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15 Interesting Wedding Ring Alternatives

Wedding Rings

So, you've recently proposed to the love of your life, and wedding bells are starting to ring. You can't wait to slip a ring on her finger on your wedding day. As of now, you know rings are the hallmarks signifying your commitment to marriage. While a ring has been a tradition since ancient times, it's not the only thing you can gift your lover. When choosing anything other than a wedding ring, consider the price, lifespan, and the message your gift relays. It will make sense to get something your partner adores because you've known them long enough. Here are 15 interesting wedding ring alternatives you can try gifting your partner.

15. Wedding photobooks

What would a wedding be without photos? It would help if you had something to remind you of that particular day, and the best way of doing that is through a wedding photo book. Many websites are looking to customize a good photo book for your wedding at a reasonable cost. It's the best alternative if you prefer not to wear a wedding ring. Photocards come in varying sizes, shapes, and designs. You might not have a rough idea of how to customize one, so let your photos do the job for you. Get a photo book online once you have chosen the best pictures in your gallery. However, watch out for cheap qualities which are prone to losing color. Alternatively, you can mount photos on a frame to display in your home.

14. Tattoos

According to Thread Curve, a tattoo is a fantastic alternative to a wedding ring because of its weight. You can tattoo your lover's name anywhere on your body, but the best part is on your wedding ring finger. But if you feel uncomfortable writing their names, you can embed a sign that both of you are familiar with, like a star, rose, or favorite pet. One of the questions you might ask yourself is; what if we break up? There's a solution; nowadays, tattoos aren't permanent. You can have it removed through laser treatment. Still, you have the choice to let it remain there if you're afraid of undergoing the reversible treatment.

13. Matching wristbands or bracelets

Sometimes, donning a wedding ring can stand in the way of doing things like baking or routine house chores. While most rings are coated with corrosion-resistant materials, you can never be sure if the detergents your hands get into contact with might do the reverse. Instead of the endless hassle of wearing and removing your wedding ring anytime you want to work, how about getting matching bracelets or wristbands? These two options come in different designs and materials. We imagine you want to engrave each other's names or wedding dates on them. Either way, wristbands, and bracelets are timeless alternatives to wedding rings. But if these two options don't match your taste, get matching necklaces instead.

12. Engraved wallet cards

You use your wallet to store money or important documents, making it an everyday accessory and alternative to a wedding ring. The best part about wallet cards is they are available online and in stores. So, if you aren't a fan of wearing wedding rings, engraving both your wallets can be the best solution. One thing about engraved wallet cards is durable, primarily because they are made from metal. Also, they are cut using lasers to display precise messages. Some wallet card customizing hobbyists have mastered the art of inscribing messages on the front while the couple's pictures are at the back. You need a wallet card to see the message each time you open your wallet. The words inscribed on these cards don't have to come from famous people's quotes. Instead, you can use a love language that both of you understand so you don't feel lonely whenever you're away from each other.

11. Silicone rings

According to BRIDES, silicone rings are the perfect substitute for metallic wedding rings, particularly if you're allergic to them. They serve the same purpose as wedding rings, but they are flexible for grooms who work with their hands. You won't feel them on your wedding ring finger unless someone reminds you of them.

10. Matching nose rings

There is something about matching nose rings that speaks volumes about spirituality. They trace their roots in India and other Asian countries to mark the beginning of married life. These countries value the institution of marriage and see it as a stepping stone for making people appreciate each other. So, if you aren't afraid of a nose piercing, this is the best chance to get one. In that case, it will be advisable to get matching nose rings to signify the spirit of your union.

9. Signature watches

You already know that phones have replaced watches, but what good would that do you if you can't remind your partner that you love them? Like bracelets, matching signature watches are perfect accessories for a soon-to-be-married couple. Even if you've already bought a wedding ring, getting a watch doesn't hurt. Plus, you don't have to rob a bank to get one. They are available online, and all it takes is to identify which one matches your taste. Also, it would be advisable to contact a seller who is ready to put your photo on the watch. Alternatively, engrave your wedding date on the watch to remind you of your loved one each passing minute.

8. Printed-out wallet photos

According to Wedding Zest, printed-out wallet photos are the best alternatives to wallet cards. It would be best if you had something to remind you of your partner each time you take out money or your photo id from your wallet. You don't have to put your wedding photo in your wallet. Instead, you can take a picture petting your favorite pet or holding a baby so that your soon-to-be partner can marvel at it.

7. Matching phone cases

A phone case protects your phone from the impact of a nasty fall and makes it look gorgeous. However, a phone case doesn't have to be monotonous regardless of your intentions for it, considering that wedding bells keep ringing. Customizing one with your photos can be significant if you're tired of the standard phone case. You can order a customized phone case with your photos online. This should remind you of your lover each time you pick up your phone to answer a call or browse the internet.

6. Cologne or perfume

Scientists are yet to come up with a rationale for lovers enjoying each other's natural scents when in love. But, what good will that do you when colognes and perfumes are available online? These two options are perfect alternatives to the natural pheromones from your soon-to-be partner. The best thing about these products is you can mix them up to create a signature scent. Therefore, visit your nearest local store to help you understand how to mix the scents.

5. A family heirloom

Some people are born lucky with family heirlooms at their disposal. Could it be your grandmother's wedding ring? If so, the only downside you might face is resizing, repairing, or adding a new coat to the ring. According to The Frugal Gene, family heirlooms carry a rich history about your lineage, making it enjoyable to let your fiancé know a bit of your inner self.

4. Matching pillowcases

Like phone cases, pillowcases can easily be customized to meet your couple's goals. Now imagine going to bed, and the best thing you see is your lover's photo or their name on your pillowcase. We assume you treat your bedroom as your sanctuary, where you go when you want to unwind. Because your fiancé is the next thing you value, how about adding anything that reminds you of them on your pillowcase? You can also print your picture or name on the second pillowcase and present it as a gift for your lover.

3. Maturing wine

Sometimes, all it takes is a good bottle of wine to remind you how much you love your partner. The best thing about wine is that it matures as time goes by. However, this alternative to a wedding ring can only serve its purpose if they're also wine lovers. The rationale behind this substitute is to select a unique wine brand to mark the year you got married. You can buy around five bottles of wine so that each year you down a bottle each time you mark your anniversary. Each time you mature in the marriage so does the wine. It doesn't matter the brand you choose; wine is still wine.

2. A fruit-bearing tree

Are you an eco-conscious person who loves planting trees? Your engagement party should be the best time to put your skills to the test. Ideally, you might want to gift fruit to your partner, but what good will that do if they devour it the second you give them? planting a fruit-bearing tree is the permanent solution to keeping them engaged. The good thing with trees is they respond well to good treatment. So, on your engagement day, how about you get the tree to plant in your soon-to-be home so that when flowers bloom, and fruits emerge, it will remind you of how strong and resilient your marriage will be.

1. Framed vows

"I promise to love you for richer or poorer; in sickness and in health" are the traditional wedding vows any couple expects to proclaim on their wedding day. Still, these words can get blown by the wind. So, here is the perfect chance to inscribe the words in a frame, like a photo frame. Each time you walk into your house, a framed vow is the first thing you see.


Whether you're allergic to rings or aren't keen on using them as signs of matrimony, anything on this list goes. Before deciding which gift to give your partner, assess their preferences first.

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