A Closer Looks at YPI’s 105M Superyacht Project Raptor


The recent unveiling of the new cutting-edge 105-metre Project Raptor by Yachting Partners International (YPI) has everyone in the yachting world talking. The unveiling took place at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show courtesy of new technology in virtual reality presented to the public by YPI VR Solutions. This year, the show ran from Sept. 28th to Oct. 1st. In the yachting world, no other show offers the same heritage, gravity, and sheer concentration of quality that is unparalleled anywhere worldwide than the Monaco Yacht Show.

Every year, the Monaco Yacht Show is further evolving in immeasurable ways, whether in terms of overall popularity, sheer size, or all of the new and exciting additions that keep thousands on their toes. And many attendees of the show were honored by the opportunity of meeting H.S.H. Prince Albert II that weekend who greeted interviewers and other participants that included some of the biggest builders in the yacht building industry along with many of the utmost in cutting-edge designers.

With more than 125 superyachts on the water, as well as many more that are anchored in Monaco Bay, the Monaco Yacht Show showcases a certain reverence for the marvels of the yachting world, starting with the Monaco Yacht Show Gala on Tuesday, Sept. 27, which sets the industry standard. It’s a ceremony that is highlighted by recognition of the amazing work of numerous nominees in the superyacht industry. The most recent yachts that received awards are now members of a fleet of 45 global yachting debuts.

One of the most popular and innovative participants at the show was YPI Virtual Reality Solutions, which is a specialist division that was created by YPI for focusing on developing and utilizing VR technology for assisting potential buyers with their new-build projects and allowing them to effectively properly experience what it’s like to be physically onboard their proposed yacht design way before any steel is even cut.


They accomplish all of this through the use of the very latest state-of-the-art Oculus Rift goggles paired with specially designed graphics and software for the purpose of creating the ultimate in VR experiences for buyers. This makes it possible for buyers to actually see the materials to be used in the build and in various lighting conditions so that they can gain a better understanding of the actual dimensions of the rooms and corridors. This is effective at imparting a genuine understanding of what they might like and dislike in the potential yacht build. What this does is have a large-scale effect on the serious reduction in the necessity for costly change orders that normally could occur at a later date after the build has actually started. In addition, buyers are going to be offered the truly unique opportunity of adding an additional 15-metres to the parallel-mid-body section, which can deliver a 120-metre version of the Raptor without any changes to the current naval architecture, which in itself is considered to be quite impressive

The highly creative use of everything that today’s yachting technology has to offer is taking most of the former uncertainty out of the entire process of building one’s own yacht. And, no project illustrates that premise more than Project Raptor and its complex engineering. According to the company’s spokesperson, the mechanical platform and all of the engineering by the naval architects are already completed. Thanks to the very experienced work of Robert McFarlane who is a naval architect with McFarlane Ship Design, the Raptor Project promises to be the producer of a long-awaited favorite among all discerning yachtsmen.

The fact is that McFarlane Ship Design holds the uncommon position in the world of yachting of actually being the single group of Naval Architects that is just as committed to the yacht sector as they are to the cruise ship sector. Project Raptor is a unique combination of the comprehensive technical knowledge of all those involved in it. This synergy makes it possible for them to optimize all of the synergies between both sectors by the introduction of the commercial cruise ship market to the yachting industry economics and effectively introducing them equally. So, it’s basically renowned yacht quality meets the commercial appeal of the cruise ship market.


According to YPI’s Director of Sales, during a discussion with their worldwide shipping group, he decided to bring cruise ship technology into the luxury yachting world. He chose the creative director and owner of H2 Yacht Designs to turn that initial groundbreaking idea into reality. He further stated that the Raptor concept is a combination of superyacht design and commercial construction and engineering. With a graceful and imposing exterior that features a modern fresh design and includes several massive fixed balconies, the Raptor concept is considered to be the utmost in excitement for the entire yachting industry. And, in spite of the fact that it involves some very complex engineering, this innovative new superyacht delivers an extremely simple design solution.

And, Projector Raptor also offers a design that is equally advantageous to all prospective yacht buyers. The overall design was developed expressly for making the above-the-main-deck level completely customized without a single serious effect on the existing hull. The entire concept has been touted as a yachting first. YPI has removed all of the uncertainty from the new build process in the yacht building industry. This makes it possible for customers to be offered a megayacht that has a superyacht finish as well as all of the cost savings and efficiency usually related to a commercial build, making Project Raptor a very interesting solution for yacht owners in the future.

So, what could all of this mean for yacht buyers in terms of overall savings? It could equate to a massive 50 percent savings on a build of this size, making it a real bargain for yachting enthusiasts when they purchase their own custom yacht. Coupled with the innovative design and the opportunity to build their own individual yacht , the Raptor appears to be a true win-win for the yachting world.

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