A Closer Look at Calvin Klein’s Superyacht by Palmer Johnson

Calvin Klein's Superyacht Palmer Johnson

The trait that betting companies take advantage of is the hunger for money that every one of us seems to have. When you gamble and win $1,000, you wish you had staked more money to increase your earnings and the thirst to earn more grows stronger, prompting you to risk your hard-earned cash for the never-guaranteed winnings. However, without this hunger, the need for working hard in school or at work would be absent, and we would be on the receiving end of mediocre products and services. All the same, we cannot fail to admire how the wealthy live. Imagine people like Calvin Klein with his millions spending a fortune on building a boat while you are wondering how to pay for the insurance of your second-hand vehicle. The world is not fair, and it never will be so we might just as well learn to adjust, and one of the ways to accept its injustice is to appreciate how the rich live. For instance, if you have never had a closer look at Calvin Klein’s Superyacht Vantage, here is your chance to read about it because coming close to it in person is a dream for most of us.


Calvin Klein rubs shoulders with the big names in fashion, entertainment, and other industries, so it is expected the yacht had to be built to meet the standards of the life that he leads. Take for instance that time after the Royal Wedding which most of us only had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of from our televisions; Calvin Klein and other high-flyers had fun in the Cannes where he and his guests partied in style on his boat according to Luxury Launches. His guests have enough room to spend the night because Vantage has six staterooms to accommodate 12 people while Calvin gets to sleep in a master suite with a king-size bed. The rooms comprise two double cabins, two Pullman beds and two twin cabins and all are ensuite. As for the crew, Vantage can carry up to 9 members onboard ensuring that guests are well catered to during their stay.


Of course, a yacht’s main purpose is to facilitate the relaxation efforts of the owner and his guests and Vantage does not disappoint in that regard. Those who cannot go a day without their daily exercise routine find the gym fully equipped with state of the art exercise equipment becoming very instrumental in their fitness plan. Food is a basic need, but when your guests are accustomed to high-end meals, then you have to be sure that you meet their expectations as Calvin does with barbecue facilities on the boat. Drinks are made available at the bar that stocks an assortment of quality beverages fit for the selective palates of his guests. For others, once they have exercised and eaten to their fill, then watching the sunset and sunrise is all it takes to make their day and Calvin Klein yacht’s has a private deck to facilitate the spectacular view. The Jacuzzis on the yacht also go a long way in ensuring that those who prefer relaxation by massage have their needs met. While the boat is at anchor, the rough waters of the seas can cause some discomfort for guests, but Vantage has at anchor stabilizers to eliminate chances if such scenarios.


Cruising on the Vantage is enabled by the boat’s speed of 20 knots, but it can go up to 25 knots. Its fuel tank capacity is 40,000 liters, and it can cover a range of 1,000nm, according to Yumitoktokstret.

Interior designing

Calvin Klein has made his fortune from fashion so you would expect nothing less of exceptional designs even in his possessions. As Club Yacht discloses, Vantage was built with elegance, and some of the features you cannot fail to admire are the brown and cream colors that the yacht used to create an inviting feeling. The cozy carpeting is also impressive while the ambient lighting utilized could have you falling in love again with the effect it creates. Calvin seems to be appreciative of natural lighting too with the skylight windows that bring in natural light during the day to flood the boat.

The designers to credit for interior designing are none other than the Italian duo named Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard. These two men have made a name for themselves by designing other renowned yachts like Steven Spielberg’s Seven Seas, as well as Alfa Nero, which became a platform for displaying the first superyacht infinity pool according to Boat International.

More about the builder of Vantage

In case you are looking for superyacht builder named Vantage has impressed you with its features and 150 feet length, perhaps you can get in touch with Palmer Johnson Shipyard and commission your luxurious vessel. The company is a century-old which could be a stamp of its experience in the boat making industry despite having changed ownership through the years.

Palmer Johnson is named after the founder’s son, and it made history by building the world’s largest aluminum sailing yacht in the 1960s. The company broke its record by building Fortuna for King Juan Carlos of Spain in 1979, and it was 30.5 meters long. Palmer Johnson introduced SportYacht Series in 2004, and it was a success but like with most manufacturers who think that one product will do as great as the next, the company shifted to Supersport performance superyacht series, but the success was not the same.

However that has not stopped Palmer Johnson from dreaming big and it has even collaborated with Bugatti although clients for the project remain unfound. According to Yacht Harbour, it has also joined hands with Chulhun Park, A Korean designer, and whether the concept of a 229-meter Valkyrie will be fulfilled, we can only wait and see. One thing we can be sure of, Palmer Johnson does not disappoint its clients as evidenced by Calvin Klein’s Vantage.

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