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A Closer Look at the Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon

Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon

Are you looking for a casual watch that is also stylish? If so, we will talk about the Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon Flying Tourbillon Poincon de Geneve Blue Sapphire Watch. Since its name is highly wordy, we will call it the Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon. This brand is one of the few watches with a Poinçon de Genève (Hallmark of Geneva) certification. The award is given to timepieces that are artistic, water-resistant and chronometrically precise. What features is this watch known for such that it received a rare certification? Here are some things you should know about this watch.

Case Material

Its case is made from sapphire, which has specific properties that make it ideal for watches. For instance, it is transparent like glass. Although there are glass watch cases, Louis Vuitton and other watchmakers prefer sapphire. Even though glass is clear, it tends to crack or break even under minimal pressure. Sapphire is the second hardest mineral after diamond; hence not brittle like glass. Consequently, sapphire keeps your watch durable and new-looking. As a result, sapphire makes for a good choice for aesthetics. However, let's face it; it is rather annoying to view the time from a cracked watch. Also, you wouldn't want your friends or relatives to gawk at your broken watch. Additionally, the case is also laced with titanium. Titanium keeps the watch water-resistant. It can do this because it is inert. Since it is inactive, it will not react with water. If it did, the chemical reactions would shatter the case and allow water into the watch.

Case Thickness

The case is 9mm thick, hence thicker than most watches. Thickness is important since it keeps the watch water-resistant. When water hits the case, it will not cave in. Instead, water will bounce off the case. So, if you want to dive from a height of 50m, you can go ahead and do so. From this fall, you will hit the pool with intense pressure. Still, the water pressure will not ruin the case. The diameter of this watch's case is 42.5mm. Its diameter is ideal for adults and children. For instance, an adult cannot wear a child's watch. That is because the diameter is usually less than 42.5mm hence making the case too small to read the time. With this watch, you will also not have to visit the kids' or adults' section for it.

Power Reserve

Generally, a good watch's power reserve is at least 48 hours. The power reserve of this watch is 80 hours. The power reserve is the available energy stored in the watch. With this watch, you will need to wind it after 80 hours. This feature is convenient for the user since there are watches that have to be wound every day. Since this watch relies on manual movement, you will wind it by turning its crown. However, for the watch to run well, watch manufacturers recommend that you wind it at least once a day. Sometimes, the spring begins to malfunction, making the watch run too fast or too slowly. It usually happens when the watch runs. As it runs, the spring gradually unwinds.


This watch has a blue alligator strap. Its strap is made from leather from alligators. It may not be as visually pleasing as a metal strap, but the strap has several advantages. First, leather is a breathable material. If you were to wear a watch with a metal strap, you would begin to feel like the watch is pinching you. It is challenging to adjust metal strap watches to fit your wrist in most cases. However, you can adjust it to fit nicely with this leather-strapped watch. It is because there are several consecutive holes where you can insert the watch's pin. Another reason leather is comfortable is that it is not affected by temperature changes. For metal straps, you will notice that the watch is too cold or too warm for wearing. When you wear such straps, you have to wait for some seconds for your body temperature to adjust to the watch's temperature. With this watch, you can wear it anytime, regardless of any temperature changes. Lastly, this leather strap is durable. Compared to some metallic straps, leather does not rust. Rust tends to make watches visually unappealing. Besides not rusting, it is tough hence not prone to rips or tears. Plastic straps tend to rip or tear after a while.


For this watch, you will have to wind it manually to function. Unlike automatic watches, this manual watch is more prone to stopping. Automatic watches run as long as the watch wearer wears them. Additionally, they have a lower power reserve than automatic watches. Since the manual watch has a high power reserve, there is a strong chance that the wearer will wind it within 80 hours. Automatic watches wind by themselves since they have additional parts. It means repairing them would be expensive due to the many parts that would need to be fixed. However, if this watch were to malfunction, you would either replace the crown or its gears. Let's face it; some watch wearers love to play around with their watch. It is hard to explain, but some people love to twist the watch's crown even though they do not intend to wind it. An automatic watch robs you of the pleasure of interacting with your watch.


Even if you are not a watch enthusiast, you will appreciate this watch made by Louis Vuitton. Its blue design and sapphire case are enough to make you rush for the watch. However, if blue is not your favorite color, you can get pink and grey variations. In terms of functionality, you will hardly visit a watch repair shop. When it comes to water resistance, this watch has a thick case and a sapphire casing. As for going to a shop to replace a torn strap, you will hardly do so with this watch since it is made from leather. If you want a watch that caters to your aesthetic preferences and proper functionality, then get yourself the Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon.

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