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15 Different Types of Nose Rings

Nose Ring

Nose rings have been around for centuries for beauty, status, and religious reasons. Today, they are a popular body modification and can be seen in all different cultures. If you're looking for a new type of jewelry to add to your collection, nose rings might be just what you're looking for. There are many different types of nose rings available to suit your style. In this article, we will discuss the different types of nose rings that you can wear to add to your jewelry.

15. Nostril Screw

A nostril screw is a type of nose ring that is threaded through the side of the nostril. According to Spencers, it has a straight stem with a bead at the top and a c-shaped hook at the bottom. To wear it, you need to coil it through the nostril, making sure the hook lies against the inner part of the nose. Also referred to as Twist or Corkscrew is best for nostril plus high nostril piercing. It is wise to try it in person to see if it fits. This type of nose ring is easy to put in and remove, making it a great choice for beginners.

14. L-Shaped

L-shaped nose rings are one of the most popular types of nose rings. They are made of a straight stem with a 90-degree bend at the end. According to fresh treads, their fit is more secure than other nose rings, and they are less likely to fall out. L-shaped nose rings come in a variety of styles and design options. L-shaped nose rings normally are up to 7 millimeters from top to bottom and can be worn in either nostril to accommodate all wearers.

13. Labret

A labret nose ring consists of a small barbell with a flat back. For you to wear it, you will insert the ring from the inside of your nostril and then screw the back onto the outside of your nose. This type of nose ring is very popular because it is easy to put in and take out, and it is also very versatile. For easy insertion, use an insertion pin for a more secure fit. Labret nose rings are best for people with more than one piercing in their nostrils.

12. Nose Bone

They are studs made straight and flared on one end with a small ball on the end that rests inside your nostril to prevent it from falling. This ring is worn if the nose piercing has already healed because the flared end may be larger than the post and can cause discomfort and irritation to the unhealed piercing. It is easy to put in and take out from a healed piercing and won't get stuck inside your nostril. But, constant friction may cause the skin around your piercing to get irritated.

11. Fish Tail

FishTail nose rings, also known as Bend-to-fit rings, are simple with a gemstone or bead at the top with a straight stem. The bottom of the stem is bent to fit snugly inside the nostril. To wear the ring, the piercer will put it on the nostril and then bend the end of the ring to fit snugly. The fishtail is a versatile type of nose ring that one can wear in different types of piercings, and they come in different designs.

10. Captive Hoop

For circular nose ring lovers, captive hoops are a great choice because they look like a hoop but with the security of a stud. A Captive Hoop nose ring is a hoop that has one end welded shut. The other end of the hoop is open so that it can be inserted into the piercing and then closed. It can rotate 360 degrees in the piercing, making cleaning easy. They are also known as beaded hoops or bar closures.

9. Unbeaded hoop

Unbeaded or seamless nose rings function in a tug and compress mechanism. To open it, you tug and compress to shut, and the tension keeps the ring in place. According to Something Borrowed, it can rotate 360, but you have to be careful as the hoop may have a gap that you need to press for it to fit. Mostly, they are made of gold, platinum, or titanium materials. The seamless hoop is a great choice if you want to wear your nose ring for a long time.

8. Fake hoop

You can wear a Fake nose ring even if you do not have a piercing. It is held in place by a magnet. This type of nose ring is less painful to wear and fits snugly on your nostrils. According to TheTrendSpotter, some fake nose rings are a bit flexible such that you can gently squeeze them to fit your nose. It may be hard to tear them from real ones as they look identical. The good thing about fake nose rings is that you can wear them on any occasion without piercing your nose.

7. Septum Clickers

Septum nose rings have brought innovation to the world of nose piercing, giving an alternative to a traditional curved nose ring. Septum clickers do not require a needle for insertion or removal. They consist of a straight bar with a hoop on either end. Their designs allow the wearer to push and release the button or click between their nostrils to set it in place and then release them to pull the barbell out. Septum nose rings are easy to wear and remove but can be difficult to clean. Septum clickers are available in a variety of styles and materials. The hoop part can be an ornamental design such as a diamond, a star, a heart, or other popular tattoo designs. The ring part can be plain or fancy as well.

6. Gemstone Nose Ring

A gemstone nose ring is a piece of jewelry used to pierce a human's nose and an ornamental stone or jewel set in it. These rings are commonly placed in the left nostril, although they may also be worn in the right nostril. The gemstone part can be made of diamond, birthstone, or other entertaining stone. The rings are available in different styles and materials to choose from. Gemstone nose ring adds a touch of exotic beauty to the face.

5. Straight Barbell

Straight barbells are the most common type of nose piercing jewelry. According to ThreadCurve, the straight barbell is a simple, short rod that is bent into the shape of a smooth C or S curve. This makes it easier to insert and remove in and out of the piercing compared to other types of jewelry. Straight barbells are available in many different materials, sizes, and colors, such as gold or steel.

4. Circular barbells

Circular barbells are a variation of the traditional straight piercing. Circular barbells are usually made of stainless steel or surgical steel, or both. When wearing circular barbells, it is important to ensure that the ring does not come loose from its place due to overtightening the skin with multiple piercings done at once.

3. Pullaku nose ring

It is normally worn on the septum in the nostril and a rod that is threaded through the nose with a ring. This type of piercing is easily distinguished from other types of nose rings by its method of insertion. The pullaku piercing method involves inserting something such as a plastic tube or pipe, which is then moved down over the skin. Then under the cartilage, and into the nostril. When removed, it leaves behind a small hole where the barbell would have been inserted if not for this additional step.

2. Punjabi style nose ring

It is a piece of jewelry that is worn on the nose. A common example of nose piercing is the traditional Punjabi-style nose rings. According to Seema, they are made of a single piece of metal with two circular hoops that curve into semicircles at either end and a small ball in the middle. The size of the ring used in each nostril can vary greatly, although the diameter of each hoop is usually between 2–4 mm for women. The fringe goes up towards the ear to the hair. It is usually part of wedding jewelry.

1. Laung nose ring

Another type of nose ring is the laung or repha. The laung is a single curved barbell that starts at the septum and curls upwards. The length of this piece can vary greatly, but they should never bend downwards or sideways and should always be worn parallel to the ground. It is mainly composed of silver or gold and stunned with a gemstone. It is worn in the left nostril but is also worn in the right nostril in certain cultures. Brides across many cultures and religions wear laung nose rings.

Types of Nose Piercing

The nose can be pierced in a variety of ways for you to wear a nose ring. Here are the different ways you can get your nose pierced.


This piercing is as simple as it sounds. The needle goes through the center of the nose, right through the nostril, where jewelry is then inserted. This is a popular piercing for women and men. The good thing about this piercing is that it takes less time to heal than other nose piercings. As it is the most traditional nose piercing, one can wear different types of jewelry including spirals, septum rings, and barbells.


The piercing goes through the center of the nose and down to the cartilage of the nose. The procedure is done with a dermal punch so that there is minimal to no damage to the nostril. It is cartilage and hence painful. They are common in people who have large noses. This type of piercing goes well with captive bead rings, circular barbells, and assorted earrings.


This piercing starts from one nostril horizontally to the septum and then outwards to the other nostril. The procedure involves piercing with a single needle and then looping through the skin. This is one of the tricky types of nose piercing that requires a lot of practice to get right. It hurts much and takes longer to heal than other types of piercings, hence not advised for amateur piercers.


It is considered a surface piercing and does not damage the bone or cartilage. Since it is a surface piercing, the body forces the piercing close to the skin surface, making it heal in the process. The piecer should remove the ring when this happens to allow the hole to close. This piercing is close to the eyes but is not as painful as most of us would think. Curved barbells and circular barbells are good examples of what you can insert in this type of piercing.

Austin bar

This is a type of nose piercing where a straight barbell is horizontally placed in the center of the nose. It is done with a bar with studs on either side. It starts from one side of the nostril to the other.

The Rhino

The piercing gives the nose a rhino nose appearance hence its name. It is done vertically from the tip to down of the nose where septril piercing is. It is a surface piercing and should be left to close and heal on its own. Rhino piercing is one of the advanced body art and is not common.


For you to have a septril piercing, you need to start with a septum piercing. The septum is made large enough to fit another piece of jewelry then the septril goes through straight out the middle of the nose. Septril is done with a needle and a forward curved barbell. This is a painful procedure and takes time to heal. It also has a high chance of getting infected.


Nose rings are a great way to add excitement and class to your piercing. They are made in different materials and sizes to find the perfect type depending on the size of your nose piercing. The most important thing is to ensure you get your piercing done by a professional. This will minimize the chances of infection and quicken the healing process. Always clean your piercing regularly with a saline solution to reduce the chances of infection. With the right type of nose ring, you will turn heads. So go out there and get yourself a nose ring.

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