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A Closer Look at the Air Jordan 4 GS “Messy Room”

Air Jordan Messy

If you need the latest kids’ exclusive sneakers, consider getting the Air Jordan 4 GS “Messy Room” silhouette. These sneakers are inspired by children who usually leave their rooms messy. That explains why the sneakers have multiple colors like red, white, blue, and yellow. These sneakers have a blue upper, which transitions to white on the back heel and the midsole.

The inclusion of red and yellow colorways may seem insignificant to some, but they play a certain role. Children are drawn to red and yellow because they are bright colors which evoke a sense of energy and playfulness. The sneakers are set to be released in November 2022. However, some people may find the release date far away and would want to know more about these sneakers. If you are one of those people, let us take a look at the features of the Air Jordan 4 GS “Messy Room” below.

The Upper is Made of Nubuck and Patent Leather

Nubuck refers to a type of leather made from the outside of an animal’s (calf) hide. A significant advantage of this material is its breathability. It is more breathable than synthetic leathers. Its high breathability means it is effective in expelling moisture (sweat, for instance) from the feet through evaporation. It is able to do this by allowing air to get into our feet.

Meanwhile, patent leather is a type of coated leather that has a glossy varnished surface. Some people generally like this material for its aesthetics, but it is also useful in terms of functionality. This leather material is highly waterproof and resistant to dirt. That is because the material has lacquer, which provides a protective layer. As a result, the material is easy to clean since the dirt or water does not go deep into the shoes. All you need is mild soap and a wet cloth.

The Outsole is Made of Rubber

Slips can occur anywhere, and they can cause some injuries. According to TAL, slips can lead to minor injuries like sprains or serious ones like broken bones. Slips may occur while you are participating in sports or heading to a mall as you are traversing muddy paths. If you find yourself slipping a lot, it may be because you are wearing shoes whose outsoles cannot increase traction.

Thankfully, these sneakers’ outsoles are made of rubber, which is generally effective in reducing slips by increasing traction. Another crucial advantage of the material is its ability to absorb shock from your movement. Whenever you walk or run, your feet strike the ground. As they hit the ground, some shock is generated to your feet. Continual shock to your feet means you could sustain injuries, so the material absorbs the shock to prevent such a case. Lastly, the material is elastic. That means you can stretch it as much as you want without it snapping. The material stretches whenever a person wears the shoe. It stretches so that it matches the person’s foot shape. As a result, it provides comfort to the wearer without feeling like the shoe is pinching them.

These Sneakers Contain Nike Air Technology

Nike Air technology uses pressurized air that is stored in a tough and flexible bag. This bag is then fitted beneath the midsole. One of the reasons for this technology is to provide cushioning to the person wearing the sneakers. That means the material acts as a shock absorber. The wearer can therefore stomp on the ground as hard as they want without getting injured.

When the wearer steps on the ground, the bag compresses, but it immediately resumes its shape to offer continual protection. The other significant feature of the technology is that it makes the sneakers lightweight. Nike Air reduces the weight of the shoes without reducing their performance. Due to the lightness of the sneakers, the wearer will spend less energy moving. Since the wearer will move effortlessly, they will be able to walk for a long time without experiencing excessive fatigue.

The Shoes Contain Flex Cuts Between the Insole and Outsole

Flex cuts somewhat make sneakers visually appealing, since they look like miniature skyscrapers. However, their main role is to provide comfort by allowing your feet to flex more naturally in the shoes. Therefore, the flex cuts make these shoes more flexible, and that means they can accommodate varying feet shapes. Excessive flex cuts can be detrimental to the shoes as they will affect their ability to provide stability.

Thankfully, these sneakers contain the right number of flex cuts, so you do not need to worry about the stability of the shoes. Additionally, the flex cuts provide traction since they have teeth-like designs. These sneakers provide traction by providing a firm grip on any surface. Therefore, you can walk on muddy paths with these shoes and not have to worry about slipping.

Some Sections of the Upper are Made of Mesh Fabric

One impressive quality of the material is that it is highly breathable. As a breathable material, it provides ventilation to your feet. We earlier established that ventilation gets rid of sweat from our feet. However, another role of ventilation is to keep your feet cool during a hot season. Without ventilation, you would find the sneakers too hot to wear. The other reason for the inclusion of this fabric is its lightweight. Since the material makes the shoes lighter, you will be able to run fast as you will use minimal effort to lift the shoes when you run. These sneakers would therefore be ideal for marathons.


The Air Jordan 4 GS “Messy Room” sneakers are exactly the kind you envision a child wearing. That is evident from its multiple bright colorways. Not only are they visually appealing, but they are comfortable. One thing to remember is that children are likely to get hurt when they play. It usually happens when they slip or wear shoes with no shock absorbers. Thankfully, these sneakers take into account safety, which means they can play without worrying about any impending accident.

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