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The Top Five Adidas Men's Samba Models


One of the most popular Adidas sneakers ever created is the Samba. When it first debuted in 1950, its purpose was to serve as an indoor soccer shoe. Over time it has evolved to become one of the best selling Adidas ever released, second only to the Stan Smith.

They're still a favorite for playing soccer, but they've transitioned to become a streetwear icon that's sought after for its looks and comfort. These days you can find the Adidas Samba in a wide range of colors, and these sneakers show no signs of going out of style even after being around for over 65 years. Here are five of the top men's Adidas Samba sneakers ever released.

1. The Original Adidas Samba - $70


When people think of the name Adidas, they usually picture this iteration of the Samba shoe. The classic contrasting three strips, gum rubber outsole, and leather upper are truly timeless. This is the Samba that was first released in 1950, and it still retains its heritage colorway and quality that made it famous. A synthetic lining, suede toe cap, and comfortable fit all combine to create a seriously versatile shoe.

You can definitely wear these for athletic purposes, especially soccer. But it performs just as well when you need a comfy and reliable shoe to run errands, look good with casual wear, or give your outfit a sporty edge. They especially look trendy with jeans and they're built to last. If you're the type who likes to wear in your shoes and keep them around for years, this Samba sneaker will easily become your go-to pair.

2. Mi Samba Custom Adidas - $85 and up


Many teams have started adopting the Adidas Samba as their official shoe, which is part of the reason why there's now the Mi Samba custom sneaker. It makes ordering a lot of the shoes in a specific color scheme easy and efficient. Not only are they a top pick for sports team, the Mi Samba is popular with individuals who just want an awesome looking shoe in their favorite colors.

The base price of this shoe is $85, and it can go up depending on the options you choose. You can keep it classic or add logos, graphics, and more. The base materials available are smooth leather and suede, and eat looks great. Once you're finished ordering your custom Mi Samba sneakers they'll arrive at your door in four to six weeks, and you'll then have truly original shoes that no one else owns. Not only do these have tons of style, they're excellent for winter sports, skateboarding, and futsal.

3. Millennium Leather Adidas Samba - $55


The Millennium Leather Samba still has the famous profile and look of the traditional Samba shoe, but its design is tweaked to make it suitable for use on polished indoor areas. The highlights of its practical features are a non-marking outsole, Torsion system that provides excellent mid-foot stability, and a die cut midsole. These shoes also have a synthetic lining that's super comfortable and contribute to its durability. An upper comprised of full grain leather not only feels like a dream but adds even more comfort.

One thing that's noticeable is that the back of this Samba shoe is a bit higher than the original, but that's also a practical feature. You can't go wrong slipping these on and going out to play, but its stylish and so supportive that it's also loved among concert goers, urban explorers, and those who prefer to be clad in trendy casual digs. And if you happen to do a lot of walking each day, you'll be hard pressed to find something as reliable as these sneakers with a more appealing look.

4. Classic Adidas Samba - $55


The Classic Adidas Samba differs from the first iteration of the shoe because it's decidedly more sporty in appearance. It also has a retro aesthetic that's trendy and all sorts of awesome. Like the other Samba models, this one is packed with features that make it comfortable and suitable for the field or the street. The collar of this model is slightly padded, and it has a footbed with cushioning and a fabric lining.

Along with a full grain leather upper, the Classic Samba has a suede overlay on the toe. It also has an extended tongue, serrated detailing on the gum midsole, and a gum rubber outsole that gives it superb traction. If you live in an area with damp weather and you want a durable shoe that won't have you slipping and sliding, this is a good pick. Wear it for walking, soccer, or hanging out -- these shoes will look good in any situation and quickly become an essential part of your wardrobe. You can get these in white and black or black with white stripes.

5. J. Crew Adidas Samba - $70


Ever popular retailer J. Crew started selling its exclusive Samba shoe years ago, and it has its own unique points. The most important distinction between it, the Original Samba, and alternate iterations of the shoe is its shorter tongue. While other models have either a regular length tongue or one that's longer and foldable, the tongue on the J. Crew Adidas Samba is noticeably shorter. This shoe also has a fleece lining and leather upper.

It still has the classic rubber sole that other Samba sneakers sport, but its profile is a bit more narrow. You can wear these for playing sports, but it's a shoe that's about fashion first and foremost, hence the slimmer design. Fans of the Samba are known to keep around at least two pairs: one for athletics and this one for going out and looking good. Want to know how to determine if this is the Adidas Samba for you? Go look through the J. Crew site and see if their clothes appeal to you-- if so, you'll more likely than not love this version of the shoe.

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