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The Five Finest Vanquish Yachts of All-Time

Vanquish Yachts

Vanquish Yachts is a relatively new company to the marine world. They began business in 2012 and have since created some of the very best yachts on the market. They create comfort and sophistication for those that have the resources to obtain one of their top of the line products. Tom Steentjes is the creator of the brand, and he takes great care to ensure the quality of each of the premium boats that his company creates.

Prior to founding Vanquish he had been a successful machine equipment business man. He translated his love for the impossible in the boating arena with the over the top design that his customers requested to create a one of a kind brand that builds to suit the out of the box thinking of his customers. All vanquish yachts have the same basic design and hull details. Where they vary is the layout on top of the hull.

This layout can be customized if needed to accommodate the customer's needs. He built his company from scratch and have become one of the top competitors in the boating industry. His Vanquish yachts are highly sought for their attention to detail and workmanship.  The galleys were designed by top chefs to give gourmet options to those that wish to have a top notch kitchen on board. The contemporary style gives these boats a beautiful look that will attract attention and allow for comfort.

All of their yachts use handworked aluminum and avoid excessive use of plastic to give a sturdy and sophisticated feel. Most of the yachts feature low profile Zeus pods, but there is an option to have outboard motors if desired. The priority of the Vanquish yacht maker is customer comfort, quality, and overall satisfaction. Vanquish Yachts looks forward to customizing their boats to fit the owner's needs.

Here are our picks for the top five Vanquish yachts:

The VQ50

The VQ50

The VQ50 can reach top speeds of up to thirty-eight knots because it has two twin 600 horsepower motors that run on diesel fuel. The Zeus pods give the power and smooth steering that one would expect from a boat of this caliber. There is a dining room for six people in the cockpit for those intimate get-togethers. As many as ten people can be seated on the foredeck, and there is room for two sunchairs on the aft deck. There is also a mid hull tender garage which is an unusual feature for a boat. The price of the VQ50 starts at $1.58 million and goes up as the customer adds features.

Vanquish VQ48


The VQ48 was designed from some of the best minds on the market. It has some of the features of the VQ50 such as the dining room in the cockpit, and also has the sunbeds seen on Vanquish's VQ43 model. The concept of the design was geared towards car lovers in particular. The steering and the power work together to give the best handling and responsiveness possible. This yacht reaches speeds more than fifty knots and is Zeus pod powered.

It also features a folding anchor system that offers an almost invisible mechanism when the boat is anchored. A world renowned chef was brought on board to help design the galley and offer fun suggestions as to placement and features. The cabin is air conditioned, and everything is run by generator. This boat starts at around $450,000 and can go up significantly with add-ons.

Vanquish VQ43


This is the flagship for the Vanquish brand. It combines technology and ultimate luxury. It can reach a max speed of forty knots and is Zeus pod powered by two three hundred seventy horsepower engines. The luxurious and contemporary cabin is beautifully designed to offer all of the comforts one could need on a yacht of this caliber. The overall length is 12.96 meters. This boat features aluminum construction and handles superior at speed over thirty-five knots with minimal spray.

This yacht can hold up to twelve people and even comes with a bimini top to shield from the sun. This yacht starts at over $400,000 and goes up depending on customer requests and features that can be added on to suit the customer's tastes.

Vanquish VQ46 Dual Console

Dual Console Vanquish

This is the powerhouse of the Vanquish line of yachts. This boat combines power and agility into one sleek package. It can attain speeds up to sixty-three miles per hour and is powered by three large outboard motors to appeal to the American market. There is a rub rail so that docking to other boats will not cause damaged. There is a joystick control, and it features an aluminum construction. This boat is built to hold a larger crowd.

There is seating for twelve to fourteen people. The deck of the boat features a large walk around to allow for guests to move around comfortably. The inside of the yacht has a full galley with all the appliances you could need. The bathrooms are spacious and have showers and toilets. There is also a king-size bed in the master bedroom. This yacht has it all and plenty of power. This boat is forty-six feet long and starts at around $1.5 million.

Vanquish VQ32

Vanquish VQ32

This yacht features plenty of control and design for the discriminating taste. This aluminum construction boat is 10.21 meters in length. It is powered by two Zeus pods and can reach speed more than forty knots. It is considered the smaller sister of the VQ43 and has many of the same features with a more compact size. Just like the larger VQ43, this boat can be customized to suit your personal taste. The price of this yacht starts at around $400,00 and can go up depending on the level of personalization that goes into the customized build of your yacht.

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