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What is Fear of God Essentials?


The Fear of God is an American-based company that is independently owned. It was founded in 2013, specializing in high-end fashion labels. The founder, a 44-year-old Jerry Lorenzo, is an American and passionate about sneaker and fashion designing. He is the son of Jerry Manuel, a former player of Major League Baseball. The interesting thing about him is that he could create his signature design without any background or training in the fashion industry. According to Fear of God, Jerry has taken modern American culture by storm by dealing with enduring fashion wear that attempts to interpret Americanism. The essentials launched in 2018 is an associated label of God's Fear that considers the pricing dynamics and competitiveness when setting the prices.

Products of the Fear of God Essentials explained

The idea behind the Essentials was that the founder wanted to capture the children's market, which he felt was untapped as they could not access the initial luxury Fear of God products, that were sold at high prizes. However, Jerry wanted to craft products that were accessible and affordable without compromising on quality. At the same time, he espoused transparency by revealing to the clients that it was relatively different from the Fear of God products in terms of quality essentials. This conforms with their name, the Fear of God hence upholding a high level of honesty and integrity. According to Vogue, the Fear of God Essentials has been able to create stand-alone products such as Jersey shorts, sweaters, and knitwear.

The Fear of God company profile

The Fear of God is located in California in the US in Studio City. It is under the umbrella body, Cut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing industry, which comprises of the companies that manufacture clothes from materials generated from other companies. It contributes to the economic growth by employing 45 staff in its different locations. It also generates about 5.9 million dollars per year through its sales. To access or reach out the Fear of God essentials, one can do so through their Phone number (213) 235-7985 or their website

Fear of God Essentials Product profile

Among the collections you can find in the Fear of God Essentials are the sweatpants released in September as a part of the products in 2021. These products comes in three different colors, mainly found on their logos, crotch, and left leg. The other item is outworn, which includes essential hoodies and sweaters that are finished with neutral colors. Some new arrivals are lightweight long-sleeved polos outerwear.

The prices of the Fear of God products

The products provided by the Fear of God Essentials are relatively low priced compared to the sister label Fear of God. The selling point of their products is ease to wear, coziness, and aptness, which leads to affordable prices. The prices usually range between 40 and 200 dollars.

The Fear of God essentials Brand

Since its inception in 2013, the Fear of God has grown tremendously. The label has been received by fashion stores such as Neiman Marcus, who have expressed difficulties meeting the demand for these products. Celebrities such as Kanye West have been seen donning these labels. Considering jeans will go for almost 1000 dollars showing how it has gained a lot of fame. On Instagram, Lorenzo, the founder, has more than 1.7 million followers. In 2017 he was also feted for being the most ingenious person of that year due to his brand of the Fear of God. The addition of an independent line of essentials has only added to the popularity of these collections as far as streetwear is concerned.

The Fear of God performance during the pandemic

Though many companies performed poorly with others going down during the pandemic, it has not been the case with the Fear of God Essentials. Interestingly, according to Vogue Business, owing to their unique selling point of their cool, wearable, and timeliness products, essentials became the trending wear in 2020. Among the achievement in the year, 2020 included being the hottest brand, the enormous increase in terms of those brands searched on the internet with the essentials feted as the third best-seller on StockX. According to the owner, Essentials have played a great role in this achievement as it has facilitated the expansion of the business line. The performance of conditions looks promising due to the owner's aspiration of always being mindful of his customers' needs and how they keep on changing.

The Fear of God presence on online platforms

The Fear of God Essentials collections is available on online platforms such as SSENSE. This has enabled it to reach a wider market. The advantage of these online platforms is that they provide a cheaper distribution channel as there are no physical facilities involved, thus increasing sales volume. A case in point, they describe Essentials as being a collection that is delivered in an environment of transparency while offering uncompromised quality. The products are also found on MR PORTER's online platform, which describes Essentials as a subsidiary of the main label, the Fear of God.

The authenticity of the Fear of God Essentials

The Fear of God has released seven seasons grouped as collections, for example, the first collection. Both the Fear of God and its sister aim to authenticate the essentials through quality. The company provides high-quality products which are mainly manufactured in Italy or USA. They are also keen on sourcing materials as they feel the input determines the output. The Fear of God does not shy to go as far as Japan to source raw materials, which is evident in their rich collections, detailed with a perfect trim. If you are happy with the products offered by the Fear of God Essentials it's advisable to keep checking on new arrivals. You can secure the latest arrivals from MR PORTER and SSENSE.

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