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The Five Best Louis Vuitton Blankets You Can Buy

Louis Vuitton Elipse Classic Blanket

French fashion house LV Louis Vuitton Malletier was established by Louis Vuitton in Paris in 1854. Vuitton opened his store on Rue Neuve del Capuines to sell flat topped trunks. The luggage featured gray Tranon canvas which was lightweight and airtight and quickly became popular among elite travelers. The luggage was featured at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1867 and soon attracted the attention of Oyama Iwao of Japan who ordered a special design so that his luggage would stand out as unique. The company opened its first London store on Oxford Street in 1885. Because the company created trunks and wardrobes for travel, Georges designed special luggage locks for Louis Vuitton's creations. As Louis Vuitton's travel products became popular and well known, the designs were often imitated. In response to the rise in counterfeit products, Louis Vuitton created unique designs featured in seasonal collections that could not be counterfeited. In 1888 Louis' son George designed the Damien Canvas Pattern. The symbol featured in the design means "registered trademark" in French. Upon Louis' death in 1892, George made the fashion house international debuting a new collection at the 1893 Chicago World Fair. In 1896 the signature Louis Vuitton Monogram Pattern was launched.

When Georges Vuitton died in 1936, his son Gaston-Louis took over the fashion house. Gaston-Louis Vuitton continued the success of his father and grandfather's luxury luggage fashion house and built it up throughout the second half of the twentieth century. In 1945 the company added leather products to their line. This expanded to include purses, bags and wallets, and later apparel and jewelry. In 1987 Louis Vuitton merged with Moet et Chandon and Hennessy to create luxury items like champagne and cognac travel cases. A decade later Marc Jacob became the company's Artistic Director. Since then, Louis Vuitton has collaborated with companies and designers to add unique limited editions to its annual collection. Today, Louis Vuitton is worth $19 billion. The fashion house continues to produce products out of its original warehouse and markets its own products settings its own pricing. If you enjoy the stated luxury of Louis Vuitton, here are the five best Louis Vuitton blankets you can buy to provide you with warmth, comfort and elegant style.

1. Louis Vuitton Wave Blanket

Louis Vuitton Wave Blanket

Louis Vuitton introduced the Wave design in their Spring 2019 Collection. The unique design was created by Los Angeles artist Alex Israel as a tribute to his hometown. Alex Israel is known for his large, colorful airbrushed, abstract designs. The Louis Vuitton blanket baring his design sells for $9,650. The large 94.5" (length) x 94.5" (height) is as beautiful as it is luxuriously comfortable. The design features a bright blue and yellow abstract tone on tone color block pattern reminding one of the Pacific Ocean. The blanket's lining consists of wool, silk and cashmere. The top of the blanket is 100% silk while the back lined in cashmere. This unique Louis Vuitton blanket is like a comfortable, luxurious piece of artwork that will keep you cozy and warm.

2. Louis Vuitton X Supreme Monogram Blanket

Louis VuittonX Supreme Monogram Blanket

Another unique style of Louis Vuitton Blankets is the X Supreme Monogram Blanket. This is a unique take on the classic Louis Vuitton monogram design. Graphic artist Mike Mignola collaborated with Louis Vuitton in 2017 to release this design which is featured on Louis Vuitton apparel, accessories and the blanket which sells for about $8,000. Mike Mignola began creating comic books in 1982. His style is unique. He worked as a production designer for Francis Ford Copola's "Bram Stroker" and Guillermo Del Toro's "Hellboy". In his collaboration with Louis Vuitton, Mignola created a graphic design that includes the Louis Vuitton house monograms throughout in bold white stitching on a backdrop that is red. The Blanket features a bold border embellished with the LV monogram. The word "Supreme" is embroidered in the blanket. The striking blanket makes a strong statement and drapes you in luxury and warmth.

3. Louis Vuitton LV X NBA Basket Court Blanket

Like many luxury brands, Louis Vuitton teamed with the National Basketball Association to create a design that identified with sports. The Louis Vuitton X NBA Collection's design debuted in 2020. Designed by Louis Vuitton's Artistic Director Virgil Abloh, the importance of this collaboration is to emphasize both the traditional elegant French aspect of Louis Vuitton's designs since the nineteenth century with the cultural aspects and diversity of professional athletes. The theme of the design is relatability and unity. The LV X NBA Basket design adorns Louis Vuitton menswear apparel and accessories including a luxurious, warm and comfortable blanket. The blanket sells for $1,800. It features gray on gray contemporary graphics and Louis Vuitton's classic house symbol monogram design. The blanket is made with high quality. It features a leather patch with the LV X NBA collaboration symbol. The blanket measures 70.9" (length) x 55.1" (height). It is made with 80% wool for warmth and 20% cashmere for comfort.

4. Louis Vuitton Damier Classic Blanket

Louis Vuitton Damier Classic Blanket

The original Damier Classic design was created by Georges Vuitton in 1888 and was updated with a redesign for the 1998 Louis Vuitton collection. The Damier Classic design is featured on one of Louis Vuitton's most popular blankets. The Damier Classic Blanket sells for $1,510 and offers warmth and luxury with a mixture of 90% wool and 10% cashmere. This blanket features an oversized Damier pattern in gray with a jaquard weave and statement stitching. The "Louis Vuitton Paris" signature is in the four corners. The blanket is 70.9" (length) x 55.1" (height). Not only is this a cozy blanket to drape yourself in, it features the classic traditions of Louis Vuitton's designs offering luxury and comfort.

5. Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Blanket

Louis Vuitton Damier Classic Blanket

Louis Vuitton sells a masculine version of the classic Monogram design in its Monogram Eclipse Blanket. The refreshing redesign of the traditional Louis Vuitton Monogram design, the Monogram Eclipse, was designed by Kim Jones and introduced in Louis Vuitton's 2016 Collection. The blanket features the LV Monogram throughout the blanket with the unique and masculine Eclipse patter. The blanket is gray on black and features contrast stitching on both sides, so it is reversible. The extra detail is done with a woven technique. The blanket is 70.87" (length) x 53.15" (height). It is made with 90% wool and 10% cashmere for both comfort and warmth. This statement blanket sells for $1,500.

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