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The Five Best Pairs of Feiyue Sneakers for Men

Feiyue Fe Lo 1920 in Black for MenFeiyue Fe Lo 1920 in Black for Men

Feiyue is a sneaker brand that originated in Shanghai, China during the 1920s. The original shoes were prized by Shaolin monks, but everyone was soon wearing them because of their extreme comfort and performance. The brand moved to France in 2006, where collaborations with notable footwear designers produced a positive evolution in the styling and comfort of Feiyue models and even produced a few limited editions. The very name of the brand means flying forward. This is a slogan that appeals to those who lead an active and busy life. Foot comfort enhances your overall sense of well-being. The lightweight, yet supportive Feiyue sneakers are also affordably priced and stylish options for all-day comfort. If this sounds appealing to you, here are the five best pairs of Feiyue sneakers for men, for your consideration.

Feiyue FE Lo 1920 in White for Men

5. Feiyue FE Lo 1920 in White for Men

The Fe Lo 1920 for men is a classic Feiyue sneaker that pays tribute to the original classic sneakers made in the 1920s. This is a retro sneaker valued for its flexibility and lightweight construction in martial arts. The uppers are made of cotton canvas material in a minimalistic design. The white fabric is highly ventilated by the nature of the porousness of cotton canvas. It allows ample air movement over and around the feet to prevent overheating and sweating. Your feet stay cooler and dryer all day long. These stylish sneakers feature clean lines for an attractive aesthetic with accents of blue and white as an eye-catching aesthetic. The sneakers are made with the authentic Plimsoll design, which is a signature of Feiyue. The Original Heritage logo is sewn into both sides of the sneakers. The insoles are made of molded cushiony material that conforms to the contours of the feet for maximum comfort and support. The insoles are removable for easy cleaning and sanitization. The soles are made of gum rubber material. Gum rubber provides grippy traction on most walking surfaces. The traction factor is enhanced with a unique tread pattern that is designed to help our sneakers grip firmly onto sidewalks, gym floors, and more. The rubber sidewalls protect the sides of the shoes and extend their overall life.

Feiyue Fe Lo Classic White Leather for Men

4. Feiyue Fe Lo Classic White Leather for Men

If you're a fan of the super lightweight Fe Lo in Canvas, you'll also like the benefits of the classic model in leather. This variant of the Fe Lo Classic features the same Plimsoll design. The upper is made of genuine leather material that is sturdy enough to provide support for the feet, yet supple enough for a comfortable feeling against the skin, and flexibility for natural movement of the feet. A large leather toe cap protects your toes from accidental stubs. It also helps to protect the leather material of the upper from scuffing or wear. A contrasting logo on the quarter is an attractive accent that makes the shoes more interesting. The insole is made of molded cushion material. It conforms to the shape of your feet for the ultimate in comfort. The insole is removable for easy cleaning and sanitation. Finally, a gum rubber sole gives you exceptional traction on most types of walking surfaces.

Feiyue Black High Top Shoes for Men

3. Feiyue Black High Top Shoes for Men

Feiyue's Black high tops provide exceptional support for the feet and ankles. These stylish athletic sneakers are designed for performance and comfort. They're valued for use in Martial arts practice and competition. These exceptional and simple sneakers have become the top pick for Shaolin masters and monks. They're made in a simple design that is high in performance while providing comfort and support. The uppers are made of durable cotton canvas material. The canvas is breathable and allows ample air to circulate the feet. This helps to keep them cool and dry during intense workouts. The snugness of the fit is fully adjustable through the lacing system. Reinforcements at the eyelets and the tips of the laces add extra strength and durability. The shoes are exceptionally lightweight because of the material choices. The midsole is made of cushiony material that conforms to the shape of your feet for added comfort and fewer distractions. They're removable to make cleaning and good hygiene easier. The soles of these shoes are made of gum rubber that provides exceptional grip on most walking surfaces. A unique tread design gives them even more traction to keep you steady and balanced in all situations.

Feiyue Fe Lo 1920 in Black for MenFeiyue Fe Lo 1920 in Black for Men

2. Feiyue Fe Lo 1920 in Black for Men

Here we have the classic Fe Lo 1920 in a sophisticated black color for men. This sneaker pays tribute to the Martial arts and the origins of the first sneakers ever made by the brand. These retro-styled sneakers feature the authentic Plimsoll design that is the signature of Feiyue. The uppers are made of black cotton canvas. It's a strong fabric that supports the feet while allowing for natural foot movement, highly prized by Shaolin masters and monks. Canvas is naturally porous so it is well ventilated. This helps to prevent overheating or sweating of your feet, even during intense workouts. The midsole is molded of comfortable cushioned padding that conforms to the contours of the feet. It's removable for easy cleaning. The outsole is crafted of gum rubber that is known for its exceptional grip. The unique traction in the tread enhances the grip that you have when walking over most types of walking surfaces. Rubber sidewalls provide extra protection and reinforcement to increase the longevity of the sneakers. Finally, the original Heritage logo on both sides adds a stylish aesthetic.

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1. Feiyue Limited Edition Canvas Sneakers for Men

This is the iconic Feiyue Fel Lo model in a revamped and updated variation. Its styling is reminiscent of the classic tennis sneakers popular during the eras of the 1960s and '70s. The sneakers are made of strong cotton canvas material that keeps your feet cool and dry. the gold and green color scheme is a thoughtful approach to style and fashion. The rubber toe cap protects the toes and extends the longevity of the sneakers. A gum rubber sole provides exceptional traction.

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