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A Closer Look at Johnny Depp's Yacht Amphitrite

Johnny Depp's Yacht Amphitrite

What makes a yacht special? After all, there are a lot of different things about boats in general and yachts more specifically that make them all special in their own subtle way. That being said, the yacht named Amphritite, built especially for actor Johnny Depp, is special in a number of ways, not the least of which involves being built to his very own custom-made specifications.

The History

When you really stop and think about it, you know that this is going to be a very special yacht indeed. Even if you don't know a great deal about the actor Johnny Depp as a whole, you probably do know that he has a very unique style and that he brings that style to virtually everything he does. It simply wouldn't be in his character to design something that is run-of-the-mill or mainstream in any manner whatsoever. That fact alone tells you that you are going to be dealing with something that is very special, and not only special, but one of the most unique yachts that has ever been on the water. Before we go any further, it's worth pointing out that Depp himself no longer owns this yacht. It was part of the property that he liquidated as the result of his fairly recent divorce, selling it the author of the Harry Potter books, JK Rowling. As it turns out, she has also since sold the yacht, but whoever was lucky enough to purchase it undoubtedly has one of the most unique pieces of floating memorabilia that is ever likely to exist. Now that all of that is out of the way, it's time to get on to the specifics of the boat itself and what really makes it so special.

For starters, it's not designed like most yachts. If you look at it from the exterior, it's not as large as you might expect. In fact, there are a number of yachts that are actually much bigger. Aside from that fact, it's very unique in its appearance alone, even before you set sights on the inside. It's designed to look like an old steamer ship and it also incorporates some of the finest wood you could ever imagine, adding to its rather unique exterior appearance. If you think it's something to see from the outside, you should see what this yacht looks like on the inside. Just as you might expect if you're a Johnny Depp fan, you know that it has a very special look inside. In fact, it looks like something of a cross between a very regal mansion and The Addams Family home. This is not meant as a slight at all, but instead it's meant to serve as a testament to his ability to create something that is both different and personal, all while still adhering to a certain element of style. The boat is made of only the finest materials and it has no less than five separate decks, something that you're not likely to find on most other yachts of this size (156 feet, to be exact).

In truth, this is a yacht that has more decks and more rooms than boats that are much bigger, yet it manages to do this without feeling cramped in any manner. In addition to the unique style, you can also find a hand-made and highly polished chessboard, and if you explore the boat long enough, you will also find not just one or two, but five different staterooms. All of them have been designed to be both roomy and luxurious, meant to give guests an element of comfort. The idea from the very beginning was to give anyone who stayed in one of the rooms a chance to feel like they were at home. In no way would you ever feel like you were staying in some cramped boat. Instead, you feel like you are staying in one of the best luxury suites that you could ever imagine, something that is completely beyond anything you could think of, even in your wildest dreams.

Every Detail

As you might have come to expect by now, the equally unique and lovely aspects of this yacht do not end with the main quarters or even the staterooms. Every little detail has been considered here, from the gourmet kitchen to the seemingly never-ending number of full showers present onboard. The truth is, you would never even know that you’re dealing with anything on a boat, even a yacht. The thing about boats in general is that they are absolutely notorious for being rather uncomfortable if you stay on them for any length of time. For the most part, they don’t have full showers and there is never enough hot water. They can also be cramped and in some cases, they are just downright uncomfortable. That is certainly not the case when it comes to this boat. In fact, this just might be one of the most comfortable boats any person could ever be fortunate enough to find themselves on. It looks nothing like a mere boat (even a yacht) on the inside. It looks like a stately castle. If you want to take on the high seas and do it with the ultimate level of luxury, this is the way to go. You also won’t have to worry about running out of how water or having to take a three-minute shower in cramped quarters.

If you can imagine the style that Johnny Depp brings to virtually everything he does and then put it all into a boat, then you might start to get an idea about what this particular yacht is like. It is, in the purest sense of the word, luxury at the highest level. It’s filled with beautiful, hand-carved wood, real leather, and curtains made from the finest textiles in the entire world. It is something that will literally take your breath away. In fact, it’s likely to do this more than once. You’ll surely gasp when you see it from the outside, but you’ll really get swept away when you see the inside. All of that, coupled with the rich history of this yacht, definitely make it worth owning for anyone who has the means to purchase such a treasure.

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