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A Closer Look at the Nike Air Presto Ice Pick Sneaker

Nike Presto “Ice Pick”

Nike made the decision that it was time to create a new sneaker that would be ultra-comfortable for everyday wear. This happened during an era when everyone was getting into the scene of wearing basketball shoes whether they played the game or not. The brand placed its focus on everyday running shoes that would also be suitable for wearing to the mall or anywhere else. They put some of their most impressive technology into the new design which they named the Nike Air Presto line. The original lineup consisted of choices of 13 colorways which featured the OG prints. One of the most iconic of the prints was the Ice Pick, which offered a cool blue and white color scheme that fans of Nike went wild over. To understand the attraction to this particular sneaker, for those of you who weren't into the Nike Presto's at the time, we must take a closer look.

A look back at the Presto Ice Pick

The Nike Air Presto Ice Pick is a blast from the past, and it was one of the most successful colorways in the lineup. The shoe was first released for sale to the public in 2000. It joined the other 12 original OG prints such as the Lava, the Hawaiian and others. What made the Ice Pick such a popular shoe in all fairness is the decent amount of hype that it received prior to its release. The construction of the Presto line was out of this world and even the sizing system was different, which piqued the interest of Nike fans who were looking for a shoe that was both comfortable and stylish. The Prestos were billed as a shoe that was as comfortable to wear as a T-shirt, according to, and the brand made good on that promise. The second factor that helped the Ice Pick to become an iconic colorway is the minimalist design that also provided sharp, contrasting details and a brilliant aesthetic that people absolutely loved. There was just something about the blue uppers which featured white detailed accents that took on the appearance of streaks of ice crystals forming and the light gray colored accent guards that made it a sophisticated yet unique looking shoe. The Ice Pick was a very attractive sneaker for those who wanted to play it low key yet stylish. It was new, trendy and different, but after trying the shoe on just once, many were hooked and they spread the word.

Construction of the Presto Ice Picks

The unique construction of the Nike Air Presto Ice Pick was what people experienced after they moved past the good looks and stylishness of the shoe, which was a major drawing card. Nike employed some amazing technology to achieve the ultimate in comfort in the Air Presto lineup. To begin with. These shoes lived up to the slogan that promised the comfort of a T-shirt. They would have done just as well to bill them as a pair of cushiony socks because many wearers described them as fitting like a comfortable pair of socks. Other aspects of the construction also contribute to the intense comfort that made them feel almost like you were going barefoot, except with a little support and a lot of protection for your feet. The materials used in the uppers were stretch mesh and neoprene.

The mesh material was extremely dynamic in that it was stretchy and allowed the shoe to bend comfortably with the motion of your foot, in all directions. It was also very breathable so there was ample ventilation to prevent foot overheating and sweating. Nike also implemented the use of midfoot overlays which added a great deal of support for the feet without interfering with any of the freedom of movement. This was preformed gave that gave the shoe easy holding power. The midsole was a continuous styling made of Phylon material and the heel featured an air brine construction offering soft cushioning support which was also ultra-light in weight. The outsole of the Presto Ice Pick was reinforced with rubber, placed in the area of the heel and made of Duralon for traction that was not only ample, but enduring, extending the life and excellent performance of the sneaker. Finally, the Ice Pick sneaker was designed with flex grooves which were arranged both horizontally and vertically to make the shoe flexible in every direction so regardless of whether you're out for an intense run or cutting some mean dance moves, the sneaker would be highly responsible and allow for natural and effortless foot movement without a lot of restriction.

Unique sizing system

Another unique feature of the Nike Presto sneakers was their non-traditional sizing system. They started out with the smallest sizes indicated as XXXS and the largest as an XXXL. This was a little tough for users to get used to at first, but once you got the hang of it, finding your perfect size was a breeze.

Final thoughts

As we look back in time at the most popular shoes that Nike has ever created, the Nike Air Presto is one that is close to the top of the list. The Presto model is one of the most highly lauded because of its versatility and its stylishness. With 13 colorways to choose from the OG, prints were a huge hit, and the Ice Pick was one of the colorways that were in high demand with the public. They were one of the most comfortable shoes that moved naturally with the feet while still providing ample cushioning and support. The Prestos made an excellent choice for every day and all-day wear, and they were also versatile in that they were great when used for running shoes as well. These were among Nike's most fabulous and innovative designs, and when supplies of the shoe were low, the demand remained high. Those who were insightful enough to stockpile them made a tidy profit, selling them for well-above the manufacturer's suggested retail pricing. The Ice Picks are a shoe style that many still remember fondly and ever now and then you can still find a pair for sale at auction.

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