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The Five Best Pairs of Everlast Sneakers for Men

Everlast Men's Elite High-Top Boxing Sneakers

Everlast is a brand that has been in existence for more than 111 years. Although it's not commonly ranked with more expensive brands like Nike, Addidas, or Reebok, it's been steady and dependable with more reasonable pricing in high-quality footwear. Everlast is best known for its sports equipment, but the company also produces some of the better affordable men's sneakers on the market today. If you're looking for a reasonable price sneaker loaded with comfort, performance, and convenience features, you might want to consider a pair of Everlast. Here are the 5 best pairs of Everlast sneakers for men for your consideration.

5. Everlast Men's Post Up Leather Sneaker

Everlast Men's Post Up Leather Sneaker

The Post Up sneaker is one of the most comfortable models build by the brand. These popular shoes are designed with a minimalist design that is both sophisticated and attractive in an understated way. The uppers are made of durable leather material. It's soft and supplies for flexibility and comfort, yet firm enough to deliver exceptional foot support. The midsole is made of rubber material that helps to absorb any jars and shocks to distribute the impact and prevent stresses and strains in the legs feet and ankles. This also adds greater stability to the feet along with a spring in your step thanks to the generous energy return. The footbed is made of memory foam that conforms to the contours of your feet for exceptional cushiony comfort and support for all-day wear. You can adjust the snugness of the fit via the lacing system. Round toe designs give your upper feet extra room for more natural movement without pinching or a feeling of restriction. These versatile sneakers also feature a rubber outer sole with a strong grip on most walking or running surfaces for excellent traction to avoid accidental slips and falls.

4. Everlast Pivt Low-top Boxing Shoes

Everlast Pivt Low-top Boxing Shoes

This sneaker is versatile and can be used for the sport of boxing or for everyday wear. This is a technical shoe that is designed as a hybrid for both uses in the ring and in the gym. The technical sole is flexible yet supportive with exceptional traction to give you the stability you need when making precision moves in the ring. The sole is made of genuine rubber material which is known for its strong grip on most surfaces. The unique design of the tread optimizes movements made from side to side to reduce the possibility of slips and falls while allowing for the necessary sliding action when required. The uppers feature an open weave mesh construction. The fabric is lightweight yet durable, but also comfortable and flexible. The tiny pores allow air to circulate over and around the feet to prevent overheating and perspiration. The snugness of these low top sneakers is adjusted via the lace-up closure system.

3. Everlast Men's Walton Mid-Top Sneaker

Everlast Men's Walton Mid-Top Sneaker

The Everlast Men's Walton Mid-Top Sneaker is designed to provide superior ankle support. Both the tongue and collar of the sneaker have been given padding to help prevent rubbing and irritation of the skin and soft tissues at these pivotal pressure points. The uppers are made of thin mesh material that is both durable and flexible. It allows for more natural movement of the feet. The mesh also provides ventilation, allowing air to flow over and across the feet. This helps to prevent overheating of the feet and sweating for cool comfort regardless of your activity level. The upper is also reinforced to make the sneakers more durable. The snugness of the fit is adjustable via the lace-up closure system to achieve the perfect fit every time. The footbed is made of cushiony padding that protects your feet and ankles from jars while running or jogging. They work in conjunction with the midsole to absorb the shock of impacts to lessen the chance of experiencing leg or ankle strains. These versatile sneakers are lightweight and comfortable to wear. The convenient heel tab helps to put them on and slide them off easily. Fau leather overlays on the upper are not only stylish, but they add reinforcements for a more stable sneaker. The outsole is made of rubber material with a unique pattern that delivers a firm grip on most walking and running surfaces and exceptional traction.

2. Everlast Sport Men's Canyon Sneaker

Everlast Sport Men's Canyon Sneaker

The Everlast Men's Sports Canyon Sneaker is one of the best selling models affordably priced and high in quality. These sporty men's sneakers are high-performing with a mid-ankle height that delivers firm support while remaining flexible. The collar and tongue are padded to prevent friction and rubbing irritation on the skin. The footbed is made of soft and cushiony memory foam material that conforms to the contour of your feet. It provides comfort and support. The snugness of the fit is adjustable via the lace-up closure system. The tongue and parts of the uppers are made of mesh material that allows ample airflow to circulate around the feet. This helps keep your feet from getting too hot or sweating. Faux leather accents on the upper are attractive yet practical, providing reinforcements that increase the durability of the sneakers. The midsole is also made of foam that adds stability and helps to absorb the shock of impacts. The trade rubber outsole is grippy and delivers good traction on most surfaces.

1. Everlast Men's Elite High-Top Boxing Sneakers

Everlast Men's Elite High-Top Boxing Sneakers

This versatile men's sneaker is suitable for wearing in the boxing ring, in the gym, or for everyday use. They're constructed of high-quality materials including a technical Michelin sole. The upper is made of a combination of microfiber, open weave mesh, and suede materials to make them strong and durable, yet flexible and comfortable to gain the optimum performance for speed and agility in the ring. An ankle strap is built into the high top sneakers for additional support in the ring when making sudden changes of direction or other movements. These are hybrid sneakers that are among the most versatile and high-quality sneakers offered by the Everlast brand.

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