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A Closer Look at the Nike React Presto Brutal Honey

Nike React Presto Brutal Honey

Whether you're a nature lover or really into honey bees, the Nike React Presto Brutal Honey Sneakers are a newly released colorway which just hit the market on May 9, 2019. These sneakers are not only whimsical and fun, but they're also attractive and just as comfortable as the rest of the React Presto Lineup. This sneaker is destined to become yet another favorite in the Nike Presto collection, and it's available now for a manufacturer's suggested retail price of just $120, but we recommend getting yours quickly before they disappear from the shelves. To fully appreciate the value of this sneaker, a closer look at the construction and unique styling is required.

The history of the Nike React Presto

The first release of the Nike Presto line of sneakers happened in 2000. It's been almost two decades since these ultra-comfortable and versatile running and everyday shoes made their debut. They're still a popular model because they hold true to form with having all of the comfortable attributes of wearing a favorite T-shirt as the 2000 slogan promised. Years later, the React version of the Nike Air Presto carries on the same technology and innovation in footwear comfort, styling, and performance. A few things that you need to know about this model is that it has a sock liner that makes it feel like you're going barefoot. The unique construction of this shoe uses neoprene a mesh materials for the upper, which are both highly breathable fabrics, so your feet are less likely to become hot or sweaty. The mesh is also dynamic and stretchy enough to bend the shoe in half without causing any damage. They're ultra-flexible and they bend and twist with the movement of the foot, so there is little to no restriction when you're running, walking or performing other kinds of activities. The Presto's design and the materials selected are also very lightweight, which eliminates foot and leg fatigue when you're out for a long walk. These are just a few of the reasons why this shoe model has become such a big seller for the Nike brand.

The popularity of the Nike React Presto Brutal Honey colorway

When we were looking for a pair of Nike React Presto sneakers in the Brutal Honey colorway we were a bit surprised to learn that many of the traditional vendors who keep this line in stock are already sold out of this shoe. They regularly sell for $120, but as the demand continues to rise and the supplies dwindle, the prices will be much higher through other vendors and on auction sites with offers from those who were astute enough to anticipate that the Brutal Honey would become a smashing success. Those who bought up as many pairs as they could turn a nice profit. What makes these shoes so special is their attractive and fun aesthetic. The base of the upper is in a matte black color. It's trimmed with yellow accents which give it the appearance of a bee, yet the styling is tasteful and extremely good looking. The mid cage, which also supplies the support needed for the foot is performed then applied and it features a lovely golden color which adds a nice contrast for the sneaker overall, so it fulfills a dual purpose.

Other impressive features

There is just enough cushioning in this shoe to make it comfortable, without going overboard. The footbed on the interior of the sneaker features the OG print character bees. There is also a part that is built into the sneaker to provide toe support and protection, without interfering with the flexibility or the comfort of the shoe. The design of the Nike React Air Presto is nothing short of brilliant and if you're looking for a sneaker with a classic black with yellow accents, with a bit of whimsy and incredible comfort, then this may be a colorway and model that you'll want to investigate. To sweeten the look of this shoe, Nike has also given the Brutal honey a white midsole and a white sole, and a classic black Nike swoosh on the sides of the upper. The colors all work so well together that it's much like observing a work of art. With regard to the Brutal Honey colorway, indeed, the definition of art is achieved as form truly follows function.

Latest statistics on the price range of the Brutal Honey

When we discovered that these shoes have been sold out at so many vendors, we were curious about how much they're going for on average through the vendors who do have them in stock. According to, which is one of the better sites to find models that are in scarce supply everywhere else, they're being sold for as much as $200 per pair. You can get a pair for less though. The average price for the Nike React Air Presto Brutal Honey sneakers is around $106 per pair, so there are vendors and private sellers who are letting them go, in some instances, below the original selling price.

Final thoughts

The Nike React Air Presto Brutal Honey sneakers are just one more of the highly successful and novel colorways using the OG print. With intense comfort and performance that makes them ideal for both running shoes or everyday wear, they're among the top picks already and they've only been around for a few months. This is a successful colorway for Nike and it's a shoe that has been well received by the public. Although the demand currently is higher than the supplies, there are still several dealers who are offering authentic brand new pairs of the Brutal Honey sneakers for sale. We've not yet heard if Nike plans to make any more shipments to replenish the diminished stock supplies, but there are still quite a few available for sale, however, the more popular sizes are the first to go so it could be tough for some people to find the Brutal Honey in their sizing.

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