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Alen Yacht: Making a Name For Themselves

Alen Yachts

Alen Yacht is a Turkish company known for the quality and innovative design of its yachts, with 20 years of experience in yacht design and construction. Today, they combine traditional craftsmanship with new technology to create yachts with both excellent design and excellent engineering. In particular, Alen Yacht is known for providing a small number of highly-customizable yacht models. On the outside, the yachts from Alen Yacht share the same sleek, elegant look, but the interior and layout are different for every custom-made yacht.

The Allen Yacht shipyard in Istanbul is outfitted with modern shipbuilding facilities for quality design and testing of their yachts. The fiber workshop has a pressurized fresh air system, and the separate hull-engineering department focuses on the important aspect of the hull efficiency. For quality testing, there is an indoor testing pool. Once the yachts are designed, built, and tested with this combination of traditional artisanry and recent technological advances, Alen Yacht provides an additional waterside base in Saint Tropez for berthing, maintenance, and repairs depending on the season. In the summer, the Mercurio offers a berth or repairs in their shipyard. In the off-season, the Alen yachts can be stored on land as well as professionally winterized for high-quality upkeep. In addition, any necessary maintenance work can be undertaken in the shipyard in Saint Tropez.

Alen Yacht offers three models: 42 ft, 55 ft, and 68 ft. Every aspect of each of these models can be customized, from the navigation system to the cabin configuration to the furnishings, so that each yacht from Alen Yacht perfectly fits its owner's needs and desires. The three Alen Yacht models provide not just a choice from a range of sizes and speed, from the top-of-the-line Alen 68 to the smaller and slower Alen 42, but also a wide spectrum of designs and customization possibilities:

Alen 68

Alen 68

The Alen 68 is the top-of-the-line yacht from Alen Yacht and, as the name suggests, is 68 ft (20.3 m) long. This yacht was created from the collaboration of Alen Yacht with the renowned international architects Foster + Partners. This partnership between boat builders and on-land architects has created the most revered and luxurious Alen Yacht model yet.

This yacht has a flexible pod system of up to three cabins, customizable of course. This flexible system is possible because the Alen 68 has 20% more volume than most motor yachts of its size. In the lounge at the prow, which can be replaced with two guest cabins, and the master suite at the stern, the walls and the curved furniture follow the contours of the inside of the hull. The interior and exterior were designed by Foster + Partners using materials such as bleached oak, white onyx, and white leather. The exterior is made of full composite with AIREX core.

The lounge seats 12 comfortably, though the Alen 68 can fit 16 people on board. The kitchen, dining area and bathroom are at the center of the yacht, and the wheelhouse is protected by a large sheet of curved glass and a black fabric shading screen that can optionally partially or fully enclose the on-deck seating area. For relaxation and entertainment, there is more than just the sunpads aft. This yacht also comes with sea bobs, paddleboards, a jet ski, and a 3.2-meter jet tender.

With 4500 L fuel capacity and two V12 1550 horsepower MAN diesel engines, the Alen 68 can reach a maximum speed of 45 knots (51 mph). The cruising speed is 41 knots (47 mph). At the helm are state-of-the-art automatic controls and cameras for full visibility. One of the benches in the outdoor dining area doubles as the driver's seat and can be raised for this purpose

The starting price of the Alen 68 is $2.8 million.  Of course, with so many worthwhile possibilities for customization, this base price really is just the starting point.

Alen 55

Alen 55

Its sleek, clean lines give the Alen 55 a timeless elegance. At 55 ft (16.8 m), this is the medium-sized model from Alen Yacht. Solid and spacious, the Alen 55 sleeps 5 but can seat up to 8 guests comfortably at the extended table near the open kitchen. The center console, surrounded by a walk-around deck and deep bulwarks, creates the feeling of being safely surrounded by this yacht. The safety provided by this feature also makes this yacht a great option for family outings with children.

Rough conditions are no problem for the Alen 55 due to the V-shaped hull. The hull is constructed from composite with an AIREX core. With its two 800 horsepower D13 Volvo engines, the Alen 55 can set a cruising speed of 30 knots, with a maximum speed of 35 knots. Her fuel capacity is 2500 L and her range is 280 nm.

For the interior, the cabins can be customized. An extra bedroom or crew cabin can be added in addition to the master suite. The lounge sofa can also be converted to a double berth. For swimming and sunbathing, the hydraulic gangway behind the aft sun-bed can be used as a ladder. The hand-laid teak deck pairs well with the leather wall panels and lacquered surfaces in the cabin, although the interior can be customized. The price for this yacht is available upon request.

Alen 42

Alen 42

The Alen 42 is the smallest model from Alen Yacht, at an overall length of 42 ft (12.8 m). This yacht features an all-around deck and enough space on board for 12 guests. The expertly-engineered V-shaped hull made from full composite with AIREX core provides a steady experience even in rough conditions.

Customization possibilities for the cabin include the choice between two single beds, a master bed, or an L-shaped bed with a table for dining. Despite the yacht's small size compared to the other Alen Yacht models, the cabin feels spacious and includes plenty of storage space. The patented hydraulic sunshade system can be launched via a button at the helm, and the sun pad at the stern can store a built-in fish tank or two Seabobs with a launching crane.

This yacht's two 440 horsepower Yanmar engines achieve a top speed of 33 knots, with a cruising speed of 30 knots. The range is 165 nm and the fuel capacity is 900 L. The hull made of full composite with AIREX core gives this yacht a displacement of 9.4 tons. The price for the Alen 42 is available upon inquiry.

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