A Closer Look at the Patek Philippe’s Green-Dial Nautilus

Patek Phillipe’s Green-Dial Nautilus

Patek Philippe’s Nautilus is among its most popular collections. It’s formed a cult following of those who eagerly await new variants on the occasion that the brand sees fit to issue them. The Blue-Dial version of the Nautilus has been discontinued as some acquired sealed productions and sold them at inflated prices when they were supposed to be held back. The watchmaker produced a new version in a different color to provide enthusiasts of the brand with an alternate option. The high-end and well-respected luxury watchmaker has produced a Green-Dial Nautilus, for those who prefer the sporty sophistication of an olive green dial. Its DNA is Nautilus through and through, but the watch has its distinct personality and deserves a more thorough inspection to fully appreciate its merits.

A close look at the Patek Philippe’s Green-Dial Nautilus

According to Patek.com, The Patek Philippe Green-Dial Nautilus, reference, 5711/1A is a unique example that features a colorful green dial in a sunburst pattern that reflects brilliantly when rays of light dance on the face. It’s easy to tell time with the contrasting applied hour markers in white gold, enhanced with a luminescent coating to enhance legibility in all lighting conditions. A date window is placed at the 3 o’clock position with hour, minute, and second hands. The dial gives the Green-Dial Nautilus a unique personality with its ridged sunburst design that creates an element of texture. This is further enhanced by the variations in finishes we’ll get to shortly. The case is a screw-down type that enhances its water resistance. It features a square shape with rounded subtle edges and is made of premium 316L stainless steel material. It measures 40mm in width and a slender 8.3 mm in-depth for a slim profile. The case back is a sapphire crystal that is resistant to scratching for a clear view of the inner workings of the mechanical movement beneath. The timepiece is as lovely when you flip it over as it is from a front view. The moderately sized bezel features a satinated finish with high gloss polish on the interior and exterior edges

The movement of the Reference E 5711/1A

The Green-Dial Nautilus is powered by a caliber 26-330 S C movement with sweep the date in an aperture. It’s a self-winding mechanical movement that measures 27 mm in width and 3.30 mm in depth. There are 212 working parts including 30 jewels, a 21 K gold central rotor, a Gyromax balance semi-oscillation/hour of 28,800 vph with the hallmark Patek Philippe seal. The decorative movement is a treat to see from the exhibition case back and is quite the conversation piece. The bracelet is made of stainless steel with a Nautilus fold-over clasp closure.

A new classic in the making?

The Robb Report shared that the Patek Philippe Green-Dial Nautilus has become a topic of controversy recently. The model was first released in 2017 with strict orders to Patek authorized dealers to stop the supply of sealed watches to customers. The brand suspected that there was a possibility of inflated resale prices happening and they wanted to prevent this from happening. One retailer ignored the warning. The original timepiece ranged in pre-sale estimate from $60,000 to $180,000 per example. For 2021, one example of the Green-Dial Nautilus sold for $376,000, and with the buyer’s fee added, the tool cost was $470,000 sold in a never-worn condition at the auction. The watch was sold at Antiquorum’s Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces sale in Monaco. The original price of the watch was $34,893. Patek Philippe was correct in its prediction of price inflating, a practice the brand does not support.

Predicting the inflation

Hypebeast reports that the Green-Dial Nautilus sold for 900 percent over its retail price, which set a new precedent for unscrupulous practices. The Blue dial has since been discontinued for these behaviors, and now we’re seeing it happen with the green-dial version that was made to satisfy Patek Philippe customers and keep the prices closer to the original MSRP. It’s been suggested that the Green-Dial Nautilus is another classic collectible in the making because of the high demand for the item and its relative scarcity. There are still quite a few of them appearing at auction with an average selling price that ranges between $120,000 on up. It’s a collectible that has a high inherent value for some collectors who are willing to pay much more than the original value for the privilege of ownership.

Final thoughts

The Green-Dial Nautilus is an attractive timepiece that is well suited for wearing with casual, sporty or even casual dressy attire. It’s not hard to understand why anyone would pay up to nine hundred percent of a collectible’s original cost, especially when the demand has risen so high that it’s hard to get your hands on one. Patek Philippe’s Nautilus line made the news when the Blue-dial version became subject to price inflation. To discourage the practice, the Blue-dial was discontinued and the Green-dial put in its place. Now we’re seeing the same thing happen with the Green-dial version, This timepiece is going for even more than the Blue-dial did at its peak. For the serious collector, the demand and scarcity of the watch only serve to enhance the drive to outbid others when one pops up for sale at an auction. It becomes a vicious cycle that catches the attention of curious onlookers. They return the new information to the owners of the company. Patek Philippe is looking into legal action regarding the matter. As a result of the authorized dealer dismissing the terms and conditions for their privilege to sell the Patek Philippe brand, prices skyrocketed. Only time will tell where this will go from here or how it will end.

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