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The 10 Best Patek Philippe Women's Watches of All-Time

Patek Philippe Ref. 4947

Many people call Patek Philippe the finest maker of men's watches in Switzerland. They're not wrong - but they're also missing the point. Patek Philippe doesn't just make good men's watches. It makes good watches, period. And it's as likely to turn out a world-class women's watch as it is a world-class men's watch. For 176 years, Patek Philippe has been playing the field by catering to both sexes - in fact, the first three watches it ever sold were to a certain Madame Goscinska. While not much is known about the elusive Goscinska, what we do know for sure is that she was a ma'am not a man. Fast forward to today, and women have the full spectrum of the brand's complications to choose from. With so many options and so much history to explore, picking a favorite Patek Philippe era, let alone model, is a hard task. But someone's got to do. Rising to the challenge like the pros we are, we've filtered through the back catalogs and selected the 10 best Patek Philippe women's watches of all-time. Without further ado, here they are.

Patek Philippe Ref. 4899 901

1. Patek Philippe Ref. 4899/901

At Baselworld 2019, Patek Philippe proved its worth once again when it presented the Calatrava Haute Joaillerie 4899/901. Underscored by a delicate feminine beauty and featuring a smorgasbord of great features, the piece quickly became one of the brand's bestselling watches of the year. Its pallet of blue tones proved the perfect complement to the rows of glittering diamonds and glowing sapphires staggered along its breadth. All in all, the piece featured a staggering 702 gems in total, making it as much a piece of jewelry as it was a watch. But make no mistake - this was a watch and it had the beating heart of a 240 self-winding movement to prove it. With its combination of beauty and function, the 4899/901 is a winner.

Patek Philippe Ref. 7118 1200R

2. Patek Philippe Ref. 7118/1200R

Designs like the Nautilus don't come along too often, but when they do, the world takes note. Since its launch in 1976, it's become one of the most coveted and collectible series in the world. Why? Just take a look at the Patek Philippe Ref. 7118/1200R to see. With its ultra-luxe sporty design, uncluttered dial, and a glowing rose gold case, the piece is a masterpiece in modish simplicity. The opaline embossed dial with its gold applied hour markers and numerals is offset with a golden bezel bearing 56 brilliant diamonds. The 29-jewel Caliber 324 S C self-winding movement is no less masterful, offering a power reserve of 45 hours and perfect timekeeping.

3. Patek Philippe Ref. 5067A

Thought dive watches were just for the boys? Think again. With the Ref. 5067A Aquanaut Luce, Patek Philippe has taken the genre to the female market. And the market is very, very grateful. As notes, the sleek steel and red Aquanaut is the model's first outing in raspberry red, a pop of color that highlights the Aquanaut’s signature pattern on the embossed dial and strap to perfection. Priced at around $22,000 and limited to just 300 pieces in total, you'd better get saving fast if you want one.

Patek Philippe Ref. 7150

4. Patek Philippe Ref. 7150

Two years ago, Patek Philippe decided that if there was one thing the world was crying out for, it was another watch. But not just any old watch. What it needed (even if it didn't realize it at the time) was a vintage-inspired chronograph housed in a 38-mm case and boasting a bounty of tricks. So, what did it give us? The Patek Philippe Ref. 7150, a gorgeous little number featuring guilloché-engraved pushers, sculpted Breguet hands and gold-applied numerals, and a very original pulsometer scale around the perimeter.

Patek Philippe Ref. 7000R

5. Patek Philippe Ref. 7000R

Few complications are quite so cherished in the Patek Philippe collection as the minute repeater. And for good reason. But while the brand has released multiple minute repeaters for men over the years, it took it until 2011 to finally decide women deserved a slice of the pie too. But given the beauty of the 7000R, we'll forgive them. Featuring a 33.7mm rose gold case, a beautifully finished caliber R 27 PS movement with 342 components, an ornately detailed ivory dial, and a sound that claims to be a favorite with the watchmakers at Patek Philippe, it's an outstanding example of what makes the minute repeater so desirable.

6. Patek Philippe Ref: 3848

If your Patek Philippe collection is missing a Golden Ellipse, it's not complete. Patek Philippe’s second-oldest watch model is a masterpiece of proportion, craftsmanship, and innovation. Based on the same 'golden ratio' of 1/1.6181 that's inspired some of the finest art and architecture in history, the Golden Ellipse is capable of throwing shade on almost every other watch in existence. Just check out the Patek Philippe Ref: 3848 if you needed any further evidence of the Ellipse's mastery: with its perfect proportions, its golden glow, and its classic beauty, it's the Marilyn Monroe of the watch world.

Patek Philippe Ref. 7071

7. Patek Philippe Ref. 7071

Who says there's no place for a manual winding chronograph in the world of women's watches? Proving that not all women prefer quartz, the Ref. 7071 was released in 2009 to applause, fanfare, and a very long waiting list. As notes, the watch was the very first to feature the CH 29-535 PS movement, Patek Philippe's long-awaited, in house chronograph movement that served as the replacement to the iconic CH 27-70. Despite usually being first in line, male customers suddenly found themselves playing second fiddle to their wives with the cheekily named 'Ladies First'.

Patek Philippe Ref. 4947

8. Patek Philippe Ref. 4947

Released in 2015, the Patek Philippe Ref. 4947 is offered in two equally stunning colorways: a rose gold case with a milky white Balinese mother-of-pearl dial and a white gold case featuring an opalescent black Tahitian mother-of-pearl dial. With features including a Moon phase counter, a date window, day and month counters, and an annual calendar, this is a functional beauty that looks just as good as it performs.

Patek Philippe Ref. 7122

9. Patek Philippe Ref. 7122

The Patek Philippe Ref. 7122 takes its inspiration from the classic Calatrava watch from 1932. Sober, elegant, and unmistakably grown-up in style, this is a serious watch for serious women. The white lacquered dial is gloriously uncluttered: free of distracting complications, the shiny gold of the hour markers seems to glow even more vibrantly. The stylish grey guilloché dial and a diamond-set bezel prove the perfect partners to the 33mm white gold case and the refined matte white alligator skin strap. An open caseback treats you to a peak at the watch's inner workings.

Patek Philippe Ref. 7300 1200R

10. Patek Philippe Ref. 7300/1200R

The Ref. 7300/1200R is a member of the Twenty~4 family, a superb series that's become the gold standard in ladies' watches. As the first model in the collection to feature a round face, the Ref. 7300/1200R is an innovative, stylish piece that's designed to keep pace with the modern woman's hectic lifestyle. Powered by the iconic caliber 324 S C self-winding movement and featuring an elegant, refined design, it's an exceptional piece that's built to wow.

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