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A Closer Look at the 280-foot Lürssen-built Valerie

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Buying a custom-built luxury yacht can be the achievement of a lifetime, but the "Valerie" isn't new in town. In fact, she made news recently as the place where "Bennifer" (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez) were spotted taking a romantic and private vacation. This elusive private yacht has spent years in the care of a Ukrainian billionaire, and getting any information on her has been difficult at best. Now with the celebrity super couple's Instagram photos, we can get a closer look at the 280-foot Lürssen-built Valerie.

Lürssen Means High-End Custom

Though we're not sure what she was worth initially, Valerie is now on the market for around a hundred and thirty million dollars. Will Bennifer buy her? It's hard to say, but they've certainly enjoyed their stay. The Hollywood couple has been spotted strolling Capri, and around Saint-Tropez, but rather than facing the paparazzi in a hotel, they enjoy the peace of the open ocean aboard Valerie. Lürssen yachts typically go for around seventy-six million USD brand new, but that's for the basic model. Many of the largest superyachts on the seas were built by Lürssen. With that sort of price tag comes ultimate customizability. If you have the cash, it's anything goes for Lürssen. Celebs like Ben and Jen are relatively low budget compared to some of the customers this company brings in. What might you find aboard Valerie? The honest answer is that the sky is the limit. Actually, the sky isn't even a limit for a custom yacht. Helicopter landing pads are just one of the many potential additions. Pools, nightclubs, and 'private' dining halls that would make an expensive wedding at the Hilton blush are all features you could find, so let's dive into what Valerie is hiding within her ample decks.

Valerie At A Glance

The stunning lithe lines of this incredible yacht are no accident. Designed by Norwegian naval architect Espen Øino, everything about this deluxe vessel was made by the best in the business. According to Yahoo News, Valerie is widely considered one of Espen Øino's most beautiful works. It's no wonder she drew Hollywood attention as a vacation destination not to be missed. Certainly, the twenty-foot swimming pool makes for a comfortable retreat on the private upper deck. Alongside the pool, here is a hot tub for relaxing when you're not lounging on the beautifully appointed musical fountain or having a private meal for up to ten at the table. All the while, high sides keep any prying eyes at bay, and you can bet the crew of twenty-seven knows how to give the impression that no one is around. A dining area on the main deck allows gorgeous ocean views aft of the Valerie for those less concerned about being spotted. The forward deck also has a second swimming pool, and there's a helipad for private entry far from prying eyes. If you're not inclined to play in the pool at sea, that deck doubles as a golf range if you prefer. Relaxing in style, for every taste is the order of the day aboard Valerie.

Behind the Scenes Inside Valerie

Although her outdoor spaces are informal and very casually comfortable, the interior of the Valerie is not so simple. Art deco inspiration created by Pascale Reymond and Andrew Langton rules this stunning yacht's living quarters and indoor areas. Details like real butterflies set in brass transport you away from the world as the waves take you out to sea. The elegant wood flooring is intricate and lovely. Meanwhile, leather paneled walls give a unique texture and feel to the space. Doubtless, they also help dampen sound, so you don't feel like you're walking in an echo chamber. Too many smooth surfaces, even with art deco's attention to detail, would result in a loud experience were it not for such thoughtful design elements. A Hamman, steam room and gym give any visitor a chance to work out and maintain their beach body, should they decide to stop and mingle with the land-locked world. Valerie has something even the most experienced and accomplished musicians may not have seen for the musically inclined. A Schimmel Pegasus grand piano designed by Luigi Colani seems to float above the lounge with no rear legs and a distinctly unreality-based appeal. These incredible and somewhat bizarre instruments began as a mere fantasy, according to Schimmel Pianos, yet the surreal, seemingly weightless instruments exist, though only a few.

The More You Learn, The Better She Gets

Valerie was refitted in 2019. Perhaps this was a way of preparing for her impending sale, but regardless, she is improved and updated. The twin 2,700 hp MTU V-16 engines have a breathtaking range of six-thousand nautical miles, enough to cross the Atlantic. The two-hundred and eighty-foot superyacht might get you across the sea, but it will not be a quick trip. With a max speed around twenty nautical miles an hour and a cruising speed closer to fourteen, there's no need to rush anywhere. She might seem higher than air and look like a castle in the clouds inside, but Valerie has a solid steel hull that can handle rough seas. Seven and a half foot ceilings and full-height windows give passengers a full range view of the ocean. Whether you get an exciting visit from whales and dolphins or a relaxing sunset, you won't miss a minute of it aboard Valerie.

Final Thoughts

There's an old saying about boats being a hole in the sea where you throw your money. If that's true, then a Lürssen yacht is more like a swirling vortex to a much more posh dimension where you don't need to worry about money because anyone who does can't get through the door anyway. Valerie is both custom and typical. Everything about this yacht is made to order, but for a Lürssen, she's pretty standard fare if such terms ever apply to bespoke vehicles. Gorgeous and top-tier down to the last polished doorknob, Valerie is a dream retreat for overwhelmed stars, billionaires, and anyone they could ever wish to invite. If you want to rent Valerie, you can check her out for a mere $1.12 million a week through Monaco-Based Dynamique Sales and Charter, or put in a bid to buy her instead and start your own luxe lifestyle on the now-famous vessel.

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