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A Closer Look at Nicolas Cage's Yacht Sarita

Nicolas Cage Yacht Sarita

When money is of no concern, the rich and famous have the luxury of spending their money however they wish. While some focus on investing in property or they travel the world with their earnings, others prefer to buy themselves some rather extravagant toys, such as supercars or luxurious yachts. Nicolas Cage is one rich and famous man who certainly knows how to spend, and one of the things he treated himself to was a superyacht called Sarita. Cage enjoyed a particularly successful and lucrative period of his career between 1996 and 2011, says Finance Buzz. During that period, it is estimated that the actor made $150 million. He made $20 million each for ‘Gone in Sixty Seconds’, ‘National Treasure’, and ‘Windtalkers’. He also made $16 million from ‘Snake Eyes’.

Spending Money

Nicolas Cage was not just good at making money, but also at spending money. Some of the things he bought with his fortune included two Bahamian islands, shrunken Pygmy heads, to albino cobras, a Lamborghini, and four yachts. The favorite of his yachts was Sarita, which he purchased in 2009. Sarita was a particularly impressive yacht that could accommodate up to 12 guests. Shortly after buying the motor yacht, Cage had it completely refurbished. Each of the bedrooms was luxuriously decorated, and the master suite was particularly opulent with its king-size bed and luxurious fittings. According to Elite Yacht, the other accommodation consists of a VIP suite with a king-sized bed, a queen-sized room, and three twin rooms. While the VIP and master suites are on the upper deck, the rest of the bedrooms are on the lower deck of the yacht. All the bedrooms have an en suite bathroom, which is ideal for privacy.

The 38.6-meter motor yacht is decorated in a classic style, with wood-paneled walls, patterned carpets, and leather furniture. This gives the yacht a homely and welcoming feel. Some would describe the décor as a gentleman’s interior. The spacious living area is divided into sections and can accommodate multiple people. Despite the large floor space of this section of the yacht, it has a surprisingly cozy feel. This is perhaps because of the dark colors, the low ceilings, and the dimmed lighting. It creates a great ambiance for relaxation and is designed perfectly for enjoying a casual drink with friends. There is a separate dining area on the yacht, so Cage could entertain guests with some rather fantastic meals if he wanted. The décor of the dining room is completely different from that of the living area. It has a much more modern look with light wood decking floors and a crisp white ceiling and walls made from molded resin that has a glossy appearance. The room is flooded with light as there are huge windows on either side of the room. The central feature of the room is the humungous 12-seater dining table with high-backed chairs.

Entertainment Value

According to Yacht Haven Phuket, this yacht is not just fantastic for indoor entertaining, but also for some fun outdoor activities on the deck. The large deck has plenty of space for sunbathing, and it also has an outdoor dining area for al fresco dining in the sunshine. The deck also boasted a large Jacuzzi for water-based relaxation. There is also an outdoor gym for fitness fanatics to enjoy. The yacht also came with some rather interesting toys that would have kept Nicolas Cage and his guests entertained whenever they took a trip out on the yacht. Some of these included fishing equipment, Wave Runners, a Yamaha ZX Cruiser, an inflatable banana ride, water skis, a two-man Poersnorkel, two kayaks, a wakeboard, snorkel gear, an onboard Elliptical trainer, children’s water skis, beach games, free weights, and two donuts. Cage had nine crew members working on his yacht, and they sailed the yacht, kept the vessel clean and well-maintained, and prepared food for Cage and his guests. This meant that neither Cage nor his fellow sailors ever needed to lift a finger during their trips.

Overall, this yacht has everything that Nicolas Cage needed to combine relaxation with fun whenever he took a trip out with friends and family. Therefore, it is little wonder that this was his favorite of the four yachts that he owned. Sadly, Cage’s enjoyment of this very luxurious toy was short-lived as he was forced to sell the vessel. Cage is known for his extravagant behavior, and his overspending finally caught up with him. Although he claimed he had paid huge amounts of tax throughout his career, it came to light that he owed around $13 million in taxes dating back to 2002. He tried to blame his accountant for the mix-up. As he was ordered to pay the money he owed, Cage was forced to sell many of his properties and possessions, says The Daily Mail. One of the first things to go were his yachts. He also put several of his properties on the market, including his $3.7 million New Orleans home and his 500-year-old Bavarian castle. He also sold off properties in Las Vegas and California. Unfortunately, his Bel Air mansion did not sell as the $35 million price tag was too steep for most buyers.

Final Thoughts

When Cage sold Sarita, the name of the buyer was not revealed. Since then, the yacht has changed hands on several occasions. It is believed that the boat underwent a second refit in 2014. It is also known that the yacht was used as a popular charter yacht that sailed in areas including the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. According to Boat International, the last time the boat changed hands was in 2017 for $2.95 million. The yacht had been listed for sale by David Legrand at Fraser.

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