Five Incredible Yacht Designs by Luca Brenta

Luca Brenta

Luca Brenta used to spend time with his father while their family boat was being constructed. He had a special fondness for this activity and bonded with his father over the fascinating construction process. He particularly enjoyed the way the wood smelled and the company of the other people who worked on the boats. His father sketched ideas for boats on his own home drafting table. Luca would be naughty and erase them so that he could draw his own designs.

When Brenta helped to build the first boat next to the shipyard masters, he was elated. He also gained invaluable experience which he would use in his own future designs. He worked with the Wally company on various projects and learned to immerse himself in all the details related to constructing a fine sailing vessel. Research concerning boating fundamentals and design were a constant part of his work.

His designs are noted for their speed and their comfort. Ghost, one top design, was created for a client who regularly sailed the Atlantic. Brenta believed from the first moment, that the internal and external design of any boat should work together in tandem to produce the finest yachts possible. Prices at this level of design are not customarily available, but most luxury yachts sell within a price range of several hundred thousand to several million dollars.

He has spent much of his career developing technological solutions for excellent design. Every aspect of his designs gave thought to the interiors, the light flow, the power systems and the comfort of the crew and guests. His reputation for excellence in the luxury yacht world came from his complete attention to detail.

His yachts have been a supreme combination of pleasure and performance. Luxury and function meld together seamlessly in his famous designs. He wanted his technology and amenities to be the finest. He has been a leader in design and his yachts have been sought after by the wealthiest clients and those most interested in perfection in naval architecture. The beauty of his pursuits, is that he has succeeded, and the yachting world is infinitely better off because of it.

Here are five of Brenta's finest yacht designs

1. Chrisco


Chrisco is a 100-foot long sailboat with a gray, gunmetal-colored hull and beige decks made from teak. Its hull is of carbon fiber, vinyl ester resin and balsa, which makes it very light in weight. The onboard furniture was designed using honeycomb panels to save on weight. The cockpit roof was made to have the look of a futuristic, vessel…something out of science fiction. To achieve this, Brenta constructed it from 75 panels made of glass. The benefit of this design included a huge amount of natural light which could stream through the cabin.

The comfortable and modern interior was created by Wetels Brown Partners. The staterooms were designed to be used either as private cabins, or combined into lounges twice as large. The entire space below decks is contemporary and very functional.

In 2010, when this boat debuted, it was considered to be “a template for future models”. Certainly its reputation as a flagship was well deserved.

2. B60 Sloop

B60 Sloop

This day sailing boat has been described as a sailor’s delight. It was designed as part of a collaborative commission with the architect John Pawson. The boat was built by Luca Brenta Yacht Design in Germany. It features a sleek carbon fiber hull which is sixty feet long. The goal of this particular project was to build the ultimate in a racing yacht. It was built purely for pleasure sailing, and though it was never meant for competition, it was designed for maximum maneuverability. The boat features a while sail made in a pure triangular shape to balance with the hull, creating an appealing classic overall geometry.

The interior space was designed with Brenta’s vision for creating maximum efficiency while using highest quality materials which delight the eye and provide for longevity and endurance. The boat has a decidedly minimalist feel as far as the finishing details and interior spacing. The entire boat is a masterpiece of sleek design, inside and out.

3. Ghost


The luxury sailing yacht Ghost was launched in Holland by Vitters, in 2005. Brenta drew up its naval architecture and he designed the interior. This yacht included a hull fabricated of composite material. Its maximum beam is 24 feet, and its maximum draft is 16 feet. It is approximately 122 feet long, and powered by a Caterpillar engine. It was designed to accommodate a crew of 6 and 6 guests. The goal for this yacht was to provide a large enough crew capacity so that the guests onboard would be able to relax and enjoy an atmosphere that was similar to being on an extended vacation.

4. Wally B

Wally B

The luxury sailing yacht Wally B is 107 feet long, and built in the United Kingdom by Pendennis. The yacht is a custom build, and the naval architect design was done by Brenta. The interior was designed by Carl Pickering and Claudio Lazzarinia. The hull has a draft of approximately 12 feet and a beam of 26 feet at her widest spot. The superstructure was constructed of composite materials to keep the weight as light as possible. When full, her fuel volume is 4,300, which provides the yacht with significant range. She is powered by a Caterpillar engine. She flies the Luxembourg flag.

Wally B was designed to accommodate 6 guests and 5 onboard crew members. The design was mindful of creating a feeling of luxurious relaxation for the guests while sailing.

5. Nariida


Nariida is a luxury sailing yacht built in the United States by Ncordia Custom. She was built in 1994, with a shape beautifully designed by Wally. Luca Brenta drew up her naval architecture and he created the theme of her interior design. She was fabricated with a composite hull, and her length is approximately 105 feet, making her a superyacht. Her beam is about 26 feet wide and she has a maximum draft of about 17 feet. Her superstructure is also almost entire made of composite materials. She has a tank capacity of 1,500 liters, which produces her full range.

She was designed with sleeping quarters to accommodate up to 8 guests along with the owner, plus 4 crew members. The crew capacity was provided so that guests on board would feel peaceful and enjoy their stay. She is based in Norway and flies the Norwegian flag.

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