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The 10 Fastest Superyachts in the World


Yachts used to be all about leisurely cruising surrounded by luxury, but somewhere along the way power and performance came into the equation as well. Coupled with cutting edge technology and the demand that yachts meet increasingly high standards, the superyacht was was born. The top vessels in this class not only look amazing, but can cruise faster than 50 knots.

Here are 10 of the fastest superyachts in the world.

1. Moon Goddess - 53 knots

Mood Goddess Yacht

Moon Goddess is a 35 meter motor yacht that was built by shipbuilder Danish Yachts in 2006. Its engineering and gorgeous exterior are the work of yacht designer Espen Oeino. It has three luxurious cabins -- two twin cabins and one owner's cabin -- that can accommodate six guests. There's also room for a crew of five on this superyacht, which can reach top speeds of 53 knots.

2. Daloli - 54 knots

Heesen Yachts Daloli

Heesen Yachts' Daloli, also referred to as Pandion, has a cruise speed of 37 knots and a top speed of 54 knots, making it one of the fastest superyachts in the world. The 36.5 meter vessel can host up to 8 passengers and a crew of 6 in four cabins. Daloli has three decks and its interior looks as stunning as its exterior.

3. Why Not - 55 knots

Why Not Overmarine

Why Not, which was originally called Nobody, has a name that doesn't quite match its lavish features. Designed by Overmarine in 2001, this yacht accommodates up to 3 crew members and 9 passengers. Vericor TF40 gas turbine engines allow Why Not to reach a top speed of 55 knots, while teak decks and a planing hull give it a distinctive profile. Multiple dining, entertainment, lounging, and sun bathing areas ensure that anyone who steps aboard this superyacht will be thoroughly entertained and enveloped in luxury.

4. Ermis² - 57 knots

Ermis 2 yacht

Ermis² reaches a top speed of 57 knots and is among the fastest yachts built by McMullen & Wing. The high speed composite motor yacht is comprised of aerospace grade carbon fiber and titanium to create a body that's light, yet very powerful. It's over 37.5 meter long, has four fabulous cabins, and accommodates eight guests and a crew of four. The price tag for Ermis² tops $14.3 million.

5. Brave Challenger - 60 knots

Brave Challenger Yacht

One of the fastest superyachts in the world is also one with a very interesting history. Brave Challenger was crafted by UK based Vosper Thornycroft in 1960, and the custom vessel has been turning heads since it first set sail. Originally dubbed Mercury, Brave Challenger is over 31 meters long and reaches a top speed of 60 knots -- considering the size of this yacht, that's quite impressive. Three GM diesel engines and triple screw propellers provide its speed.

Brave Challenger hosts a crew of up to six members and ten guests. It's a boat that's built for entertaining and enjoying the water and has been going strong for decades. That Brave Challenger has been in commission for over 55 years and still holds a top spot in the yachting world is a testament to its fine craftsmanship and engineering. Inside, this yacht has a gorgeous vintage feel. Rich oak, luxurious fabrics, and smooth charm all combine to create a retreat that's truly timeless.

6. Galeocerdo - 60 knots

Galeocerdo Yacht

Galeocerdo is one of the more unique looking superyachts in existence, and it's also quite speedy. At first glance, you may think it belongs in a sci-fi or action movie -- this boat is very distinctive and has a futuristic profile. Sharp lines, stark angles, and an imposing stature give Galeocerdo a presence that's not easy to miss.

This nearly 36 meter vessel reaches a top speed of 60 knots and was built in 2003 by Wally Yachts. Its power is courtesy of two Cummins diesel engines, and it's made of super light carbon fiber. When it's time to cruise, Galeocerdo glides along the water at 9 knots and has plenty of amenities onboard to give passengers a comfortable, pleasurable experience. Galeocerdo is available for charter and has been around the world. Its price tag tops $33 million.

7. Gentry Eagle - 63 knots

Gentry Eagle

The 34.11 meter Gentry Eagle is a superyacht with plenty of power, speed, and style. It hosts up to six passengers and a crew of four members and was built by Vosper Thornycroft in 1988. Back then, it was named 2768 -- "Gentry Eagle" is definitely a more fitting name.

In 1992, the vessel was retrofitted and made into a yacht that's not only a great performer but a beautiful sight inside and out. Its sizeable flybridge, aerodynamic components, and luxurious features have given the Gentry Eagle its sterling reputation as an example of superb shipbuilding.

8. Foners - 68 knots

Foners Yacht

Foners was formerly known as Fortuna, and was first used as the royal yacht of the King of Spain in 2000. Spanish shipbuilder Astilleros Bazan custom made the vessel and outfitted it with incredible amenities, as well as Aramid fiber lining to make it bulletproof. Inside, Foners has a huge salon with luxury seating, handcrafted tables, a large screen television, formal dining area, and plenty of entertainment areas.

There are four cabins aboard Foners that host up to eight guests. The two twin suites are quite spacious, and the VIP stateroom is the epitome of sophisticated. The grandest of all the cabins is the master suite, which is insanely beautiful -- after all, this superyacht was created for royalty.

As gorgeous as its interior and exterior are, Foners was engineered first and foremost to have great power. It has two MAN engines that provide 1,280 hp and three Rolls Royce gas turbines to give it a top speed of 68 knots. Foners was put on sale in mid-2014 for over $9 million.

9. Alamshar - 68 knots

Alamshar Yacht

Alamshar is one of the top two superyachts in terms of speed, but it also took a very long time to build. After 13 years in the making, Alamshar was finally completed in 2014. Pininfarina, Redman Whiteley Dixon, and Donald L. Blount and Associates collaborated to design the striking vessel, which reaches top speeds of 68 knots. Alamshar was custom built for Aga Khan IV and cost a staggering $200 million.

10. World is Not Enough - 70 knots

World is Not Enough Yacht

With a name like "World is Not Enough", it's only right that this superyacht is the fastest on the planet. The Millennium 140 vessel is 42 meters long and races at 70 knots. Of course, it's also ultra-luxe inside and no detail or expense was spared to design and built it.

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