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A Closer Look at $500 Million Superyacht Luna

Superyacht Luna

Luna is a superyacht that is unlike any other in the world. It has some unique accommodations that make it one of the most modern and highly technological yachts on the planet. It also has a variety of safety features to make sure that no one can challenge this yacht on the high seas. Today we are going to take a closer look at this one-of-a-kind superyacht owned by Russian billionaire oligarch Farkhad Akhmedov. Fortunately, the controversy about who actually owns the yacht has recently been lifted “due to a settlement” between Farkhad Akhmedov and his ex-wife Tatiana Akhmedov. The biggest shame was that the boat was grounded until the dispute ended. Hopefully the settlement will allow as many people as possible to see this outstanding creation. Now that ownership has been determined, it is only a matter of time before this vessel starts traveling around the world again.

Interesting Features

Luna has many features that are particularly interesting. Perhaps the most intriguing are the safety features that prevent it from being captured or illegally boarded. These features are impressive and expansive, including a missile defense system “among them”. This is not to mention the acoustic guns that are meant to dissuade possible intruders. This is one yacht that no one could possibly be stupid enough to mess with. If the guns and missile defenses aren’t enough to deter a potential intruder, perhaps they should consider the bulletproof windows, 17.5cm steel hull, and bomb-resistant doors. The truth is that a government would have a hard time taking down this yacht, much less an undermanned group of pirates. No one would be dumb enough to pick a fight with one of the meanest vessels on the sea. These features were all custom-designed to protect passengers onboard Luna. It emboldens the captain to take the vessel the way that they want to go without the fear of harassment.

Size Features

Another thing that would deter the inappropriate boarding of Luna would be the sheer size of the yacht. The yacht clocks in at an amazing “337 feet”. Making it one of the biggest yachts in the world. However, its sheer size does not fully encapsulate the excess of the boat. Which also includes two helipads and its own swimming pool. One of the problems with having a superyacht is that their sizes become so big that they can’t dock in ports anymore. In order to correct this problem, they have separate boats, which are extravagant in their own right, to take the passengers to shore. Another option that passengers have is to take helicopters to port, not uncommon for the super rich and famous. These are the gadgets that the highest elites of society spend their disposable income on. The race for the biggest yacht has also become a competition for the world’s richest billionaires, marked by extravagance and excess.


As one might imagine, the power required to navigate this yacht is immense. This is why the yacht boasts fuel tanks that hold up to “850,000 liters”. The boat is capable of going up to 22.5 knots in speed. The boat power comes from 2 Wartsila 4,500kW diesel-electric engines. It is hard to tame the beast that is Luna, an unstoppable force in the aquatic world. Though many are in admiration of the yacht, few will have the ability to get on it. Another concern while aboard the boat is fresh water. Water is crucial for many different functions in the boat from bathrooms to drinking to cooking. Luna was designed to hold ample amounts of fresh water to keep these “amenities” working on long voyages. In fact, the tanks hold up to 176,000 liters of fresh water. Though the amenities do not stop there. The superyacht also boasts a pool, spa, elevator, air conditioning, jacuzzi, and Wi-Fi. This ensures that a person won’t miss out on any of the action while they are traveling out at sea. Superyachts like Luna are designed to be luxurious, and this vessel does not fall short. It is one of the most impressive superyachts in the entire world.

Luxe Features

One of the most stunning features of Luna is that the yacht is equipped with its own gym. This means that you won’t even have to miss a workout while traveling on this example of the finest of modern ingenuity. Some people may look at the watercraft and feel jealous, but they won’t feel so bad then they realize that the maintenance on the vessel can be anywhere from 5-10 million dollars a year. The ability to own and maintain a watercraft of this size and luxuriousness is reserved for the most elite of the elite. Very few people will have the privilege to board a vessel of this caliber. However, there are substantial burdens to owning a boat like this that would make anyone balk. It might be hard not to be jealous, but it is to your advantage to just accept super luxurious excesses for what they are. The boat was obtained for over $360 million, making it an indulgence that few people in the entire world will have.

Overall, Luna is meant to be admired for both its design and its beauty. There is an arms race going on in the yacht world to build the biggest and best boat on the entire ocean. It may not be too long before Luna is surpassed by yet another superyacht. While it may be difficult to imagine the process that goes into building these boats, it takes an entire team. If you are ever lucky enough to get on (or own) a superyacht like this, give yourself a big pat on the back. These superyachts are truly some of man’s most audacious and stunning undertakings. They should be appreciated for what they are, some of the finest and most impressive creations of humankind. They are meant to be admired and cherished. It is difficult to imagine all the hours that went into designing and building superyachts like these, but the observer gets to reap some of the benefits.

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