A Closer Look at the Nike Presto Extreme

nike presto extreme

The Nike Presto Extreme is the kid’s version of the popular and versatile model that wears like a T-shirt. This is a sneaker that is designed for kids of all ages from toddlers through big kids who are about ready to start wearing adult sizes. Nike has covered all the bases in this ultra-comfortable sneaker that gives you the feeling of going barefoot. Little ones will be less likely to take them off and big kids will love the high level of responsiveness in flexibility in the Nike Presto Extreme. It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for children and here are the reasons why.

The Nike Presto Extreme’s appeal to youth and parents

Finally, there’s a sneaker that both parents and kids can appreciate. The Extremes are priced at a reasonable rate that represents a great value at just $90 and in some cases, less. For the quality of this sneaker, it’s a good deal that parents can really go for. The Presto Extreme is made in sizes that can accommodate children and big kids of all ages. The shoes are available in a variety of colorways for boys and girls, so there are some good choices. They’re also good looking shoes, but this just one reason why they’re flying off of the retail shelves. The performance of the sneaker and the good feeling on the feet is perhaps the most compelling reason why both parents and young people love them so much.

Construction of the Nike Presto Extreme

The Nike Presto Extreme is one of the best sneakers for growing feet. The shoe features a unique design and construction with premium and comfortable materials. They’re extremely flexible shoes so active kids can easily walk, run, and participate in a variety of play and sporting activities in total comfort. The shoes are constructed on mesh and neoprene fabrics which are highly breathable. This helps to prevent foot sweating and overheating for greater comfort, thanks to the additional air circulation around the toes and feet. The materials are also dynamic in that they are highly flexible and stretchy. You can bend the shoe in half without damaging it, and this means that kids can enjoy natural foot movement without restriction or tightness. The materials are also very light in weight which helps to reduce muscle and tendon fatigue during highly active periods such as playing a game of ball or going for a hike or a run with the family. They’re a highly stylish bootie style sneaker with the additional comfort of a socklike lining. This adds just the right amount of cushioning without crowding the foot. Even though they’re extremely flexible, there is a guard built into the sides to provide stability and supports in the toe area for extra foot protection. Kids’ feet are well protected and supported in the Nike Presto Extreme, yet it’s about as close to the feeling of going barefoot as you can get while wearing a sneaker.

Other interesting details about the Nike Presto Extreme sneaker

There are a lot of great features built into the Nike Presto Extreme for big and little kids. The inner sleeve of the shoe provides kids with a fit that is a lot like wearing a pair of socks. The sole is made of one piece of foam which is both ultra-comfortable and light in weight. There is a midfoot strap that offers support and security for the foot to lessen the chance of turning an ankle during peak activity and play. The shoes offer great grip and traction with durable rubber sections placed at the heel. The outsole features flex grooves which promote the ability for natural foot movement. Finally, the slip-on design of the shoe features pull tabs which makes it easy for kids of all ages to put the sneakers on by themselves and take them off with no difficulty. The Nike Presto Extreme is one of the best choices for kids who habitually take off their shoes because these will be so comfortable that they will probably barely notice that they have shoes on their feet, to begin with.

Lots of colorways to choose from

Everyone has their own distinct sense of style, and the Nike Presto Extreme is offered in a variety of colorways including classics such a black, or white and bronze, orange, jade and black and much more. Even the most discriminating tastes will be able to find a style and colorway that pleases, and they’re offered in a wide range of sizes as well. We checked with Eastbay.com to get an idea of how many different sizes and styles are offered by vendors and the price range. We found 22 offers with prices that ranged between $39.99 to $100.

Final thoughts

The Nike Presto model was first launched in 2000, and the Presto Extreme is a gentle nod to the past with a modernized version of the retro sneaker that has been made specifically for kids of all sizes and ages. It comes in a variety of different colorways, but the basic design of the new sneaker maintains the original DNA of its predecessor with lightweight and highly breathable fabrics, flexibility, durability and a fit that feels as comfortable as wearing a T-shirt. They’re one of the most versatile kids’ sneakers on the market today, and offer good protection and traction, with stretchy comfort for growing feet. Adults enjoy their own version of the sneaker and the Presto is quickly becoming one of the most popular models on the market today, especially for those who value comfort and the ability to move the feet naturally without restriction. The Presto Extreme sneakers are suitable for casual everyday wear and you can find them in colorways that will match with most wardrobe color themes. Whether your child is just learning to walk, or is active in team sports, or leads an otherwise active lifestyle, the Presto Extreme is an excellent choice for comfort, versatility and for adding just the right amount of cushion and foot protection.

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