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Gabriele Teruzzi: A Rising Force in Yacht Design

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Gabriele Teruzzi is a modern Italian artist of sorts, only his medium of choice is yachts. But, these are not just any yachts, mind you, only some of the most expensive in the entire world. Teruzzi is a true visionary in the yacht designing world and has received a great deal of well-deserved attention recently for his innovative work.  While superyachts continue to evolve, Teruzzi is proving that his designs are what's power the future of Superyacht design.  In particular there are two designs that we'd like to focus on today.  His first is a yacht that's been in the news lately, and for good reason.



His latest superyacht concept is called "Shaddai", which actually means "Omnipotent" when loosely translated from Hebrew. Teruzzi’s concept is meant to give an amazing feeling of power and opulence to the lucky owner. And, just how lucky will he (or she) have to be? Only half a billion dollars worth of luck.

Terruzi likens his newest concept yacht to the great pyramids in Egypt, the Tower of Babel, and the towering skyscrapers of today. OK, it’s true that you can find superyacht concepts all over the world, but Teruzzi’s Shaddai is miles above all of those other superyachts. It is truly groundbreaking at 492 feet in length and beautiful in every way. No other superyacht designer has ever envisioned anything like this before.

Shaddai 2

So, what makes it so special? Well, let’s start with the most dramatic feature of all, which is the owners’ suite. It’s almost 1,100-square-feet and is cantilevered about 125-feet over the aft deck area. Add to that the private terrace at 1,130-square-feet and you’ve got a massive area of 2,230 square feet of owner’s private refuge. The terrace also includes an infinity pool complete with a glass wall that gives swimmers a perfect ocean view, as well as a private dining area and bar. It's the perfect place for watching the sunset and just feeling the power of owning what is undoubtedly the finest yacht that money can buy.

Shaddai 3

On the upper deck, there is another infinity pool with a waterfall that empties into the swimming pool located below on the main aft deck. And, the lower deck offers an open-air beach club that has a total area of 3,000-square-feet. It is equipped with a glass ceiling looking up at the upper-deck pool and surrounded by modern circular sun lounges. A massive aquarium separates the two deck spaces i.e. the exterior pool and beach club area from the interior lounge area. When you go inside, you find yet another formal dining room and a spa.

Shaddai 4

All of the opulent textures and the materials incorporated above and below decks on Shaddai were carefully chosen by the designer. In addition, when choosing these very important parts of the design, he received important inspiration from many of the most influential Italian fashion houses, reflecting 100% Italian design elements. Walking onboard this superyacht is what dreams are made of and the space distributions and color combinations make it feel like heaven for owner and guests alike, making their desires and dreams become a reality floating on the sea.

Shaddai 5

Needless to say, Shaddai will possess every accouterment imaginable, including views that are unparalleled anywhere in the world, massive flat-screen televisions, the inviting pool club, and some of the cushiest hangout spaces in the yachting world. And, nothing onboard is quite as striking as the 125-foot high wing that is located aft and topped by the posh master suite and amazing terrace for dining al fresco or just for star-gazing. According to Terruzi, humankind has desired to ascend above the ground since the beginning of time. This is his reasoning behind the luxury perched master suite. He also further explained that the yacht's futuristic shape was greatly inspired by the utmost in today's contemporary architecture.

SHADDAI by the Numbers

  • 150 meters in length
  • 38 meters max height of suspended cabin
  • Beach club onboard totals 300 square meters
  • Owners' private terrace located outside the suspended cabin totals 105 square meters
  • The price for Shaddai will be half a billion dollars

Shaddai 6

OK, so Shaddai will not necessarily be the biggest or the priciest yacht in the world. The Eclipse, owned by Roman Abramovich, who is a Russian oligarch, cost him more than $500 million. Allegedly he had it equipped with laser lights that were designed for thwarting the paparazzi. It was once the largest floating luxury yacht at 533 feet but was recently eclipsed in size by a 590-foot cruiser that was christened Azzam. Its owner is Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan aka the Emir of Abu Dhabi.

But, all that aside, Shaddai is truly a mega yacht concept designed for reinterpreting someone's desire to view the world from a high in the sky vantage point. This superyacht will take some lucky owners and their guests from sea to sky, where they can enjoy an on-top-of-the-world view from a floating place where everything is within their control.


Contact Gabriele Teruzzi

Another superyacht that was designed by Teruzzi while he was an IED student in Turin is called Contact. It was a thesis project during his yacht design and construction masters’ course. He designed it for giving guests on the yacht a true feeling of oneness with the outside world. This resulted in a concept that created a sensation of being intimate with the sea.

This particular yacht concept combines the innovations of a luxury yacht and an explorer vessel with low speeds, large beam, and a high bow. Low consumption is provided by an electric engine powered Azipull propeller system just like an explorer yacht, while the broad beam and high bow provide more stability and safety. The Azipull system gives the yacht the ability to venture anywhere without having to be limited by any boundaries.

And, with big windows throughout, passengers can have a direct connection with the world outside. They are made of glass that is electrochromic and helps insulate the interior, resulting in even lower fuel consumption. In the stern area, Contact has a large beach club for giving guests a sea life experience that is totally enjoyable. This yacht concept also features sides that are mobile and fold open to give the club an airy feeling plus a better connection with the sea. The fixed part of the club is made of glass, bringing in even more natural light.

The upper deck houses the bridge, a pool, and a dedicated master suite with a private terrace. The main deck offers a VIP suite plus two other spacious guest rooms. The crew quarters, which will be quite comfortable as well, are on the lower deck.

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