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A Closer Look at the Air Jordan 4 Tech White

Air Jordan 4 Tech White

Expected to be released on Saturday, 3rd July, the Air Jordan 4 Tech boasts of a red-colored Jumpman on the tongue, premium white leather upper, and a quality cement print accent the midsole and lace crowns. The Air Jordan 4’s come with ‘Tech White’ looks and similar OG-style packaging like the Jordan Brand OG. Moreover, these sneakers have an OG feel and low-key quality construction evident in the grey speckled midsole, the sleek red Jumpman on the tongue, and genuine white leather on the upper. With sleek and eye-catching designs, the Air Jordan 4 sneakers have ushered a new era of modern sneakers. Here, we will take a closer look at the Air Jordan 4 Tech White sneaker.


The Air Jordan 4 The White, also known as the "White Oreo" colorway, comes with the popular "Oreo'' look and high-quality white tumbled leather upper perfectly matched with the speckled Cement grey features at the midsole and eyelets. Branding on the sneaker is presented in the form of Jumpman logos at the heel, insole, outsole, and tongue, along with flicked "AIR JORDAN'' badges printed at the back of the tongue. Finishing up this amazing design are light gray sock-liners and Air assisted midsoles fitted with gray rubber outsole segments. Another exciting feature of the Air Jordan 4 "Tech White'' sneaker is the unique shoebox adorned with a light gray top and marked with a cement print bottom and a red Jumpman theme. According to Sneakernews, a new Air Jordan 4 sneaker is expected to be released during this spring, and the sneaker’s colorway is presented in Cement-esque. While some Jordan enthusiasts have begun calling these sneakers “Oreos” due to their grey speckled midsole, there is already a Jordan 4 sneakers bearing the same nickname. Other stunning features in the AJ4 shoe are the Jumpman heel logo and polyurethane midsole, fitted with a compressed Air cushioning in the forefoot and a visible unit below the heel. The Air Jordan 4 Tech White sneaker incorporates the same stylish design theme that pays tribute to the original 1999 "Oreo" Air Jordan AJ4. However, the new "Tech White" sneaker replaces the black tumbled leather upper of the older 1999 AJ4 shoe with a quality clean white leather upper but retains the gorgeous dotted molded eyelets.

What can I rock my Air Jordan 4’s with?

One notable feature about the Air Jordan 4 “Tech White” sneakers is that you can style them with almost everything. Since these Air Jordan 4’s are mostly cream in color, you can rock them with an oversized T-shirt and baggy pants or a crop top and a pair of cycling shorts. I would recommend Drew House or Supreme for the brands that blend perfectly with the Jordan 4's, but you could opt for other high-street stores to create the most fun outfit out of your Tech White sneakers. When it comes to the shoe's sizing and fit, most Air Jordan 4's are produced in small shoe sizes. Since they are designed to be thicker than the Air Jordan 1’s, the Jordan 4’s are very comfortable, especially during fall and winter. In terms of care and maintenance, the new Air Jordan 4 sneakers can be cleaned with various shoe cleaning kits such as Crep Protect spray, or you can have them cleaned by a sneaker cleaning company.

How to Spot Counterfeit Jordan 4 Retro White Oreo Sneakers

According to StockX, the easiest to determine if your Air Jordan 4 Retro White sneakers are authentic is by analyzing their overall appearance. For instance, the cement-grey midsole on the original sole is usually darker than the replica sneaker, and the outline of the midsole is very different from that of the authentic one. The mid-sole needs to be wider, more defined close to the heel counter, and have a thicker black dotting. The triangle-like detail in the middle of the replica sneaker should have a broader inner section with a less wide outline and more defined corners. Another factor you need to check on is the stitching pattern on the heel. In the original AJ4 sneaker, the stitching pattern is usually symmetrical, seamless, and flawless. On the other hand, the counterfeit sneaker features a sloppy stitching pattern with bigger inner spaces. Furthermore, you should check on the stylish "Jumpman" logo, which is the Air Jordan's brand signature. Here, you will need to feel the texture of the logo, where the original sneaker usually has a smooth and even surface, whereas the counterfeit has a fuzzy textured surface with no defined outline. Lastly, the tongue of the sneaker should not be as smooth as its leather but should exhibit some graininess. Generally, the looks of a counterfeit Air Jordan 4 sneaker appear cheaper because of its easy-to-spot defects and use of poor quality material to cut down on expenses.

Bottom Line

The first Air Jordan 4 "Tech White" was rumored to be released in September 2020, but it turned out to be disappointing, especially among sneaker collectors, after finding out the shoe was not a "White Cement" Retro pair. Although, after a few delays, the Air Jordan 4 Retro sneakers were finally released on 3rd July and retailed for $190. Instead of a solid color application as evident in the previous models, this new Air Jordan 4's features a white and "Tech Grey" colorway on the midsole tooling and across the TRU eye-stays. It is because of this feature that led Air Jordan fans to dub the Air Jordan 4 Tech White sneaker as the "White Oreo." Thanks to its quality white leathered upper, stylish "Jumpman" logo on the tongue, and cement-grey midsoles, these shoes can be described as one of the best Air Jordan 4 sneakers of all time.

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