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A Closer Look at The The Air Jordan 4 “Military Black”

Air Jordan 4 “Military Black”

Nike is on a roll for 2022, showcasing the current extent of its expertise in design and function with another new release for the Spring. The Air Jordan 4 Military black is the latest iteration to hit the retail shelves.

The new kicks dropped on May 21, 2022, without delay which was the best news Air Jordan fans have heard all year. If you've not yet been properly introduced to the newest member of the Air Jordan 4 family, here is everything you need to know to send you running to the nearest vendor before supplies sell out.

A new sneaker for the whole family

Sneaker News explains that the Air Jordan 4 in its Military Black colorway came out on May 21. Nike saw fit to ensure that it's a sneaker for everyone in the family with sizes ranging from toddlers to adults.

Both dad and baby can sport matching kicks. It's a shoe that is available for all genders and sizes. You may wonder why there's so much hype surrounding the new AJ4 Military Black. Here's what the fuss is all about.

Nike quality and Air Jordan technology

The uppers of the Military Black are white leather. It's a basketball sneaker that offers flexible materials that are firm yet supple enough to allow for natural movement of the feet. Sneaker Bar Detroit confirms the outsole is made of rubber in black, grey, and white, with the outstanding traction and grip that is a hallmark of the AJ4 model.

The leather of the uppers is cut away on the sides with black material on the inside and overlays of white mesh for an attractive aesthetic that lets you know these sneakers have the ultimate ventilation system.

The same treatment is applied from the bottom of the upper arch above the toe to halfway up the lacing system. It's a good look for the sneaker and it also allows ample airflow over the feet and down the sides.

The unique vent system ensures that air travels up the street, down the sides to the interior of the sneakers to prevent overheating and sweating. You stay cool and dry in a heated competition or when just walking down the street on a hot day.

Designed for Comfort

The Air Jordan 4 Military Black is designed for the ultimate comfort. The tongue features a light padding with the same at the collar to prevent rubbing and friction discomfort.

You can adjust the tightness of the sneakers via the white lacing system. The image of the Jumpman in black is set on the tongue in a lovely contrasting black, with the Jumpman image in black at the heel of the sneaker.

Accents of black set a sophisticated tone with the application at the lace guards, on the center of the midsole, on the heel, the panel beneath the cutaway of the upper, and lining the inner portion of the tongue. Accents of the grey color line the collar of the mid-top sneaker.

The color placement was well-thought-out and orchestrated to create a sneaker with a sporty personality and a hint of refinement and sophistication. It's on the dressy side of casual where form meets function.

Pricing and availability

The Air Jordan 4 Military Black became available through the official Nike website and authorized online and brick-and-mortar vendors on May 21, 2022. Prices start at $70 for infant and toddler sizes and $200 for adults.

It's a good idea to get in touch with your favorite vendor while the supplies are still in stock. We expect this version of the Air Jordan 4 to sell out quickly because of its fresh and attractive appeal. We've learned the hard way that waiting a week or two can make it hard to find a new sneaker drop at the MSRP.

Now is the time when resellers are busy building their inventories to prepare for the time when the sneakers have sold out. Demand for this type of sneaker has historically been high at the time of release, causing a run on vendor supplies. The price will likely go up significantly through resellers and auction houses when supplies are sold out.

They're being sold around the world, and if you want to pay the recommended retail selling price, you're probably running out of time. Nike has not provided the number of sneakers they're allocated for the first release, nor have they confirmed any later releases to replenish supplies.

The Air Jordan 4 Military Black come in an attractive box that is designed specifically for this model, in a black and white speckled shoe box. We've already seen some sites increase the price to $210 for the adult size and it's only been a day since the drop.

Final thoughts

The Air Jordan 4 Military Black is finally here. After a few months of suspense and hype, wondering if there would be another delay in shipments, we were all pleasantly surprised.

The sneaker release went off as scheduled and as expected, they're selling like hotcakes. If you're hoping to acquire a pair, now is the time to take action or risk the possibility of paying a higher price at a later date.

Prices are already starting to go up from the MSRP. The Military Black is a white sneaker with grey and black trim, but the black stands out in a manner that justifies the name. We predict it will be one of Nike's best sellers for the spring and summer of 2022.

The Air Jordan 4 Military Black offers a retro nod to earlier releases, but you can count on a modern version that maintains the high standards set for the brand.

It's an attractive mid-cut sneaker in white with a few splashes of black and grey to give it a hint of sophistication and class. If you're looking for a high-performance sneaker with all the best attributes of the Air Jordan line, here's your chance.

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