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A Closer Look at the $263 Million Superyacht Ona

Dilbar Ona Yacht

The Ona is a superyacht that is valued at $263 Million and it's listed as one of the most expensive yachts in the world today. This particular yacht has an interesting history and when you go to find out more, you'll find that you're redirected to the Dilbar Yacht. Don't be frustrated because the yacht we're highlighting today was formerly the Dilbar, it just received a new name, so the two names are interchangable. This amazing luxury craft is one that yacht enthusiasts can't get enough of, so we're taking a closer look at what makes this superyacht so very special.

History of the Ona

The Ona started out as the Dilbar. It was built by the Lurssen shipbuilders of Germany and launched officially in 2008. Although called a megayacht by most, it is classified as a Megayacht by Lurssen, but by definition, it also qualifies as a Superyacht. It was originally built for Alsher Usmanov, a Russian billionaire who launched it under the name Dilbar in 2010. A middle Eastern buyer purchased the Dilbar and renamed it Raya. When the megayacht was sold again in 2016, the new owner renamed it yet again, calling it the Ona which is the current name of the yacht according to

Why is it classifed as a megayacht?

According to Westlawn, there are different classifications of yachts in accordance with their lengths. Although the terms megayacht and superyacht are generally interchanged, a megayacht is one that is 100 feet or more in length. A Super yacht is one that is over 150 feet in length. This clears up any misunderstandings about the classification. Its appropriate to refer to it as either.

Specifications of the Ona

The Ona is registered with the call sign ZCXS9. She has a tonnage of 5,148, with a displacement of 4,100 metric tons. The length of this ship is 360.89 feet with a beam of 52.49 feet and a draft of 10.5 ft. Her maximum speed is 21 knots with a cruising speed of 18.4 knots. The Ona requires a 48 member crew for maintenance and operation with a passenger capacity of 20. We couldn't help but notice that the total number for guest capacity has changed with new ownership. There is a tendency to make adjustments in the configuration of the yacht and the range for the total guest capacity has been indicated from 12 through 20 at max.

This amazing superyacht was made with premium materials with the exterior aesthetics by Tim Heywood Design. The luxurious interior is the design work of Alberto Pinto. Each new owner has ordered their own changes to the decor with some elements taken out and replaced and others maintained. This yacht underwent a re-fitting in 2009.

Ona Yacht Rear

What makes this yacht so special?

There are a few different factors that contribute to the value of this yacht as well as its value as a floating luxury hotel of sort. It's always special when you find yourself surrounded by supreme luxury with all the amenities you would find at a top rated hotel suite, plus the ocean views through the ample viewing windows and air conditioning when it's hot or muggy at sea. First of all, its a spacious yacht that is designed with a layout that maximizes the use of available space to include a broad array of amenities. These include a swimming pool, gym, jacuzzi, sauna, a spa, an outdoor bar, a massage room and there's also a movie theater onboard. In addition to all of this, there is also a helipad that accommodates the coming and going of guests and VIPs to and from the ship, and its a good place for a helicopter to land if an emergency occurs. The Ona is a floating luxury vessel . The Ona is among the most sophisticated yachts afloat with regards to glamour, elegance and luxury. The cabins are ultra plush The pool is the largest indoor ever built on a yacht, holding 47,551 gallons of water. The Ona also features a formal dining area which is laid out in a contemporary and elegant design. There are also plenty of nooks to find privacy for times when guests want to have a bit of relaxation away from the crowd.


The Ona is a super yacht that has a rich and storied history behind it. Now with its third owner the ship is on its third name as well and each new owner has their own idea of comfort and luxury and the interior changes reflect the personal tastes of each. This is a very special private yacht that is accessed by invitation only. Those who are fortunate enough to receive a welcome aboard find themselves in the lap of total and complete luxury aboard the multi-million dollar extravagant vessel. This is one of those yachts that you want to take a complete tour throughout because there are so many elegant and stylish luxury details in the design as well as the decor. There are not a lot of pictures of the current interior setup available, so a lot is left to the imagination. From those that we have been privileged to see, we can ascertain that its among the most beautiful floating vessels on the face of the earth, both inside and out. This is just one example of how the upper financial class spend their spare time, and sometimes, they mix business with pleasure upon these state of the art ships which are also fully equipped for not only leisure time, but also for conducting business meetings and keeping connected with the outside world through advanced technology.

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