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Five of Our Favorite Tim Coppens Designed Sneakers


Tim Coppens is pure Belgium, born and raised. After graduating from the internationally renowned Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1998, he engaged various sports performance and luxury brands before venturing on his own in 2011, when he launched his own menswear label. By the summer of 2015, he had expanded his company to include women's wear. Tim Coppens’ undeniable ability to combine New York vibe with street culture has gone a long way towards making the professional designer an iconic symbol in fashion. His collections are a blend of athletic luxury with singular elegance and intricacy.

From the start, Coppens has always combined innovation with craftsmanship, and this has gained him widespread respect from critics and industry legends alike. Some of his noteworthy achievements include a Rising Star of the Year award by Fashion Group International, “Best New Menswear Designer” award by Ecco Domani, and becoming a finalist in both LVMH Prize and Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund Award.

Tim Coppens and Under Armour Collection


Back in mid-2016, Tim Coppens (who has a cult following in New York) was announced as the new creative director for Under Armour under his own label dubbed “Under Armour Sportswear” (or simply UAS). At the time, the only thing clear was that the collection would focus on clothes “built for life”. Coppens is famed for his ability to produce a luxurious spin to athletic gear, and that has been evident in the UAS look-book.

The transparent parka, streamlined bomber jackets, and accurately cut sweats all look to more modern, more luxurious versions of the sporty wears people are familiar with. The good news is that the prices, while obviously higher than normal, are not mind blowing like other notable brands can sometimes be. According to Under Armour, the idea was to launch a line that crosses the boundaries of casual active wear and the functionality of creative athletic wear.

Coppen admitted that there’s a desire for something new – a shift in American sportswear brand to pave way for the ambitious generation with a modern style and intuitive product. He also added that Under Armour was in a special position to undertake this responsibility with an innovation brand footprint and authentic east coast sports that is fully-equipped to enter the lifestyle market.

This new collection comes at a tricky time for athletic marques, which have created a popular subsection within the larger apparel world, subsequently boosting sales for the likes of Nike and Adidas. More casual settings are embracing athletic gear, a trend popularly called “athleisure”. Considering Tim Coppens’ well- established proclivity for athletic references, the designer seems to be the ideal fit for Under Armour’s new venture as the company continues to grow.

Take a look at five of our favorite Tim Coppens Designed Sneakers.

1. Tim Coppens and Common Projects Slip-On Sneaker


Price: $419

Featuring a premium black leather construction, this sneaker comes with the Common Projects’ characteristic metallic-gold serial numbering on the side, patent blue and smooth grey leather geometric- like paneling that accentuates 50 percent of the forefoot. The contemporary design is rounded by a tonal vulcanized sole. The slip-on sneakers also feature cork trim at the heel and leather heel collar in the camel. The last price for the shoe was about $419. Not bad for a sneaker that rests on the luxury end of the market while being laidback at the same time.

2. UAS Fun Fit Low


Price: $110

When Under Armour signed Tim Coppens to venture deeper into the casual footwear category, the pair gave us a lot to look forward to with the introduction of the UAS fun fit low sneakers. The Sportswear imprint is a significant diversion from the company’s performance athletic reputation, and encouraged simple yet elegant design cues from a wide range of low-cut models ideal for everyday casual style. The UAS fun fit low showcases new Burgundy color-ways excellent for the Fall season.

The sneakers feature a tri-color mockup referred to as “Chocolate Truffle” and combine a contemporary mid-foot and aniline leather heel with a well-designed neoprene at the toe. A rubberized outsole and EVA foam midsole add durability and comfort to the trendy ride. The Fun fit low closely resembles its counterpart Club low, which was the first silhouette unveiled from the freshly developed Under Armour Sportswear, incorporating a leather build and a new suede to its budding repertoire.

3. Tim Coppens x Common Projects Leather & Mesh Sneakers


Price: $610

These leather and mesh sneakers are reminiscent of the varying material concepts and unique color blocking encompassed in the two celebrated silhouettes that were born from the union between Tim Coppens and Common Projects. Again, relying primarily on a contrast of fabrication, both mesh and premium leather blend perfectly across the entire low cut sneakers. A patent leather rear and netted mesh front foot add up to make the already domineering silhouette unique.

The bold sneakers boost streetwear looks, and come in shades of green, white, red, navy, and black. Thick rubber soles and supple leather linings provide maximum comfort whether you are running errands or laps.

4. UAS Club Mid "Black"


Price: $160.00

Introduced alongside the club low UAS sneakers, the club mid “black” combines the latest technology from Under Armour with classic American sportswear. The shoe features a neoprene tongue, premium suede details, and analine leather uppers. Solid rubber outsole and EVA foam midsole offer excellent comfort and traction without compromising style. Additional details include a tonal UAS brand at the tongue and perforated panels on the upper side. The Mid “Black definitely pays tribute to the blossoming sportswear company’s mission statement: to produce a plethora of everyday essentials with accentuated designs utilizing high quality materials.

5. Tim Coppens Tc High Top Basketball Sneaker


Price: $249

At first glance, the high top basketball sneakers look as contemporary as they feel. Designed for casual wear, the smooth leather sneakers come with an ultra-padded wool collar, stud-effect detailing at the sides, and a perforated toe panel. Contrast heel counter is embedded with the familiar gold stamped serial number, while the sole is a tonal, textured rubber. The shoe can be purchased in grey/black/white versions.

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