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A Closer Look at the Air Jordan 1 “Lucky Green”

Air Jordan Lucky Green

If you are a woman in need of some sneakers, you should get the Air Jordan 1 “Lucky Green” shoes. These sneakers pay homage to Michael Jordan’s 1986 NBA Playoff game. He delivered a 63-point performance against the Boston Celtics during the game. At that time, he wore the Jordan 1 sneaker, his shoe of choice. To pay tribute to the game, the sneaker incorporates green and red colors. Green represents the Boston Celtics, while red represents the Chicago Bulls. The green dominates the upper, while red is on the wings and tongue. Another color present is white, which is on the upper, sides, and midsole. There are still important features you should know about these sneakers. Here are further details about the features below.

These Sneakers Use Zoom Air Technology

Zoom Air has been used in Jordan’s shoes for a while now. According to Complex, it was first introduced in 1995. Its purpose is to provide cushioning. It utilizes a number of strong synthetic fibers that are sandwiched between plastic. The plastic contains some pressurized air and is then fitted in the heel and forefoot. When an athlete steps down, the fibers compress to cushion the impact. As soon as an athlete raises their foot, the fibers spring back to their original shape. By immediately resuming the shape, the athlete will not experience injury from the impact. Injury is usually caused by the feet continually striking the ground, especially during a game. Additionally, the athlete will also not feel pain.

Besides protecting the athlete from pain and injury, they make them energetic. The technology is akin to a trampoline due to how the fibers spring up and down. That means when you jump, you will jump significantly higher. That explains why the Jordans have always remained popular among basketballers since they will dunk with less effort.

The Upper is Made of Leather

Leather is a material that offers several benefits to the user. One advantage is that it is a breathable material. That means the material provides ventilation to your feet. As air enters the shoe, it gets rid of sweat through evaporation. With no sweat, you will not develop foot odor. Also, your feet will remain dry, which means you will not walk around with wet feet.

Another benefit of leather is that it provides a perfect fit for the wearer. It can do this due to its high elasticity. The material, therefore, stretches to mold to the shape of the wearer’s foot. That means you will not experience pain from the shoe squeezing you. Additionally, you will not develop conditions caused by wearing poorly fitting shoes. According to Dr. Schoene, ill-fitting shoes can cause corns, ingrown nails, bunions, and blisters. As you walk, a speeding car may accidentally splash muddy water on this sneaker. Fortunately, leather is easy to clean. A damp cloth is enough to get the job done. So, you do not need soap and a brush to scrub off the dirt.

The Outsole is Made of Rubber

Have you ever slipped and fallen? If so, you may have concluded that the surface was slippery. Even though the surface is slippery, you still need shoes that allow you to walk on the surface. Thankfully, this sneaker’s rubber outsole will minimize slips. The material offers a firm grip on treacherous surfaces. It is able to grab onto slippery surfaces due to its treaded pattern.

Another crucial role of the material is its shock absorption capability. Shocks are usually generated from your feet continuously hitting the ground. Ultimately, these shocks cause blisters or injury. To prevent any negative impact of the shocks, rubber redistributes them. Instead of the shocks focusing on the feet, the material transfers them to other body parts, e.g., your knees. As a result, you will not feel the concrete when you walk. Lastly, the material protects you from burns, unlike plastic. The burns can occur from stepping on spilled acid or corrosive chemicals. Fortunately, rubber cannot melt or buckle due to its resistance to heat. In fact, the material can withstand heat temperatures reaching 300 °C.

The Shoes Have Extra Lace Holes at the Top

Few people utilize the extra lace holes. That is because they are unaware of how useful they are. These extra holes enable you to tie your shoes through a lacing technique called a lace lock. A lace lock holds your heel in place as you walk or run. That means your heel will not keep sliding forward and hitting the upper. Also, the technique reduces blisters that would otherwise occur when your foot rubs against the insoles by sliding forward. Are you wondering how to tie a lace lock? Here’s how, first, tie the shoes as you would usually do. Next, take the left lace and pass it via the top left hole to form a loop. Then, take the right lace and pass it via the top right hole to form another loop. Cross the tongue with the left lace and loop it through the right loop. Also, cross the tongue with the right lace and loop it via the left loop. Finally, pull the ends of both loops.

The Uppers Contain Perforations

The sneaker’s perforations are arranged in a particular order. Some people may view them as being for aesthetics. Even though they do, they are primarily for ventilation. We established the role of ventilation. These perforations further make leather breathable by allowing as much air as possible. Besides allowing air, these sneakers drain excess water from the shoe. That could happen if you accidentally stepped on a puddle. These perforations are designed to allow water out, but not in.


“Comfortable” is a word you can describe the Air Jordan 1 “Lucky Green” sneakers. You will not experience any fatigue or pain when you wear this sneaker. Typically, you would experience such problems with high-heeled shoes. Since this shoe is for women, they can finally wear something to an occasion besides high-heeled shoes. Besides being comfortable, these shoes can go with any outfit. That is because this sneaker does not use exaggerated colorways.

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