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A Closer Look at The Epic 728-Foot Somnio Superyacht

728-Foot Somnio Superyacht

Welcome to the world of the future, where the oceans will take on a new duty, one that involves the creation of residential life aboard a yacht. Right now, that yacht is the Somnio. This epic 728-foot Somnio superyacht is designed to be sustainable. Any and all energy is to be made as clean as possible. Oh, and don't forget that as this superyacht travels the globe, it does so not only for the residents, but also the stable of scientists and researchers. That's right, the Somnio will also be home to a wide variety of scientists who will be conducting research for the sake of the environment while at sea. Remember, the oceans are a massive part of our connection to the Earth. In order for human civilization to continue to grow in a positive manner, it will need to give special attention to the health and viability of oceans and the oceanic life which inhabits it.

Just What is a Superyacht?

Yachts have been around for centuries, and that's a fact. As far back as ancient Egypt, civilized men and women enjoyed the sport of boating for its own sake. However, decades ago, the yacht had a more serious purpose. The word yacht comes from 'jachtschip'. Jachtschip translates into hunting ship, and the title was most certainly fitting as it referred to a sailboat designed in the 16th century for the express purpose of stalking and hunting down anyone at sea who was seen as an enemy of the Dutch Republic. That was then, this is now, and today yachting is for those who enjoy a fabulous day on the sea. Superyacht's are yachts which revel in the best of everything, from the best materials, designers, builders and so on. In other words, there is absolutely no skimping when it comes to the finer things in life. What makes the Somnio unique, is that it also has the qualities of a cruise ship. Cruise ships are different from yachts in that they are designed to take on passengers. Cruise ships have cabins for their guests as they carry their guests on vacation voyages.

When the cruise ship stops at a port, the passengers can then leave the cruise ship to spend time and money at that location. Armed with this knowledge, one can see that the Somnio is more like a cross between a pleasure yacht and a voyage friendly cruise ship. The Somnio is a 728 foot superyacht, plain and simple. An extraordinary feat of design and engineering, The Somnio superyacht is more than just a boat, it is a community traversing the world's oceans. Co-Founder of the Somnio is Captain Erik Bredhe. According to the captain, "Somnio will be the only residential superyacht in the world and has been designed to exacting standards that are commensurate with a life of opportunity, Owners will share a truly unique lifestyle at sea, with a hand-picked crew and a never-ending global itinerary of carefully selected destinations and experiences befitting a yacht of this nature." Bredhe is also overlooking the entire project, from start to finish in order to establish quality control.

Tillberg Design of Sweden or TDoS

The company which is in charge of the majority of both the interior and exterior of the Somnio is Tillberg Design of Sweden. Yacht director Daniel Nerhagen said: “Somnio can be seen as an evolution of two industries coming together. In this project, we merge the best of these worlds. The commercial build process for efficiency in combination with design, quality and craftsmanship from the superyacht industry.  The word 'Somnio' actually refers to dreaming or to dream. As such, professionals from Tillberg Design of Sweden sought out materials which would present a 'dreamy' quality to this residential life at sea. Everything from the finest woods, textiles, tiles and so on were chosen on the basis of being able to manifest this dream-like environment for the passengers. Tillberg's Executive Director, Fredrik Johansson stated, “ We are applying all the combined experience we have from our work within private yachts, effective master planning of large vessels, as well as our deep understanding of residential life at sea. The outcome will be like nothing else that exists today; it will be dream-like. The way the yacht is planned and equipped, and the interior and exterior design, together with the standard of outfitting, will make it as close to living on a private yacht that you can get without buying one of your own.”

The Apartments

VARD is a shipbuilding company located in Norway, and has secured the most momentous contract in its history: To build the largest superyacht on the planet. At a cost of $600 million this is not just a pleasure yacht, but one designed to house a community. In other words, a 'yacht liner' that plays host to a residential population. To facilitate this, it has 39 luxury apartments. However, don't ever expect to book a vacation on the Somnio. No indeed, that is not its purpose. Instead, the Somnio is only for the uber rich, those who can afford to live there. Also, don't expect to find out who lives there, as the names are to be held secret. Finally, ownership of one of the residences is by invitation only. All 39 apartments or condos will be the ultimate in luxury accommodations, no expenses have been spared. Each apartment has a price starting at $11 million, and goes from 1,600 to 6,500 square feet.

What do you get for $11 million? you get your own gym, library, and state-of-the-art kitchen. Residents will be able to choose to eat inside or outside. The Somnio also as a wine cellar which holds around 10,000 bottles of the finest wines. If the residents feel like eating out, the Somnio plays host to its own bars and eateries. The apartments aren't cramped by any means, and are distributed throughout 6 decks. Sounds too good to be true? Well, if you can afford it, there's more. Once they choose their apartment, they'll work with professionals from one of the following design houses for three months: Tillberg Design of Sweden, Luttenberger Design or Winch Design. The reason for working with these design specialists is to complete the goal of making their apartment their own, to personalize it. According to Captain Erik Bredhe, “Beauty may be found as much on the inside of Somnio as it is on the outside...Our owners will experience only the best, as is befitting of a yacht of this nature.”

Final Thoughts

This bearer of beauty, convenience and luxury is slated to be completed by mid 2024. For those who can afford one of the apartments, they will experience a unique and spectacular life at sea. Indeed, the Somnio is not a yacht which will remain anchored by a dock. It is intended to be on a constant voyage, making stops only when necessary. this epic 728-foot Somnio superyacht is a dream come true for those who have always desired to live at sea, but never really wanted to invest in a yacht for themselves. Finally, consider this: If we do have another pandemic in the future, perhaps being at sea will be the best way to weather out the storm.

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