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A Closer Look at the $527 Million Superyacht Topaz

Super yacht Topaz

"If I were rich, I would …" is a thought that crosses everyone's mind because let's face it; nobody loves being poor. Christians may say that their Bible teaches against the love of money for it is the root of all evil, but how many have you seen turn down a bag of cash to avoid going against their faith? Although there is truth in the warning since most crimes are money-motivated, we all would want to have enough pair shoes and matching clothes or maybe take a vacation to whichever part of the world we have always wanted to go. For some, they have traveled the world and do not just own cars and multiple homes; they own football clubs. We are talking about the likes of Roman Abramovich who owns Chelsea Football Club and Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan, the owner of Manchester City Football Club. As if that is not enough, they go ahead to acquire the most expensive yachts in the world. Most of us would retire if we had such wealth, but usually, when you get to the top, the view is too good to leave, and the only way to ensure staying there is making more money. That said, let's focus on Sheikh Mansour's yacht named Topaz and see what we can learn about it as Wikipedia highlights.

Features of Topaz

Topaz boasts of a length of 482 feet with a beam that is 70.5 feet long. When the project of building Topaz started, it was in a 554 feet dry dock, but given the length of the boat, the builders had to take it to a larger dock to complete its sides. It, therefore, ended up in a 720 feet dock allowing its completion and launching in 2012. For such a large boat, you would think that the speed would be compromised but thanks to the twin Pielstick diesel-fuel engines that produce a horsepower of 7,990 hp each, the boat can cruise at 22.9 knots and reach a maximum speed of at least 25.5 knots. Getting lost at sea is impossible since the navigation equipment is topnotch and is powered not just by the diesel generators, but by another emergency diesel generator. You are also guaranteed of comfort even when the boat is anchored in rough waters because of the generators power stabilizers as well as all other amenities on the boat.

Accommodation on the boat is large enough for 62 guests housed in 26 cabins while the crew members can be as many as 79. Keeping fit while on board is enabled by the swimming pools and the fully-equipped gym that comes with the latest in sports technology. When in the mood to relax, you can opt to either unwind in the two Jacuzzis or catch a movie in the movie theater. Those who love water sports have their needs well addressed through the jet-ski, and inflatable boats. Enjoying the open seas is facilitated by the catamaran while a little underwater adventure is possible through the mini-submarine. With the owner being a businessman, he had to have a conference room on the boat so that it is not all pleasure while cruising the seas. Of course also with so much on his plate, Sheikh Mansour is bound to get emergencies and if he is on the boat, then getting to the location where his attention is required is made possible by flying him away on a helicopter since the boat has double helicopter landing pads. Additionally, when the temperatures rise beyond the comfort of the guests, then the air conditioning unit helps to keep them comfortable.

Who is responsible for Topaz's interior design?

A yacht is supposed to be like a home in the seas, and therefore you can only entrust an expert who can meet every specification that suits your needs. Topaz's interior design was, like most renowned yachts, done by Terence Disdale, and he admits that designing and building a yacht is a challenging process that can take four years. Terence is responsible for designing Roman's Eclipse, and other yachts that are in his portfolio include Montkaj, Ecstacea and Al Salamah. His expertise does not need any advertisements; usually, his clients are those who have been guests in a boat he designed or have chartered one of them and were impressed. For a person who has won more than 30 international design awards, it is no wonder that multibillionaires entrust their money to him.

The man behind Topaz's exterior design

Human beings are advised to be as beautiful on the inside as they attempt to be on the outside, and Topaz is the ideal definition of both interior and exterior beauty. Tim Heywood is a man who has been in the design industry for over 40 years and who draws his inspiration from everything around him; it could be transportation, nature, architecture, or engineering. He also does not limit his design to specific times; whether it is ancient Egyptian or contemporary, Tim is ready to incorporate whatever he finds suitable. So excellent is his work that his creations have achieved many awards. For instance, when he designed the Al Mirqab, it ended up being termed as the "Motor Yacht of the Year" during the 2009 world Superyacht awards. Also, another yacht that defined his career has to be Pelorus, which was voted among the most beautiful yachts ever to grace the seas.

More about the owner of Topaz

Obviously for anyone to afford a superyacht, money must not be an issue, and for Sheikh Mansour it is not given that he is among the lucky few to be born into a family with a net worth of more than $1 trillion. However, he still has fortunes of his own and does not depend on the wealth of his family. Sheikh Mansour's Manchester City is valued at least $1.92 billion, and he owns a 9.1% stake in Daimler AG, which makes him the biggest shareholder. By owning Topaz, Sheikh Mansour also made history since the yacht is now the seventh largest superyacht worldwide. Although it set him back $527 million, he still does not mind spending $6 million on fuel alone.

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