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A Closer Look at The Adidas Top Ten Hi "Boba Fett"

Adidas Top Ten Hi Boba Fett

Adidas is known for its consistent new model releases that take us back in time with nostalgic themes, but with modern features. The brand loves to celebrate and commemorate special events, importing iconic themes into their sneakers that give them an extra value for making a fashion statement while maintaining the high bar for comfort and stylish functionality. A few years ago, the brand released a special edition sneaker they called the Adidas Top Ten Hi Boba Fett. "Star Wars" franchise fans instantly perked their ears and hype ensued while waiting for its release. Needless to say, the sneakers flew off the shelves at the selling price point from the manufacturer. The price began to rise when availability fell through traditional channels.

Background of the Adidas Top Ten Hi Boba Fett

Sneaker News explains that Adidas created a sneaker to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of "The Empire Strikes Back," with a Stan Smith collaboration to develop a basketball sneaker in the colors of the bounty hunter's Mandalorian armor colors. It came in an action-figure style package with Boba branding on the label of the tongue and a graphic of the iconic character near the insoles. It also came with a poster and extra laces. Adidas released the Boba Fett-themed sneakers on September 25, 2020, for the MSRP of $110. What made the sneaker so special? Just ask any Star Wars fan and you'll understand that the theme conjures sentimental emotions. It's more than a theme though. Adidas gave the special edition sneaker a few extra goodies to entice buyers, that they couldn't resist.

A Closer Look at The Adidas Top Ten Hi "Boba Fett"

Modern Notoriety announced the pending drop with pictures of the sneaker. At first glance, it is a stately model with olive green uppers in a Boba Fett battle armor theme. Nifty battle scars are tooled into the leather on the lateral sides. The main color is olive green with splashes of accent colors contrasting harmoniously in the red trim around the upper part of the toe cap and the yellow eyestays for the laces. The tongue looks comfy in a stretchy, meshy knit in brilliant white with matching wide laces. A yellow framed image of Boba Fett in gray and black sits at the center of the top of the tongue to complete the theme. The design team placed a logo on the heel featuring the image of Boba Fett's helmet. His utility belt is brown as a pouch in the mid-side panel of the back part of the upper.

Finer details of the Adidas Top Ten Hi Boba Fett

The sneaker is a hi-top basketball shoe with ample ankle support and control of the fit via the wide lacing system. It can be loosened or tightened to achieve the ideal level of support and comfort. The padded tongue and knit material provide cushioning for the tops of the feet to avoid stress on delicate tendons during strenuous activity and the footwork required for skilled basketball players. Adidas took it easy on the cushion. They hit the sweet spot for perfect balance. The uppers are flexible to move with the feet during intense play. We see the evidence of the exceptional ventilation system in the dot-style ventilation holes near the toe cap part of the upper. It allows for ample airflow to prevent feet from becoming hot and sweaty. Air vents on the sides of the shoe follow the stripe overlays to allow for optimal airflow over and under the feet.

The price is going up on the Adidas Top Ten Hi Boba Fett Sneakers

The Top Ten Hi Boba Fett sneakers have been out for nearly two years. It's getting harder to find them, but you can. Some vendors offer selected sizes of the special edition basketball shoe for sale on auction sites such as eBay, and similar online venues. The price has gone up considerably. It's not easy to find them for the original $110 per pair. In new condition, they cost as much as $176 to $213. The hype is as strong as ever for the Boba Fett Star Wars-themed hi-tops. We saw them offered on eBay, Flight Club, and on the Goat websites, but you can't always find them in every size. Some savvy vendors knew that buying several pairs would represent a good investment that allowed them to make a tidy profit when the shoes became rare and hard to find. As with any collectible edition, the value is whatever a collector is willing to pay. In the case of the Adidas Top Ten Hi Boba Fett Sneakers, it is nearly double the original price tag. On the high end, we saw a pair go for $329 on the Kicks Crew website.

Final thoughts

The Adidas Top Ten Hi Boba Fett sneaker is a masterpiece for Star Wars fans who happen to love basketball. They offer all the performance features of a high-quality basketball sneaker with attractive and masculine olive green coloring and a unique Boba Fett theme. Only those familiar with the character would catch the small details distributed here and there in different parts of the sneaker. It's not everyone's cup of tea but enough fans of the styling stepped forward to create a high demand and dwindling supplies. The original price at the drop of this special edition commemorative sneaker is a thing of the past as the value of these hard-to-find sneakers has skyrocketed. In some cases, it's as much as three times the starting cost. It's the price we pay for waiting, but some sneaker enthusiasts are willing to fork over the cash for the pleasure of ownership. The trick is finding a pair in the correct size. You can still find the Adidas Boba Fett high-top sneaker at quite a few online vendors who realized they were a treasure nearly two years ago. It's worth comparing prices as some are more reasonable than others.

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