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The Five Best Patek Philippe Aquanaut Models of All-Time

Patek Philippe 51671A

The Patek Philippe Aquanaut is one of the luxury watch brand's most popular models. The follow up to the popular Nautilus sports watch model, the Aquanaut is known for its tough 3 part water resistant case, screw down crown, youthful and modern look, and as with all Patek Philippe timepieces, its quality, preciseness and luxury.

Patek Philippe SA is one of the oldest Swiss timepiece manufacturers in the world. Located in Geneva, the company was founded in 1839 by Antoni Patek and Franciszek Czapeck. After his death in 1877, Patek Philippe was succeeded by his son Joseph Antoine Bénassy Philippe and would remain in the Philippe family until the company was purchased by Stern Brothers in 1935. Patek Philippe SA is known as one of the greatest luxury watchmakers in the world and currently has 400 international retail locations as well as distribution centers. However, many of Patek Philippe's watches can only be purchased on years' long waiting lists or through auctions. Famous Patek Philippe watch owners have included Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II, Pope Pius IX, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Leo Tolstoy and John F. Kennedy.

In 1972, Patek Philippe SA wanted to create a quality, precise watch that was sporty, modern, youthful and elegant. Designer Gerald Genta came up with the idea of the Nautilus, first named Audemers Piguet Royal Oak. Genta was inspired by a ship's porthole. He created a luxury sports watch with a unique octagonal shaped bezel. The stainless steel watch was rugged and precise. In 1997, the Aquanaut model was created as a next generation Nautilus model.

The Patek Philippe Aquanaut was a modernization of the Nautilus sports watch and Aquanaut models remain a Patek Philippe popular model today. The models feature a rugged 3 part case and screw down crown. The models retain the Nautilus rounded octagon case that is water and UV radiation resistant. The first Aquanaut models featured a unique sporty "tropical" strap made with composite materials. The watches are self winding and feature a sapphire crystal case back to showcase the precise time keeping mechanisms. Yet this isn't just a sports watch. As with all Patek Philippe timepieces, the Aquanaut models are distinctly luxurious featuring the finest materials. The Patek Philippe Aquanaut models are made for distinguished individuals. Here are the five best Patek Philippe Aquanaut models of all-time.

Patek Philippe 5062 450R Aquanaut

1. Patek Philippe 5062/450R Aquanaut

The Patek Philippe 5062/450R is the most luxurious Aquanaut model available. The watch has been sold for 176.000 Swiss Francs ($192,489 USD). It has all of the basic Aquanaut features including a screw on crown, a sapphire chrystal back, water resistance and a composite material bracelet with fold over clasp. What differs from this model is that it is bedecked in jewels. The dial features 160 diamonds (about .38 carats), 76 baguette diamonds (about 2.6 carats), and baguette diamonds at each hour (.53 carats). The dial is 18 carat gold. The 5062/450R Aquanaut model has a case made of Rose Gold. The case is water resistant up to 30 meters. Its diameter is 38.8 mm from 10 to 4 o'clock. The model's "tropical" composite bracelet is just as luxurious. It is mother of pearl beige, and its folding clasp is adorned with 10 baguette diamonds (about .34 carats).

Patek Philippe 5072 Rose Gold Ladies' Aquanaut

2. Patek Philippe 5072 Rose Gold Ladies' Aquanaut

The glamorous Patek Philippe model 5072 Rose Gold Ladies' Aquanaut is sporty and elegant. It retails for 73.000 Swiss Francs ($80,000 USD). Also called the Luce Haut Joailleru, this watch features an engraved mother of pearl dial with a checkerboard pattern and two toned beige color. It has gold applied painted numerals with diamonds marking the hours. The dial is encompassed with 40 baguette diamonds (about 2.76 carats). The case is made of rose gold with the Aquanaut's trade mark screw down crown and sapphire crystal back. The strap is made with pearly beige polymer material and its fold over clasp, like the model 5062/450R, has 10 baguette diamonds ( about .34 carats).

Patek Philippe 5168G White Gold Aquanaut

3. Patek Philippe 5168G White Gold Aquanaut

The Patek Philippe 5168G is one of the top Aquanaut watch models. Recognized for its masculine and sporty hues and white gold, this model is casual and stylish. It debuted in 1997 as a 20th anniversary tribute to the original Aquanaut model. This model retails for 37.000 Swiss Franks ($40,500 USD). With a diameter of 42.2 mm and height of 8.25 mm, this model is similar to the first Aquanaut "Jumbo" model. It has a blue embossed dial with graduated black coloring. Its numerals are gold applied and coated in luminescent material. The case is white gold. This Patek Philippe model is water resistant up to 120 meters. Its rugged strap is made with "tropical" inspired composite material in midnight blue.

Patek Philippe 5167R

4. Patek Philippe 5167R

The Patek Philippe 5167R model is a sought after model distinguished for its masculine brown colors and gold detailing. It sells for 34.500 Swiss Francs ($38,800 USD). Its brown dial is accented by its gold applied, luminescent numerals. This model is large with a 40.8 mm case and 8.1 mm height. It is rugged and water resistant to 120 meters. The strap is made with chocolate colored material. It features the usual Aquanaut precise self winding mechanism with sweeping seconds hand and date. This is truly a distinguished man's luxury sports watch.

Patek Philippe 51671A

5. Patek Philippe 5167/1A

The Patek Philippe model 5167/1A is another top masculine and sporty luxurious model. A bit more affordable than the other models on this list, the 5167/1A sells for about 21.000 Swiss Francs ($23,000 USD). It features all of the quality Aquanaut standards including a self winding mechanism, sapphire crystal case backing, a screw down crown, date and sweeping second hand. This rugged model is water resistant to 120 meters. It is recognized for its black and silver tones with a black embossed dial and stainless steel case. Instead of a composite material bracelet, the 5168/1A has a steel bracelet.

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