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Does Patek Philippe Make a Clock?

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe speaks luxury, and even they do not bother with advertising their products. They know that their customers, who are willing to dig very deep into their pockets, are aware of Patek Philippe watches’ quality. The company currently holds the record for the most expensive watch, after selling the Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A for over $31 million at an auction in November 2019. Since it has made quite a name for itself with its unique watches, have you ever wondered if Patek Philippe makes a clock? You probably would want to have a wall clock from the brand, but you have not found the right place to buy yours. Well, read on to find out if you have any chance of owning a Patek Philippe clock.

No Longer Making Clocks?

Going from the many different sources, it is evident that Patek Philippe does not make clocks anymore. It has focused its energies on watches and even unveiled three timepieces for 2020. It, however, used to make exquisite clocks that, of course, sold at a premium. For instance, according to Phillips, the company released a 1963 gilt brass clock that sold for $15,500 to $25,800. In 2000, Patek Philippe was still making wall clocks with another brass one going for the same price as that released in 1963.

Perhaps the most iconic wall clock is the electronic world time tower clock, which remains the largest and oldest ever made of its kind. It was released in 1971 and was crafted for the parliament building in Switzerland. It comprised 22 modules and could tell time on 65 different locations. What set it apart was that it was made by commission for the most important clients; therefore, even if others were crafted, none could ever compare to another created. It measured 33.5 inches wide, 11.75 inches deep, and 57.75 inches high and sold for $375,000. Rau enlightens us that today, the few unique systems crafted by the company are limited editions that rarely go on the market. Therefore, if you plan on getting yourself one of these, it will cost you an arm and a leg, and it will take time before you ever find one.

What are the Differences between Watches and Clocks?

Some people use the two terms interchangeably, but they are quite different. Starting from the origin, clocks originate mechanical clocks while watches evolved from pocket watches. As Oh My Clock published, the first-ever watch made was by a German locksmith, Peter Heinlein. On the other hand, the first mechanical clock was invented in 723 AD by I Hsing. The most common difference is, however, is in their uses and where they are likely to be found. A watch offers the convenience of being carried around; like a pocket watch that had to be in the pocket, wearing around the wrist proved much more convenient. A clock, on the other hand, is often found on the wall or desks. As a result, while a watch is for personal use, a clock is for public use. Currently, the main places you can find clocks are in public places such as hospitals, restaurants, and workplaces.

Why Clocks have Gone out of the Market

You might have noticed that not many companies are really in the business of making clocks; others do not care to have them around anymore. MPR News reports of one company, 3M, that decided to get rid of clocks in 2019. According to the article, staff began taking down the clocks in every room, and by November 2019, they were down to the very last few. Tom, the plant engineering advisor, said that the site had over 1,000 clocks, which needed to be adjusted twice a year. Although they acknowledged that maintaining them was costly, they had tried cutting down the cost over the years before eventually deciding to do away with them completely. Tom revealed that the cost of maintaining the clock came to $35,000 per year because they needed loads of batteries to keep the clock ticking.

As if that is not reason enough to get rid of them, the clocks were hung on walls meaning the maintenance entailed climbing up ladders; hence staff risked injuries. The staff comprising around 24 people had dedicated two weekends per year, working over 12-hour shifts to change batteries, for a few decades. It thus made sense to discard the watches since they were not cost-efficient. It is not just 3M that gave up on its watches. According to The Clock Depot, Seth Thomas Clocks closed its doors in January 2009; hence the mantel and wall clocks are no longer available. This is all despite the company having a reputation for producing high-quality clocks. With its closure, getting spare parts for already purchased clocks became a challenge too.

Are Clocks No Longer Relevant?

Although the clocks have so far been phased by our smartwatches and phones, they still have a special place on our walls. No matter how many features your watch has, it cannot be hung on a wall as a decorative piece. Let’s face it; even when you have visitors at home, no one is captivated by the tablet in your hand. Instead, have an antique grandfather clock, and everyone will be in awe of its magnificent beauty and rarity. Besides, the wall clocks complement the decor thanks to their unique shapes, sizes, and designs.

All the same, even if you come across different Patek Philippe clocks in your search, pay attention to where you want to place them. A pendulum clock will have you hypnotized in the bedroom, making it hard for you to fall asleep. It should also not be a chiming clock; you do not want your sleep interrupted. The high price tags should not be a concern. The great thing about Patek Philippe clocks is that just like watches, they are priced differently, and you can always choose whatever is within your budget.

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