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A Closer Look at the Salomon ACS Pro Advanced

Salomon ACS Pro Advanced

Among the brands that have taken the fashion world by storm is the Salomon ACS Pro Advanced. The spring/Summer 2022 colorway brand was released as a hotcake that was already clearing from various outlet shelves. Life is about taking a risk. It can pay off or fail terribly. In the case of the Salomon ACS Pro Advanced, the brand pulled off their shoes from archives and gave them a complete makeover using modern technology. The risk paid off as consumers responded to these sneakers positively to clean them from the shelves. This write-up features the new Salomon ACS Pro Advanced.


The new release Salomon ACS Pro Advanced can be traced back to the 2000s. When it was released, this pair instantly became the most sought-after shoe from this brand's warehouse. It was a technical piece of the comfortable shoe that transcended a typical streetwear cue giving wearers a unique outdoors-centric root. According to Hypebeast, the 2021 version which the brand stabilizes with agile chassis system which suited users who enjoy working out in challenging terrain to keep them comfortable and stable with every step they make is going to be given a new facelift. The new upgrades line up with a feature on the sneakers, a Kurim structure on the upper parts of the shoe, and a promotion that the designer has continuously carried on the previous releases that will give the shoe a sturdy and supportive structure. Solomon has also enhanced the new release with comfort and breathability. These new particular Salomon ACS Pro Advanced pairs will retail in three unique colorways: Quiet shade, Black, and Antique Mass.

ACS Pro Advanced-Lunar Features

Solomon has modernized the three versions, that is, Quiet shade, Black, and Antique Mass, with functional upgrades while maintaining the brand history and at the same time stabilizing the shoe with an agile chassis system. The three types are unisex sport-style shoes that can be used for different functions.


  • Agile Chassis System: What ACS has given this shoe is dampening and reliable, while also working in concert with the high technology of Energy Cell midsole.
  • 3 Dimension Mesh: The 3-D concept adopted in this shoe design provides the shoe wearer with maximum breathability.
  • Quicklace: The short laces fitted in this shoe are minimalistic. The laces are created so strong to pull and tighten without fear. Additionally, they are easy off and on the shoes.
  • All Terrain Contagrip: Solomon has designed these pieces to suit use in different surface needs using All Terrain Contagrip materials. Therefore, it offers the wearer durability and confidence to face all surfaces, such as wet areas, loose covers, and dry or hard surfaces.
  • Anti-debris Mesh: This feature is unique on this pair of Salomon ACS Pro Advanced as it allows the shoe to block any debris from getting trapped between the wearer's foot and the footbed.
  • Single Layer Mesh: There is an inclusion of a single layer of Mesh that is fixed closer to the foot area to give the shoe wearer some maximum feel.
  • Lace Pocket: The inclusion of the lace pocket is for the benefit of acting as a storage facility for keeping the Quicklace lacing system intact and safe.
  • Synthetic Upper: The adoption of synthetic upper material in making these modern shoes provides them with excellent protection and durability for comfortable use for any outdoor activity that the shoe wearer wants to enjoy without worrying.
  • Textile Lining: Solomon has fitted the shoe with a soft, breathable textile lining to give the shoe some extreme comfort on foot.
  • Medial Protective Pad: Across the shoe medial side of the instep is a fixation of a durable, cushioned pad to provide it with protection and increased wear.
  • SendiFit: SensFit helps in cradling purpose on the wearer's foot, starting from the midsole part all the way to the lacing system. It helps in giving the shoe a snug, secure, virtually customized fit on the entire area of the foot coverage.
  • Molded OrthoLite Sock liner: Another crucial high consideration added to the shoe is the molded that is designed to match the contours when you wear the shoe. This OrthoLite unique insole feature provides the inside part of the shoe with superior cushioning, durability, and breathability. Therefore, it upgrades the shoe's comfort feel and performance levels.


The inlay sole and lining are made of high-quality textile. The outsole is created using soft, durable rubber. The upper part of the shoe is designed using synthetic and textile, while the shoe's weight is 397 grams.

Benefits of the Salomon ACS Pro Advanced

Solomon has adopted a robust Kurim structure style that ensures that the upper shoe arts are steady and gives it a sturdy envelope. The shoe is modernized with breathable materials to control airtightness which would cause the wearer's feet to sweat. According to Highsnobiety, the shoe has optimized airflow inside, with the placement of openings on the medial and lateral sides around the upper parts.


Prices for the Salomon ACS Pro Advanced start at $230, and you can order online at Salomon. Visit the manufacturer's website to inquire about your shoe size's availability.

Final Verdict

The new Salomon ACS Pro Advanced has been fitted with a stunning retro-futuristic colorway with techy early noughties looks. The cage-like details included in these sneakers on the embroidered design lines and upper parts suit them with any attire. The design has also done a fantastic job with the sole details and tweaking, which modernizes this shoe to give it a tremendous agile chassis system that keeps it steady, warm, and comfortable on the wearer's feet. The incredible styling and moderate grip patterns adopted on all the versions of the Salomon ACS Pro Advanced version make them perfect for city use and other sporty needs such as going hiking. It is a must-buy pair to consider if you can find them anywhere at the stores.

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