

In a nutshell, you want to know your own taste. Are you interested in a newer model Twenty 4, or what that is more vintage in age and flavor? How about your preference in mechanisms? Do you prefer a manual wind or one that is automatic? How about metals? Some have an allergy that restricts them to wearing only specific metals. Finally, what is your personal budget when it comes to buying your new watch? If you desire one of the less expensive that Patek Philippe has out, you will likely want to lean toward a stainless-steel model.

What is your lifestyle?

Perhaps your life is so sports-focused that you really need something that can take a beating, but you may need something versatile and attractive on all fronts. If the latter sounds like it would meet your needs, the Twenty 4 is likely a perfect fit. Does your daily routine include much change, day in and day out? Yes, this is indeed the perfect watch. If you do a lot of deep-sea diving, you may want something a bit more durable and less flashy.

‘If you’re not round, you must be ‘square’…’

Take your time in determining what the right shape you want the dial to be, not to mention the color. You also want to make sure that the shape won’t interfere with your day-to-day routine; after all, it can be costly to repair. Take all of these factors into consideration; in this day and age, it won’t do to simply buy something without considering what the cost may be in the long run. You want to buy your new Patek Philippe with safety considerations in mind, so you don’t break the bank simply trying to get damages fixed that should have been avoided in the first place.

Remember what the Patek Philippe Twenty 4 really is…

While versatile, durable, and beautiful, the Twenty 4 is a line of ladies’ dress watches. This means that even though it will go from the office to retirement banquet to a late-night romantic dinner doesn’t mean you should wear it to work out, swim, or the like. Take the purchase seriously and consider all aspects before you buy.

Make Sure You’re Getting the Real Deal

If you are going through a recognized, accredited dealer for you knew Patek Philippe, you likely have already done your research and have nothing to worry about. However, if you’re too careless, you can find yourself paying out the nose for something that isn’t worth the box or bag it came in. Like all luxury watches, and other jewelry, some like to lure the unwitting with glittery knock-offs. Before you make a final move, have your potential new watch appraised, or make sure that included provenance and certifications are authentic. Failure to do this could wind up being one of the biggest regrets you have when the deal is done.

Shop & Compare

As your mother would likely tell you, don’t settle for the very first Twenty 4 you come across. Sure, you may be getting a good deal, and a top-notch watch to boot, but you may find the exact same thing for a price that is a bit better. Remember, these are fine watches, not something you buy retail for a weekend of camping. You want to comparison shop in this situation, even more so than in most others. Take the fine details to heart…shop around!

What’s in A Name?

So, you’re a long-time fan of Patek Philippe; maybe you have been a die-hard collector of watches from the Twenty 4 series. Though you may be, chances are you aren’t simply buying the brand name…you want the quality, as well. Being distracted by sellers who loosely use brand names is one of the main ways people are taken, so keep quiet and do a lot of listening. Most of all, BE PATIENT, and you will certainly find what you are looking for.

So, What About Those Price Tags?

Now we’ve finally come down to it, haven’t we? Well, let’s tackle the subject directly. Before we do, we should confirm for you…yes, these fine watches are a bit more than what you may have wanted to spend when you first got the idea. Or you may be one who does this on a yearly basis…an old pro, so to speak. Either way, the prices for this particular brand and line of ladies’ luxury watches is as follows, on the average as of 2018 (prices are a bit higher this year, as you may have guessed).

The Patek Philippe Twenty 4 Automatic

The two stainless-steel versions (round and rectangular) start at $28,052.81 (€23,660) to $48,790 (€41,150), which is the price for the two different rose gold versions (neither of these versions comes encrusted with diamonds). To have the rose gold version, in either shape, diamond-paved will cost you approximately $60,990.56 (€51,440). These are available only upon confirmation, and they can only be ordered through Patek Philippe SA.

For those of you considering a Twenty 4 that really isn’t ‘new’, but is new to you, be sure that the purchase is legitimate; there is nothing worse than being taken for a ride when you have your heart set on something. Be sure that the seller in the situation has a good reputation, and be sure to see any and all paperwork, receipts, etc., before finalizing anything. And as we stated earlier, make sure to have it appraised by a reputable watchmaker or jeweler beforehand as well.

Finally, Proceed

When you have all your eggs in one basket, you’ll know it, and the time will be right. Hopefully we’ve aided you in making a purchase that you are satisfied with, and hopefully you found just what you desired for the right price. Be sure to continue your Patek Philippe education by researching their products on the website or check out the sites of other dealers offering their products, making sure to take your time. Hopefully, you love your new watch, because it’s one of the finest out there.

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