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10 Amazing Boats that are Under 50 Feet


From the dominance of mahogany decks to an era of carbon fiber construction and cutting edge technology, the nautical world has come of age. Anyone who has been paying attention can easily attest to the drastic metamorphoses of boats across the world. There are yachts that look more like sci-fi vessels, sports boats that are intriguing enough to make Batman jealous, and even race boats that could be featured in a James Bond movie.

Here are ten amazing boats that are under 50 feet.

Azuree 46 - $266,000


We start this list on a lighter note with the recently crowned “boat of the year” Azuree 46. When it comes to luxury, speed, and convenience, nothing sums up these little combinations better than the 46-foot Azuree. Built by the Turkish company Sirena Marine from Rob Hamphreys’ design, the boat was introduced to the U.S at the 2015 Miami Boat Show, featuring twin rudders and a gigantic cockpit with seats that convert into sun beds and a fold down swim platform. Below the deck, there are three cabins, 2 heads, and a galley and open salon. Owners will also have the option of adding a distinct single cabin for a professional crew.

MTI ZR48 Corvette Boat - $1.7 million


If Batman had a boat, chances are it would be the MTI ZR48 corvette. With a force of 2700hp from its twin turbo V8 Mercury Marine engine, the super boat can reach a maximum speed of 180mph. Marine Technology Inc drew inspiration from a Corvette ZR1 vehicle when creating the ZR48. It is constructed from carbon fiber and benefits from several auto-inspired touches like Corvette badges, authentic tail lights, and sleek body lines. The custom designed gull wing doors open up to a similarly elegant interior, including a genuine C6 dash, authentic steering wheel and shifter, and cockpit. All in all, the boat is designed to accommodate 6 people, who get to enjoy luxuries such as an LED display system with 900 lights, engine flush system, power washer, a generator, and five TVs.

42 Lightning


Dubbed as the most illustrious race boat ever, the 42 Lighting holds a record with the most national and international championship victories in the history of the world, in the V-bottom category. It has broken 8 world speed records, averaging 171.883mph in its fastest 2-way attempt. More than winning, the 42 Lighting has dominated races for the last two decades.

The Bionic Dolphin - $3.5 million


Inspired by the desire to bypass the challenges of exploring the deep seas, Thomas “Doc” Rowe invented the Bionic Dolphin, christening it the Variable Attitude Submersible Hydrofoil (or more simply VASH). The boat uses a 425HP engine that can hit speeds of up to 88kmph on water. It is constructed from Deep sea and aerospace composite materials to tolerate the formidable conditions in the sea, leading to a strong combination of durability, flexibility, strength, and buoyancy. In fact, the material is several times stronger than steel, enhancing its ability to withstand serious impact. The exterior of the Bionic Dolphin is a mixture of materials such as Kevlar (which can be also be found in bullet proof vests) and carbon fiber.

Porsche Fearless 28 - $299,000


The Fearless 28 design is a breath of fresh air. Designed by the Porsche Design Studio using computers and laser technology, the 28’ vessel was the first in line for a new category that’s supposed to include 4 larger models. Weighing 5,000 pounds, the Fearless 28 is reminiscent of a sports car when riding the waters. It can accommodate up to 5 people and comes with a reinforced carbon and seamless fiberglass hull. Unlike the familiar cumbersome and singularly designed hulls, the Fearless 28 employs a thinner hull that was achieved in a 5-step process. It is equipped with leather seats boasting ergonomic bolster support that ensures 100 percent safety, even when the boat is cruising at 80mph.

Evo 43 - $600,000


Evo Yachts, which is manufactured under the SE (Sea Engineering umbrella) along with Blu Marin and Blue Ice, can trace its yacht-making history to just 2008. To this end, the company may not be as experienced as its more famous counterparts, but the debut of the Evo 43 was definitely a game changer. The boat features a nice blend of modern accessories with classical lines. Fender hooks and foldaway cleats add up to keep the deck and hull lines clean. The cockpit comes with cube shaped seats with multi-purpose functionalities, allowing you to configure it according to your preferred activities. An ice box, sink, and hob are hidden behind the doors, hatches, and seats.

Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow - $1.7 million


Spotted along the French Riviera coast, off St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, this luxury vessel looks more like a blend between a car and a boat. The Silver Arrow is the Mercedes Benz’s first attempt in the world of motor yachts. It measures a little over 46’ long and an asking price of about $1.7 million that guarantees pleasure, style, and luxury. The moniker “Silver Arrow of the Seas” was inspired by the marque’s racing cars of the 1930s.

The Kormaran K7 - $1.4 million


The Kormaran K7 is one of the most futuristic boats in this list. The boat was created by the Italian Sea Engineering Group, from the design of Italian naval engineer Valerio Rivellini. The construction combined FEM (Finite Element Methods) with CAD (Computer-aided design) to achieve the final product. The boat also features a structural carbon fiber monocoque reminiscent of a Formula One car. The hydrofoil technology and Transformation System used in the Kormaran allows the boat to drive in shallow waters and land on shore! Thanks to the butterfly wings and the adjustable bathing platform, the Kormaran can transform into a luxury island perfect for partying, diving and swimming, sunbathing, or simply chilling in a comfy lounge.

MTI 48 Phantom - $1.3 million


Designed for high performance offshore racing, the MTI 48-foot Phantom is built to withstand the fastest, biggest, and most demanding conditions anywhere in the world. The boat comes with a new computer modeled hull and a large 11-foot 6-inch beam, which were achieved after a comprehensive engineering and testing by Marine Technology Inc’s internationally renowned engineering staff. With impeccable orchestration and a force of 2,700 horse powers, the 48 Race Series is a breathtaking sight.

Back Cove Downeast 37 - $679,500


The idea behind the design of the Back Cove Downeast 37 was to provide one of the most spacious decks on a boat in its class while incorporating gorgeous lines that would leave dock walkers gasping in awe. The result is a beautiful profile with a cockpit that extends up to twenty feet, making it an excellent boat for a family trip on the big blue. What’s more, the boat comes with convertible seating that is elevated to provide excellent views of the ocean.

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