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The Nike Kobe 11 With Invisibility Cloak


Nike is at it again with a brand new version of the Nike Zoom Kobe 7 from 2012. If you were a fan, you're in for a nice surprise. The Nike Kobe 11 With Invisibility Cloak has hit the market and was releases October 6, 2016. It carries on the classic Kobe signature with the colorways found in previous editions. The Kobe 11 EP with the addition of the invisibility cloak is expected to be as big as its second ranking predecessor from four years ago if not even more popular.


The upper of the brand new Nike sports the dark purple shades that its' inspiration Kobe Bryant is so famous for preference wise. It also includes shades of turquoise. It is neatly trimmed with black and accents of pink that add just the right touch of color contrast for a more interesting overall aesthetic. The invisibility cloak features an all black hue that covers the entirety of the upper. Reflective accents can be seen across the side panels of the sneaker where the signature Nike swoosh icon is visible for all to see. T

he sheath logo is carefully included on the tongue in an eye catching pink color that is neatly trimmed with a thin black outline for maximum eye appeal. The outer sole is blue translucent that runs the full length of the bottom for an icy effect.


How it was made

The technology that the Nike Corporation craftsmen employ has a lot to do with the remarkably high quality of their end products. The Nike 11 line features state of the art innovations with the addition of an amazing design team and the use of premium grade materials. The manufacturing process along with all of these other factors are what combine to present a world class product. The Nike Kobe 11 with Invisibility cloak is no exception to this hard and fast Nike rule.

Thermoplastic polyurethan yarn adds superior strength to the first Nike line to include this new technology referred to as Flyknit. While some others may use metal for reinforcement of the sneaker, the use of the Flyknit creates sones of reinforcement within the upper. The integrity of this new material offers incredibly high strength characteristics while maintaining varying degrees of stretchability where it is needed for a superior upper design with strength and durability for longer life of the shoe. The process is also fairly green in its' approach as it takes measures to reduce waste throughout the manufacturing process.


The designer

Eric Avar is the genius behind the design. He has invested his time and talent in the Nike Kobe 11 product line which has met the world and achieved amazing success. The popularity of the Kobe 11 line has created a high demand for the style and more. It seems that each new model has found a niche in society and none of the releases have experienced rejection or failure. This is a sign that Avar is onto something good with his ideas for superior architecture and aesthetics. His work has an appeal that just keeps them coming back for more. It has been enough to keep Avar busy in the past few years and his latest creation is expected to be no exception.

Impact of the Kobe line on the world

There is no arguing that the Kobe line of Nike sneakers has made a big splash worldwide. Customer demand has propelled a variety of these shoes into a high desirability category. The popularity of Kobe and his amazing athletic attributes are sort of transferable in the quality and aesthetics of the line of shoes that are named for him.

What the future holds for the Nike Kobe line

The collaboration between Kobe Bryant and Nike has been a sweet romance that has produced an outstanding line of popular sneaker models. His contribution to the sport of basketball as well as the impact that he has had on Nike sneakers has been nothing short of phenomenal. He's signed agreements with two different footwear companies and has been the icon for three separate signature lines of sneakers. Innovation and performance are the two words which best describe what he has imparted to both arenas.

There is a bittersweet feeling in the air as Bryant's retirement from the sport is bound to have an impact. Nike isn't talking about it and neither is he. This leaves the question about what will become of future productions for the Kobe line. Will the Kobe 11 with Invisibility Cloak be the last of the line? This is a question that we don't yet have an answer for. The Lakers will certainly be forever changed but we're still wondering if there will be any new Kobe editions in the Nike line.


The newly released Nike Kobe 11 with Invisibility Cloak are just hitting the shelves for retail sale. We've been told that the asking price will be set at $160 per pair. It isn't likely that there will be any specials during the first few weeks so plan on spending this amount to if you want to get yours right away. While die hard fans will get theirs right away, some might prefer to wait until the holiday season to see if there will be any great deals offered. Time will tell.

Final thoughts

The Nike Kobe 11 with Invisibility Cloak is slated to be a top performer as well as a new favorite for Nike fans who follow the Kobe line. It will have a particularly strong appeal for those who were fans of its' 2012 predecessor, the Kobe 7. This reinvention has added a lot more strength and durability with innovations in the manufacturing process and materials that are used. The merging of two icons to form the Nike Kobe line has been a successful venture for both Nike and Kobe Bryant and the future of the line is sketchy. With the lack of discourse about what is next, we'll have to assume that this is the final hurrah and be satisfied with that.

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